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National Precinct Alliance

National Precinct Alliance

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Published by: Editorswr on Jan 06, 2010
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Newsletter 1
Nevada “Winged It”
By: Tony Warren, Pacific Area Director
National Precinct Alliance
With blitzkrieg speed and determination, the GOP inNevada was transformed from a demoralized group ofmoderates, into a reenergized and determinedConstitutional Conservative Party. The “Precinct Plan”isn’t a new idea. In fact, it has been around for years,but none of us had ever heard of it before. We had noblueprint to go by. All we had was an idea that madesense to about 30 members of our little group whoattended our second meeting. We took a vote andmade infiltrating and taking over the Clark County GOPour goal. Quite an ambitious goal for so few that hadno real political experience or knowledge, but we knewthere was no time to form a political party or changeanything else. We had to harness the power of the TeaParty Movement and do it quickly.We also knew that 30 people was not enough make thechanges we wanted to make, but we had just attendeda Tea Party with over 1000 patriots gathered in a parkprotesting on April 15
. Tea Party people, our kind ofpeople, all demanding the government listen to us. Buthow to bring them together for a single goal was thequestion. We reached out to them using the internetand word of mouth. We used Facebook, Meetup.com,and any conservative group we could find in our areaby searching the internet. Our plan was not met withoverwhelming enthusiasm, but enough people listenedand agreed to give it a try.We got the date and location of the next party meetingoff the County GOP website, formed a coalition of likeminded groups and about 100 of us attended that nextmeeting of the Clark County GOP Central Committee.We soon discovered were still a year away from theprecinct elections but we were just in time for the partyleadership elections and we could vote in it at the next
National Precinct Alliance
ÂiÉ|vx Éy à{x cxÉÑÄxÊ
Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2010
Why we do what we do – Nevada “Winged it”
We “Winged it
State Directors - welcome aboard! -
“Filing Deadlines”
What if seat is filled? – “What is Coming!”
continued on page 4 see “Winged” 
Why we do what we do!
By: Philip Glass, National Director
National Precinct AllianceArticle 6 of the US Constitution requires the membersof both houses of Congress to "be bound by theiroath" to support the Constitution. The exact words inthe last paragraph of Article 6 in the US Constitutionare as follows:"The Senators and Representatives beforementioned, and the Members of the several StateLegislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers,both of the United States and of the several States,shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support thisConstitution; but no religious Test shall ever berequired as a Qualification to any Office or public
continued on page 2 
Wednesday Night at 9pm Eastern Time
we are doinga special LIVE Event in order to answer questions thateveryone has in addition to giving you all valaubleinformation about our operations as we move forward.Please set aside an hour or so for Wednesday Night, January6th! We will send a reminder e-mail with the link to the liveevent on Wednesday afternoon so keep an eye out for that.
Newsletter 2
Trust under the United States". Yet, much of thelegislation in the last 80 years passed throughthe House and the Senate, address provisionsthat are clearly outside the ConstitutionalAuthority of the federal government.The words most overlooked are the wordsbinding the members of the
“several StateLegislatures and all Executive and JudicialOfficers, both of the United States and of theseveral States
”. Our Founding Fathers placedthis required Oath or Affirmation, to support theConstitution, to bind State Legislatures and allExecutive and Judicial Officers from actingoutside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution.They also knew the state legislatures wouldchoose the two U.S. Senators representing theirstate whose representation embody thesovereignty of each state. In 1913, throughratification of the seventeenth amendment of theU.S. Constitution, the sovereignty of theindividual states was relinquished and our greatRepublic morphed into a Mass- RuledDemocracy. This was not the intention of ourFounding Fathers. Article 1 Section 3 of theConstitution was included purposely as a check-and-balance to thwart any attempt of the FederalGovernment to repress the people.George Washington said:
Government is notreason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire,it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.Why do I say all this?
My intention is not advocatory for the repeal ofthe seventeenth amendment, but to say this; thetime is now at hand which will determine whetherAmericans are to be free men or slaves.
What does this have to do with what we do?
Not only did our Founding Fathers establish aRepublic, they established a Republic
Of By andFor the People.
They intended for the grass-roots citizens to rule precinct-by-precinct. In theway our states’ sovereignty was hijacked,through lack of commitment to our system of self-government, in an equivalent way, the whole ofour country has been hijacked and the process ofself-government hidden right under our nose dueto apathy, lack of participation and commitment.We are not stupid people but have chosenstupidity and to ignore the process of policy.So, what is the answer? What are we to do?The solution is really very simple... Get involved!The Tea Parties and the 912 Project have energizedmillions of concerned Americans. But even after themagnificent September 12th, 2009 march onWashington D.C. – in which over 1.5 Millionparticipated in the nation’s capital – most participantshave an uneasy feeling that nothing essential haschanged. And they are right…Something is missing!Millions of Americans are asking: “What can I do?”And almost no one will give them the answer.
The Answer is the Missing ActionIngredient…The Precinct Strategy!
The Precinct Strategy is the only peaceful andconstitutional way to take back our nation. It’s beenaround for over 200 years – but it’s been“obscured”... hidden through ignorance and the lackof diligent citizenry for many years. Now that weknow, it is time to move this silent majority GIANTinto action to locate and elect individuals into theoffice of “Precinct Executive”… individuals that willadhere to the constitutional principles of limitedgovernment, free markets, and individual freedoms.
Why run for Precinct Executive?
 What do we want to accomplish by this? How do weas a nation get back to constitutional principles oflimited government, free markets, and individualfreedoms? We see the candidates. But where do thecandidates come from?The candidates, democrat and republican, who winpublic office will almost always be the candidateendorsed by the local PARTY LEADERS. One ofthose two candidates, either the republican or thedemocrat, will be elected in November, and go toCongress to make the laws, and determine much ofour country’s future. This is very obvious to mostAmericans. What is not obvious is what is happeningat the grassroots level. Every two years there is anelection most Americans are not aware of… theelection of our Precinct Executives. The PrecinctExecutives elect the Party Leaders and the PartyLeaders endorse the candidates for office. Hence,the only way Americans can fire the current localcounty Party Leaders is through the Precinct Systemby electing like-minded Precinct Executives.
How does this effect change?
continued on page 3 see WHY 
Newsletter 3
Rule # 1:
 People Are Policy. What that means is this… if youwant to change the law, if you want to change policy;you have to change the people that make the policy.The Precinct Executive is where policy will start.
Rule # 2:
 If Your Name is not On the Ballot, You're Not Going toWin. For our Senator or Representative to win theNovember General Election and begin to reversepolicy we have to get their names on the ballot. Wemust ensure they win the Party Primary election. If wewant to change the people who change the policy, itbecomes our job to make sure that our Senator orRepresentative wins the primary.
Rule # 3:
 Only Candidates Endorsed By The Party Win ThePrimary. Republicans and democrats alike trust theirParty Leaders to make the correct decision inendorsing their candidate. If we are going to changethe people who make policy, we must ensure that ourSenator or Representative is endorsed by the Party sotheir name will appear on the ballot.Where do endorsements come from? The party ismade up of members of the Executive Committee.And it is the Executive Committee that gives theParty's endorsements.Both Democrats and Republicans have their ownExecutive Committee in every county. ThisCommittee decides whose name will go on the ballotat the primaries. The endorsed candidates consistentlywin. It is vital that we understand this process. It isthrough this process we regain control of our country.If we want change, we must take control at thegrassroots. It is our job to elect Precinct Executivesthat will adhere to the constitutional principles oflimited government, free markets, and individualfreedoms... and Precinct Executives that will electExecutive Committee members that will adhere to theconstitutional principles of limited government, freemarkets, and individual freedoms.It is the Central Committee that elects the members ofthe Executive Committee. The Central Committee ismade up of one person from each precinct in theCounty. Each one of those members is called aPrecinct Executive. The terms "Precinct Executive"and "Member of the Central Committee" aresynonymous. This Central Committee meets onceevery two years where the Executive Committee iselected "by" the Central Committee.If we want to change the people that make policy, it isour responsibility to ensure that our friends have amajority on the Party's Central Committee, so that:
Our friends are elected to the ExecutiveCommittee;
Our friends win the primary;
Our friends can get on the ballot in theNovember General Election;
Our friends win and change policy.If we want to change policy it’s our responsibility tobe elected members of our Party's CentralCommittee. And that's why we're asking you to runfor Precinct Executive so that:You become a member of the CentralCommittee; you will decide who becomes amember of your Party's Executive Committee.Because there can be only one member of theCentral Committee from each of the precincts, it isimperative that we locate, and encourageindividuals that will adhere to the constitutionalprinciples of limited government, free markets, andindividual freedoms to join with us.That is why if each of us would do this in our ownprecinct then we will succeed. And so we concludewith:
Rule # 4
 He who holds the office of Precinct Executive is hewho holds the Power of the People...Therefore it is vital that freedom loving people whobelieve in our Charters of Freedom run for theoffice of "Precinct Executive"...
Terminology – Precinct Executive
There seems to be some confusion as to correctterminology of the Precinct Executive. What wehave is a cluster-mess of terminologies throughoutthe country that mean the same thing. Instead ofCommitteeperson, or committeeman, orcommitteewoman, or committee captain, orprecinct chairperson, or precinct chairman, orprecinct chairwoman, or etc., etc., I think you getthe idea. In light of that, we will use theterminology Precinct Executive. So, when youhear one of us mention
“Precinct Executive”
Wemean all of the above!

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