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Nids Love Big Eyes

Nids Love Big Eyes



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Published by claire_stubbs1224
All creatures weird and wonderful and they're talking about us
All creatures weird and wonderful and they're talking about us

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Published by: claire_stubbs1224 on Jan 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One 
Page 1
Nids Love Big EyesNids Love Big EyesNids Love Big EyesNids Love Big Eyes     
By Claire Berry
All creatures weird and wonderful, And they’re talking about us
Chapter One 
Page 2
Chapter OneOnce upon a time there was a beautiful valley where all the animalslived together in perfect peace and harmony.Well, almost.Since eating was the most important activity, virtually the only activity,killings did happen, blood was spilled.  Nature red in tooth and hoof, theanimals would nod when someone’s daughter was despatched by a hungryleopard. That was the way things were and everyone accepted that if youwere in the wrong place at the right time for a hungry aardvark, it was your tough luck.  If one of your kids had his head bitten off by a newt, you simplywent out and made a few more and that was that.  When the lion had eaten alifetime’s worth of zebra, he in turn was eaten by the ants, who were eaten bythe aardvark and so on and so forth.  There were rules of course, everyonemade a contribution and nobody took more than his fair share, and becausethey were blessed to live in the most beautiful valley in the very centre of theuniverse, the animals of Giggletree counted themselves the most fortunate of beasts and lived each day as though it were their last.Which for many of them, it was.It was a good life for the animals, the sun came up and the moon wentdown, plants burst out and babies were born.  It became hot and rained everyday and after a while it became cold and dry and there was no food.  Some of the animals died, others ate things they’d never previously thought of.  Thenat last delicate green shoots burst forth, followed by the babies, and roundand round it went in an endless reassuring loop that could be counted onnever to change.  Occasionally there was something unusual like snow, and
Chapter One 
Page 3
the time the giraffe was struck by lighting, but mostly, life went on very muchas normal, whatever that was.Then the Nids arrived.In the beginning, there weren’t many of them. The animals laughed,some even felt sorry for them.  They had no fur to keep them warm, except atiny patch on the head.  Some were a sensible mahogany colour suited to thescorching sun, while others were pale and pink.  They were absolutelyuseless at defending themselves.  They had no hide,fur or carapace andworse than that, no claws to speak of although some of the females hadtalons with berry-red tips.  Their bones were pliable and chewy and theytasted a bit like chicken.  Strangest of all, their teeth were hidden inside their mouths, and from time to time they would bare them at each other and noteven fight.  They were delicate and hapless and they succumbed to themosquitoes without a fight.All the animals agreed that the Nids weren’t real animals although theyresembled the monkeys to an extraordinary degree.  The monkeys wereanxious to retain their reputation and refused to believe they were even part of the same genus, although all the evidence was there, two legs, head lookingforward, arms dangling.“You’re all related, “said Uncle Lemon decisively in an attempt to put toend to a squabble between the bush babies and gibbons that threatened toturn ugly.  “Bush babies are prosimians, which means you’re primates, but notNids.  Gibbons are technically hominids of the lesser variety and youbaboons, I’m afraid to say are definitely hominids.  You’re all related, look atyour thumbs!”

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