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The New Educational Paradigm

The New Educational Paradigm

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Published by Joseph Muhammad
The guiding idea for a new educational system
The guiding idea for a new educational system

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Published by: Joseph Muhammad on Jan 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The New Educational ParadigmIn the name of Allah who came in thePerson of Master Fard Muhammad TheGreat Mahdi and Messiah who was prophesied to come and has come, Andin the name of his Servant andMessenger to us, The Honorable ElijahMuhammad The Exalted Christ. Further thanking Allah for The Reminder of Godand His Christ in our midst today, theHon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, A DivineReminder, Warner and Comforter toAmerica and the World.As-Salaam Alaikum
The New Educational Paradigm is theSpirit of God and Christ out of whichcomes The Kingdom of God. ThisKingdom is also called the Kingdom of Islam. A Kingdom The Messiahestablishes on Obedience to God. “Everyknee shall bow”. For every knee to bowwe must be made one through JesusChrist the Messiah. Allah is One. TheTorah, Gospel and Quran agree on this.We must Be One. “We will be one or wewill be nothing”.The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhansaid “One Lord, One faith, One Baptism, but many different expressions of faith” partly quoting a scripture.Mathematically there are an infinite
number of ways to express or representoneness- they are all equal. Everyonemust be free to practice that faith thatthey believe in. The golden rule of Jesusshould be our guide in this. “Do untoothers as you would have done untoyou”. Basically if each individual andgroup follows the two greatcommandments laid down by Jesus, manwould get along with man in peace.Peace is our agenda.The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhanalso said that all of the laws of God arefor the protection of family. Whatever isgood for the family is good and whatever hurts the good of the family is not good.I’m paraphrasing here, but we must have

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