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Dis Ha

Dis Ha

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Published by Akkhi_D_Chaser_6797

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Published by: Akkhi_D_Chaser_6797 on Jan 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The twentieth century has been the age of science. Modern science has achieved somany wonders. Science is a boon for all of us. Scientific discoveries and inventionshave changed our entire life on earth. Time and distance have been killed.Science has overcome the old miracles of mythology. The recent advantages of science have beaten magic and witchcraft hollow. Reaching Mars and the moon isno longer thought to be impossible.Electricity is the supreme achievement. It is the crowning glory of science.Electricity is helping us in our houses and factories. Radio, television and telephoneare also the greatest miracles of science. Radio brings us the songs of the greatestmusicians of the world. Television enables us not only to hear distant voices but also to see distantfunctions, matches and other events. Telephones provide us the swiftest possiblemeans of communication. Hats off to Guglielmo Marconi, John Logie Baird andAlexander Graham Bell. Science has made impossible things possible. The contribution of modern science to medicine and surgery is marvellous,extraordinary and outstanding. Plastic surgery is a new feather in the cap of science.In physics, the most notable event is the X-ray and also medicine with the inventionof penicillin by the great English scientist, Alexander Fleming. Thousands of surgicaloperations are performed daily and countless human lives are being saved from the jaws of death.Science has also placed in the hands of man the atom bomb and the hydrogenbomb, which are the most hideous and destructive weapons ever invented. Technology and rapid strides in aeronautical engineering have been amazing.Railways on land, ships on sea and aeroplanes in the air enable us to travel fromone place to another in the shortest possible time. Travel has become rapid andcomfortable. There is no end to the miracles of science.Science has added immeasurably to human comfort but has also been a curse toman to some extent. Man has become the slave of machines. One machine can dothe work of hundreds of labourers. One factory throws thousands of labourers out of work. Unemployment is ever on the increase.Another curse of science is that it has made man godless. Science has fed on ourbodies but it has starved our souls. How does man benefit himself if he gains thewhole world but loses his soul in the game? It has destroyed man's character andpersonality. Man has lost neighbourliness, sympathy, love, affection and feelings.

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