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Sam en Vatting the Globalization of World Politics

Sam en Vatting the Globalization of World Politics

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Published by: noobspwn2 on Jan 06, 2010
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The Globalization of World Politics.
Gemaakt door:Midas van Dijk:Hoofdstuk 1 t/m 4Floris Grijzenhout:Hoofdstuk 5 en 7Lucienne Bax:Hoofdstuk 6 Thijs van Rijn:Hoofdstuk 8 t/m 10Danny Turk:Hoofdstuk 12 t/m 14Ralf de Haan:Hoofdstuk 17, 18, 21Erwin Barendregt:Reader artikelen 8 en 14septemberBart van Welzenis:Reader artikelen 15 en 22septemberRoy Botbijl:Reader artikelen 28 en 29septemberSkander MabroukReader artikelen 05 en 06 oktober
 The attack on the world trade center on 11 september 2001 is a clear example of globalization because:1.The event was observed all over the world.2.The world trade center was not attacked by a state but by a transnationalgroup claiming to be based in over 50 countries.3.The attackers used technologies of the globalized world.4.Over the entire world response was intense.5.The world trade center was a symbol of the global economy.6.Individuals of many nationalities were killed7.The motive for the attacks was related to other parts of the world. The aim of this book is:‘To offer an overview of world politics in an era of globalization..To summarize the main theoretical approaches available to explaincontemporary world politics.To provide the material necessary to answer the question of whetherglobalization marks a fundamental transformation in world politics.’International politics means politics between nation-states.International relations also includes other forms of relation between nation-states.World politics also includes relations between other actors, such as cities andNGO’s.‘A theory is a kind of simplifying device that allows you to decide wich factsmatter and wich do not.’‘By globalization we simply mean the process of increasing interconnectednessbetween societies such that events in one part of the world more and more haveeffect on peoples and societies far away.’Globalization takes place in three fields, the political sovial and economic.Before the development of the theory of globalization other writers have writtenabout concepts similar to globalization.1.The theory of modernization. Industrialization causes new contactsbetween societies and brings about changes in all three fields. The statechanges; her responsibility widens but her control weakens. Duet o thispower becomes less usable and negotiation becomes more important. Therole of the state becomes disputable.2.Economic growth. This theory holds that all states have to go trough thesame development of their economies. The comparison with globalizationtheory is that all economies flow into the same direction.3.Liberal theories. Including economic interdependence, transnational actorsand the resulting cobweb model of world politics. This was mostly appliedto the developed world.4.The global village. According to the author McLuhan the advances inelectronic communication were so rapid that in the future distant eventscould be observed in real time. This would compress time and space sothat everything will lose its old identity.
5.World society. The old state system is becoming outmoded because of theincreasing international significance of non-state actors.6.World Order Models Project (WOMP). Womp was an organization trying tofind an alternative for the inter-state system to eliminate war. >supranational government.7.International society. States have developed a set of norms andunderstandings with eachother. This means that there is not just aninternational system, but an international society.8.The end of history. According to Francis Fukuyama no system will be ableto stand a chance against liberal democracy. Because no system is betterat delivering economic goods.9.Liberal peace theory. Liberal democracies do not fight with other liberaldemocracies. The people will not allow this of their leaders.Is globalization an important new phase/development?Arguments for:1.The world economy is so interdependent that states can no longer controltheir economies.2.Communication has been fundamentally revolutionized.3.There is more than ever a global culture.4.The world is becoming more homogeneous.5.Our concepts of time and space have changed drastically duet o modernforms of communication.6.More and more power is being transferred to international actors.7.A cosmopolitan culture is developing.8.People are realizing that the main risks are global and can’t be dealt withby states alone.Arguments against:1.Globalization is just the latest form of capitalism. It is not so unique andcan be reversed by states, although this is made hard by the concept of irreversible globalization. The authors, Hirst and Thompson, support thiswith 5 conclusions;A.The present internationalized economy is not unique in history.B.There are few transnational companies. Companies stay national whiletrading internationally.C.Direct investment is concentrated in the developed world. There is no shiftof capital to the developing countries.D.The world economy is not global, it is concentrated between the threeblocs of North America, Europe and Japan.E.Coordinating their policies, the three blocs could control the worldeconomy.2.Globalization only applies to the developed world.3.Globalization is the latest stage of Western imperialism. Only the Westernvalues are being globalized.4.Globalization is exploitative because it only advantages the richeconomies, making it easier for them to exploit weaker nations.5.Globalization does not only have good effects. It has benefited organizedcrime and terrorism for example.6.The transnational actors, while becoming more and more important,cannot be responsible to individual states. These actors are notdemocratically controlled.

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