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Cannabis - A Compilation (08152009)

Cannabis - A Compilation (08152009)

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Published by James

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Published by: James on Jan 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Compila
August 15 2009
Some Words
Hello to all you cannabis growers and tokers!I want to take this page to say a few words. First I needto say thank you to the en
re cannabis community. I’m hon-ored to be part of this great group of people. Next thank youto the online community. If it wasn’t for sites like overgrow Iwould have never grown my own cannabis. Par
cularly thankyou to all the people who have posted quality, detailed, andhelpful informa
on on the internet. Your knowledge has ledmany hopeful growers to boun
ful crops of some of the bestcannabis. Without your DIY threads and grow journals manyof us would be lost.Now let me explain what this whole book/
le thing isabout. During my years of growing I’ve always gone to the fo-rums to
nd answers to my ques
ons. Some
mes it can takea li
le longer than I would like, wading through all the post with li
le informa
on. I thought maybe I would copyall of the most useful informa
on that I’ve found and put it in PDF form. This way I could just include the infor-ma
on, allowing myself and others to look back through the PDF as a reference. This was one of the reasons Idecided to create this. The book is NOT intended as a replacement for the forums. Please check the online com-muni
es regularly for the most up to date informa
on.The other reason is to try to preserve the best informa
on in another format other than the forums andwebsites that host the original material. As I’m sure you’ve heard of a site called overgrow was shut down a sev-eral years ago and a lot of informa
on was lost or only par
allyrecovered. This PDF should aid in the preserva
on of cannabisknowledge.Let me note that this book will not just contain grow in-forma
on. I would like it to contain anything cannabis related,from the vocabulary, to the medicinal e
ects, all the way to legalissues. I want this to be a go to resource to people just enteringthe cannabis world and for old
me tokers.This is going to be a con
nuing project, carried out bymyself, alone. So please be pa
ent in wai
ng for updates to thebook. I want to try to keep it as up to date as possible, but we allhave our lives outside of cannabis and the internet. Updates mayhappen once a month or once a year, but I will do my best to keepreleasing this as I
nd more up to date and useful knowledge.Finally I will currently be releasing this as a torrent on de-monoid and as a pdf on scribd.com. Future means of release willbe announced here. If you
nd this the least bit useful pleasespread the
le by any means.Peace & Love - Phr3
How To Use This Book (E
To get the most out of this book you should know how to use it properly. I’ve put the book together as a refer-ence book rather than a read from beginning to end read. Of course you could read it beginning to end, andmaybe this is best if your a beginner, but if your looking for a speci
c topic then reading from beginning to endwould be
me consuming. So
rst let’s look at how to
nd what your looking for.When looking for a speci
c topic you will need to know what category it is in. This book will divided into severalmain categories and then within these main categories will be sub categories. The main categories are:Cannabis History & CultureConsuming CannabisGrowing CannabisMedical CannabisLegal IssuesGlossaryThere will be no table of contents within the book though so you must listen carefully here if you wish to
ndsomething. This book should be read with a PDF reader which allows the use of bookmarks. If you look throughthe book marks you will see these 5 categories. If you expand on category you will see the sub categories. Finallyif you expand the sub categories you will see the individual ar
cles within.Let’s say your looking for info on carbon
lters. You would expand the “Growing Cannabis” category, then expanda sub category like “security.” Then you would look through the ar
cles to
nd one’s about carbon
lters. In thefuture there may be so much informa
on that even the sub categories will need sub categories, but for now itshould be fairly simple.Another way to
nd speci
c informa
on is to use a PDF reader which will let you search the document. You couldthen search for “carbon” or “carbon
lter” and click through to see where the word appears. This may be a li
me consuming in the future as ar
cles not directly related to the search term may contain the words.The book will also include a glossary of words/slang used both in speech and on the internet that is related tocannabis. There may also be unrelated cannabis terms, but only if they frequently appear in threads and are dif-
cult to understand.One last note on using the book. Within the ar
cles themselves you may see di
erent colored text. At the mo-ment I’m only using black,blue, andred. The black text is the main content, or what the original poster has posted. Theblue textis relevant informa
on posted by people other than the original poster. Say in a threadsomeone ask a ques
on about why the original poster added so much perlite to the soil. Then the original posterreplied back with an explana
on. I’ve decided to included the ques
on and the answer so it’s more clear foreveryone. Lastlyred textare comments of my own. This may be a further explana
on that I think is needed, orit could simply be a cita
on of where the original content was found. If I feel the need to put some of my ownwords in I will put it in red text so it’s clear that it’s my view.Now that you understand how to use this book in the most e
cient way, set out on an informa
on journey!

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