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Opposition & Adversity

Opposition & Adversity

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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Jan 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If there wouldn’t be any opposition, there would be no challenge. You’ve got to have some kind of contrastagainst which you can see the light. It works like this in many other aspects of creation. Adversity is whatmakes you strong.There’s a storm of opposition from the Enemy and even those, of whom you don’t know exactly whether they’re friend or foe - time will tell – but all those things will just serve to strengthen you.The price of true godliness is persecution, ridicule, rejection, opposition and adversity.I like to pride Myself in all the things My children accomplish in spite of opposition, suppression and allattempts to shut up and stomp out the truth.Conviction is all about knowing that you’re doing the right thing in the face of opposition and in spite of many voices who may think to know better than you.That is the school of character that has shaped just about every significant man and woman of God: Thatvery lack of support, that being forced to walk alone just with Me and Me alone on their side, against theopposition, is precisely where their inner strength comes from that makes them rise above the status quo.Leaders are always envied, resisted, rebelled against, rejected, opposed & fought against by some peoplesome of the time, but that's exactly the kind of adversities that make a character strong. You can't just let the Enemy have the world & passively stand by as he wrecks it. You've
something about it! You've got to counteract, you've got to oppose him. Otherwise, if you don't opposehim, it's almost as if you're siding with him. You've got to oppose the Enemy in order to really be on Myside.There will always be those who oppose, resist and reject you and all you have to give, just as they rejectedthe prophets and Myself, and nearly each and every one of My true apostles throughout history.It's tough when those who oppose and slander you are from among your own, but that's the kind of treatment and treason I experienced, and if I did, haven't I promised that you would experience the same?Of course, it's sad when there's war between brethren, but as you can tell from history, it's what the Devilhas been up to since the beginning. There will always be repetitions of the story of the fate of Abel andCain, in different forms, as long as the Devil is around...It’s no great art or feat to love those who love you. The proof of the pudding, how much you’re reallycapable of love, comes especially when it’s down to loving those who
love you, but seem to opposeand reject you. Loving those requires a skill in the art of loving that not everyone is master of, and itrequires the supernatural, superhuman type of love that only I can give and teach and equip you with.Training yourself in the art of loving in the face of hatred, rejection and lack of love will also sharpen your skills and abilities to deal with unloving behavior on behalf of your loved ones, and instead of going on thedefensive right away and withdrawing and reacting negatively and allowing their lack of love to produce
lack of love in you for them, you can learn to counter that natural process and stop the chainreaction and vicious cycle, and allow love to continue and go on, in spite of the adverse circumstances.Adversity is making you more profound, it opens your eyes to where you can see through the Devil's lies.Isn't it worth it?I must allow adversity in order to keep that vacuum alive inside you, that urge to seek Me or else you knowyou're not going to make it through the day!It takes perseverance to change the world, not letting adversity discourage you & turn you away at the firstshow of resistance.Adversity is what makes you strong. You want to have power over unclean and evil spirits? It's thesefighting experiences that give you the power you seek. For although it is I Who give you the power, I give itto you by way of applying the little power you already have and finding out that it's not quite enough, thatyou need to come back to Me for more; that you've got to keep on training, fighting, hanging on...How do you manage to bring love where there is hatred, to bring light where there is darkness, joy, wherethere is sadness? You cannot do this unless you even refuse to
at the hatred, the darkness, thesadness, or their causes, to begin with. You refuse to see the adverse circumstance as such, but only asan occasion to put My power to the test. You rejoice in the adversity, because it has brought you a newchallenge to prove to the universe that I am greater than any circumstance!

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