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Chapter Ten - On Taking Good Advice

Chapter Ten - On Taking Good Advice

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Published by T M Copeland

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Published by: T M Copeland on Jan 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Ten - On Taking Good AdviceIn retrospect, Boris' admonition that Mercy not neglect having some fun while incollege could have used some elaboration. For, indeed, her sophomore year proved to bethe year Mercy blossomed in every social manner possible. Though she certainly wouldnot have used it, she could have profited by a bit more detail from Boris on this particular  piece of social encouragement. Never "boy crazy" in the past, it was as if someone late that August flipped aswitch turning on her libido and sent her careening down slut highway. Mercy had beguntaking "the pill," at her mother's insistence, the previous spring, right before she went to New York. Though she had not, then, put them to the test.Within a week of her return to campus she shed her virginity. Mercy decided sheliked it enough to try again, as she said at the time "Until I get it right."It was well into October before she "got it right." When she did so, she really gotit right. Indeed, she got it righteously correct and she loved it. It was such a powerfulsensation, her first orgasm, she decided she not only loved it but loved the boy who gaveit to her.Unfortunately, the boy in question did not love Mercy. He liked her just fine andwas more than happy, for the time being, to service her on a regular basis. Regular servicing was something she wanted very much. This, naturally, took up a great deal of the fellow's time, for, to his credit, he was meticulous and took pride in his work.This, more or less, full time attention allowed Mercy to believe she and thisfellow had entered into a committed, monogamous relationship. This was not somethingthe fellow ever discussed or agreed to but the time he spent with her, combined with hisvigorous physical ministrations to her person, convinced Mercy they were "a couple," anexclusive couple. When the fellow agreed to be her escort to the big debutante ball in thefollowing January and willingly made the trips back and forth to Savannah almost every
weekend for the stupid dance lessons and other "polishing," she became convinced theywere practically engaged.The big ball, the highlight of the African American social season in Savannah,maybe even in all of Georgia, was scheduled for Saturday, January 19. She was back from the Christmas holidays about to burst with passion, having not seen her fellow over the break. You see, he lived in Illinois and had gone home.That first weekend back at Spelman, she showed him she'd missed him andseveral extra special ways. This effort had two consequences. First, ift took the edge off Mercy's passion. This was no small thing as her passion had being unabated over the longChristmas holidays, had become, almost, painful. Second, his joyous and athleticresponse to her passion reinforced her belief this was "the real thing."The next weekend she returned to Savannah for a final rehearsal. He begged off and stayed in Atlanta. Since there was really nothing for him to do in Savannah thatweekend, she accepted the decision and went alone. The weekend was a blur of teas,coffees, breakfasts, rehearsals and gown fittings. It would have been cruel to subject himto all that.He had been such a good sport about all the arcane, social foolishness surroundingthe Ball. Unlike the other girls' escorts, he never complained, not even once. He, of course, thought a lot of it was antiquated and belonged to another era. He thought someof it was funny. He thought some of it was a pathetic attempt to ape a bygone era of whitesocial mores. (Indeed, the African American Ball retained many features it adopted fromthe white cotillions in the city, features the white cotillions had dropped many yearsearlier.) Even so, he managed to be completely respectful in the presence of the adults putting it on. To those adults the Ball, in its entirety, was a work of art. It was a homageto everyone who had gone before and contained traditions that could not be lightlydiscarded. To many in the African American community in Savannah, the entire thingwas as serious as a heart attack, as the saying goes.
When she returned to Atlanta that Sunday, she returned to absolute disaster.She didn't bother to go to her dorm first, as he assumed she would, and call himfrom there. Instead, she opted to surprise him and she went straight to his off campusapartment.Though she had no key, she knew, if she waited, she could get in the outside door when another tenant buzzed himself in. Then, if his apartment door was locked, and itusually wasn't, she could surprise him when he answered her knock. As it happened,the door to the apartment was not locked, so she walked right in and, hearing no noise,assumed he was out or asleep. Either way, she decided, as she walked to his bedroom, toremove her clothing and be naked in his bed when she woke him or when he returned.By the time she reached his door, she had unbuttoned her blouse and was ready tostep out of her skirt. Then, as her skirt hit the floor, she stopped.She was right about his being asleep. She saw this immediately when she walkedinto his bedroom. However, he wasn't alone. He and another guy were sleeping, naked, inthe his bed, There was the unmistakable odor of sodomy in the air. That was a smell sherecognized, having grown accustomed to it while satisfying his particular little sexualquirks. For a while she simply stood there, she was too stunned to allow the scene to fullyregister in her mind."You're on the down low?" she asked, accused really, when he stirred and sawher."No, no, hell no!" he answered. "This isn't what it looks like.""It isn't? What, what the hell is it then." She asked, not unreasonably. "Because itsure does look like, and smell like, you and he have been at each other's ass. You best

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