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Published by tociph
This is just a fraction of the book. But it drove me crazy to go through it.
This is just a fraction of the book. But it drove me crazy to go through it.

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Published by: tociph on Jan 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tradition 3
Abu Dhar: ... Later, as the Prophet was approaching me I heard him saying: "... and what if hehas committed adultery? And what if he has stolen something?" As the Prophet approachedme, I impatiently asked him: "O' Prophet of God! May God make me your devoted servant!Who were you talking with over there in Harra? I heard someone answering your questions." The Prophet said: "(The angel) Gabriel showed himself to me at Harra and said: Give goodnews to your nation: whoever dies and has not associated any partners with God (theAlmighty) will enter Heaven. I said: O' Gabriel! And is that so even if he has committedadultery? And is that so even if he has stolen something? Gabriel answered in the positive.Again I asked: And even if he has committed adultery? And is that so even if he has stolensomething? Gabriel answered: Yes, even if he has drunk an intoxicating drink."CritiqueHow is this tradition for a moral value? That’s just great. Muslims have now been given thelicense to commit rape and can still enter Heaven because he has not associated anyone withAllah.
Tradition 4
Prophet Muhammad: "Whoever leaves this world and has not associated any partners withGod will enter Heaven whether he has done some good deeds or some evil ones."CritiquePerfect. A leeway for Muslims to commit the crimes they want to commit.
Tradition 5
Allah said: "Whoever interprets My Words according to his own viewpoint has no faith in Me.And whoever considers Me to be similar to My creatures does not recognize Me. And whoevermakes comparisons in my religion does not believe in My religion."Critique This makes sure that we can only use the words of God or His Messenger not our own logic soyou Muslim better come up with God or Mohammad’s words to prove your point from theQuran.
Tradition 6
Davood ibn al-Qasim narrated that he heard Imam Reza (a.s) say: "Whoever compares God toHis creatures is a polytheist. And whoever supposes that God is in a given place is anunbeliever. Whoever associates with God what He has admonished against is a liar." ThenImam Reza (a.s) recited this verse: "It is those who believe not in the Signs of God that forgefalsehood: It is they who lie." [The Holy Quran: the Bee 16:105]CritiqueI am only using a book written by a Muslim scholar. If a scholar lied then Mohammad’s hadithare in big trouble.
Tradition 8
Imam Sadiq: "In fact unity and justice are the foundations of religion. The amount of religiousknowledge is extensive, and every sane person must acquire it. Therefore remember what willmake it easier for you to attain this knowledge, and prepares you to retain it."
Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: "Everything is humble to a believer even the pests and the beasts of prey on the Earth, and the birds in the sky."CritiqueAre the bacteria and virus included? Does this mean that a true believer can be put in a cagewith a lion and the lion would obey the believer? If the lion is hungry I am sure no delusion inreligion of the person would stop him from eating the man. By the same token is the circusring master who tames a lion a believer? Let’s be a little simple. Chickens are very hard tocatch. I will accept this tradition as correct if a “believer” can catch a chicken without anydifficulty and consistently then I can consider this tradition authentic or else this tradition hassuicidal side effects.
Tradition 17
Imam Sadiq (a.s) said on the authority of God's Prophet (a.s):"Whoever wants to know hisstatus near God should ponder over how close God is to him."CritiqueIn the Quran God says that “And We had (E) created the human/mankind, and we know whathis self inspires and talks with it, and We are nearer/closer to him than the jugular vein” [TheHoly Quran : Qaf (The Letter Qaf) 50:16]. Does this mean all of us are near God whether weare believers or non-believers? Does this include the time when humans would be in hellwould God be near us then? If yes that means God is in hell. If no that means God iseverywhere but hell or maybe even in less space.
Tradition 19
Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: "Faith is superior to submission (to God), and certitude is superior tofaith. Nothing is more superior than certitude."Critique This is the basic formula on how to brain wash your followers of logical thinking and criticalthinking. 1 – make them submit to a illogical proposition, 2 – then make them have faith onthe illogical proposition, 3 – and finally make the illogical proposition into a belief withoutdoubt i.e. certainty.
Tradition 20
 Yunus ibn-i-Abdul Rahman said that when he asked Imam Reza (a.s) about faith andsubmission to God, Imam Reza (a.s) replied: "Religion is only submission (Islam). Faith is alevel higher than submission. Piety is a level higher than faith, and certitude is a level higherthan piety. Nothing is divided amongst the children of Adam (a.s) better than certitude." Thenhe said that he asked the Imam (a.s): "What are the signs of certitude?" The Imam (a.s)replied: "Reliance on God, submitting to Him, being content with divine destiny, andentrusting one's affairs to God." Then he asked the Imam (a.s): "What does all this mean?" Then Imam Reza (a.s) replied: "This is what Imam Baqir (a.s) said."Critique

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