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UT Dallas Syllabus for husl7335.501.08s taught by John Gooch (jcg053000)

UT Dallas Syllabus for husl7335.501.08s taught by John Gooch (jcg053000)

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UT Dallas syllabus for taught by
UT Dallas syllabus for taught by

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Published by: UT Dallas Provost's Technology Group on Jan 05, 2010
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HUSL 7335:Digital Rhetorics
Spring 2008,Section 501 (M, 7-9:45p.m.)
Dr. Gooch

Office Number: J04.128
Office Hours: Tuesday, 9 a.m.\u2013 12:00 p.m. and by appointment
Office Phone: (972) 883-2038

Web: http://www.utdallas.edu/~jcg053000/
Course Description
The course, \u201cDigital Rhetorics,\u201d will focus on the complex dynamics between rhetoric and rapidly
advancing communication technologies as well asa rapidly evolving visual culture by looking at
thecultural and socialimpactsof electronic communication, and subsequently, communication
mediums. Course themes will include digital rhetoric and democracy, visual rhetoric and
argument, the media ecology tradition, new media and visual culture, and theories of
cyberculture asthese relate to communication and rhetoric. Students will examine critically the
various theories and history of new media and media ecology, but also at the historiography of
new media and digital rhetoric by considering how different scholars (e.g., McLuhan, Postman)
have written about the historyofmedia, communication, technology, and culture.
Required Texts
Handa, Carolyn. (Ed.).Visual Rhetoric in a Digital World. Bedford/St. Martin\u2019s, 2004.
Hill, Charles A. and Helmers, Marguerite. (Eds.).Defining Visual Rhetorics. Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, 2004.
Lum, Casey Man Kong (Ed.).Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication. Hampton
Press, 2006.
Negroponte, Nicholas.Being Digital.Vintage, 1996.
Rice, Jeff.The Rhetoric of Cool: CompositionStudies and New Media. Southern Illinois University
Press, 2007.
Selber, Stuart.Multiliteracies for a Digital Age. Southern Illinois University Press, 2004.
Warnick, Barbara.Critical Literacy in a Digital Era:Technology, Rhetoric, and the Public Interest.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002.
Due Date
Response Papers(3)
Article Presentations (3)
Final Project Proposal
February 25
Presentation of Final Project
April 14 and 21
Final Project
April 28
Class Participation
Weekly Responses(Online)
One per week
HUSL 7335 Schedule, Spring 2008**
Introduction toDigital Rhetorics, New/Emerging Media
Communication and the Information Age
Negroponte,Being Digital
Jan 21
Visual Rhetoricin a Digital Age
Handa (from PartsTwo andFour)
Arnheim, page 137*
Barthes, page 152*
Stafford, page 209*
Birdsell and Groarke, page 309*
Kenney, page 321*
Blair, page 344*
Shauf, page 364*
Lanham, page 369*
Horn, page 372*
Visual Rhetoric in a Digital Age
Handa (from Parts Three and Five)
Buchanan, page 228*
Helfand, page 277*
Porter and Sullivan, page 290*
Rogoff, page 381*
Wolf, page 417*
Lanham, page 455*
Feb 11
VisualRhetoricand Digital Literacies
Hill and Helmers,Defining Visual Rhetorics
Hill, page 25*
Blair, page 41*
Goggin, page 87*
Hope, page 155*
Finnegan, page 195*
Stroupe, page 243*
Foss, page 303*
Media Ecology Tradition
From Lum,Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication
Lum, page 1*
Heyer, page 143*
Morrison, page 163*
Feb 25
Media Ecology Tradition
From Lum,Perspectives on Culture, Technology, and Communication
Strate and Lum, page 71*
Kluver, page 97*
Christians, page 117*
Nystrom, page 275*
Powers, page 303*
Media Ecology Tradition
From Lum,Perspectives on Culture, Technology, and Communication
Postman, page 61*
Gencarelli, page 201*
Gronbeck, page 335*
Ashcroft, page 367*
Lum, page 389*
Mar 10
Spring Break\u2013NO CLASS
Rhetoric of Film
Blakesley, page 111* (from Hill and Helmers,Defining Visual Rhetorics)
Dionisopoulos, page 173 (fromNew Approaches to Rhetoric\u2013 handout)
Mar 24
Critical Literacy in a Digital Era
Warnick,Critical Literacy in a Digital Era
Mar 31
Composition Studies and New Media
Rice,The Rhetoric of Cool
Literacy, Pedagogy, and Digital Rhetorics
Selber,Multiliteracies for a Digital Age
Apr 14
Apr 21
Apr 28
Course-Wrap Up
Final Projects Due
*Articles for presentations.
**Thisschedule is subject to change.
General Policies and Course Expectations
At minimum, students must submit allmajorassignments (not including homework/class
work) to earn an A or B in the course. Students who fail to submit all major assignments
will receive a grade no higherthan \u201cC,\u201d regardless of his or her performance on other
Cell phones and digital pagers must be powered off during formal class hours.
Modern Language Association (most recent edition)style guideis required for source
citation and bibliographic, or \u201cworks cited,\u201d listings.
Students will attend class prepared by completing the reading and participating actively
in discussions.
Students will complete assignments thoughtfully and on time.
Successful completion of HUSL 7335: Digital Rhetoricsdepends upon your regular attendance. If
you cannot commit to attending class regularly, then you should drop the class and reenroll
whenever the classis offered again. More than one (1) absencewill negatively affect your grade,
and you should notify me beforehand if youwillmiss class.
Field Trip Policies
Off-campus Instruction and Course Activities
Off-campus, out-of-state, and foreign instruction and activities are subject to state law
and University policies and procedures regarding travel and risk-related activities.
Information regarding these rules and regulations may be found at the website address
http://www.utdallas.edu/BusinessAffairs/Travel_Risk_Activities.htm. Additional
information is available from the office of the school dean. Below is a description of any
travel and/or risk-related activity associated with this course.
Student Conduct & Discipline
The University of Texas System and The University of Texas at Dallas have rules and
regulations for the orderly and efficient conduct of their business. It is the responsibility
of each student and each student organization to be knowledgeable about the rules and
regulationswhich govern student conduct and activities. General information on student
conduct and discipline is contained in the UTD publication, A to Z Guide, which is
provided to all registered students each academic year.
The University of Texas at Dallas administers student discipline within the procedures of
recognized and established due process. Procedures are defined and described in the

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