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Newsletter Final JR December 2009

Newsletter Final JR December 2009

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Published by John M. Read

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Published by: John M. Read on Jan 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue: 1Volume: 1Editor and Author: John ReadPage: 1
Welcome to the first issue of 
Read On
I’m John
Read and I look forward to providing you with aninformative newsletter that is engaging for you.
Let’smove straight into what’s in this issue:
Top Ten Tips for Leadership Development
tipsfrom the very latest research, thinking, experience and
 best practices …
Thought Leadership
I offer an argument for
distributed leadership
in organisations. I define the termand discuss the game change for HR and linemanagement to liberate the power of teams inorganisations as the new performance unit
 3. In
Game On
I help you connect with majoradvances in e-Learning developed by IBM and LindenLabs to utilise 3D game environments and muchmore
 I share my list of tips compiled from my current research,reading, consulting and personal experiences of leadershipdevelopment on the following page.It would be great to hear from you about your top tips andshare them across our readership. If you are willing toshare, please send them to me at my email address belowand I will include your contribution in our next newsletter.
For now, I trust you will enjoy what follows…
Thought Leadership OnDistributed Leadership
Distributed Leadership translated into practicemeans HR leadership, line leadership and seniormanagement practices create the context for self,team and business growth and development.Read on or click here to request a copy of the full article
Gaming comes to Work, and is approved!Key Take-Aways:Key technologies developed in the Gaming World such as3D and Avatars by IBM and Linden Labs Second Lifeamongst others have found new applications inconferencing, and elearning.So What?Differentiating real from virtual realities will increasinglydefine the importance of face to face, high touch from thesimplistic technical solutions of high tech.
Yet…tech solutions continue to drive new forms and
significantly greater reach of interpersonalcommunications.Read more here
Top Tips On Leadership Development
Game On
My list of 
Tips for
is a snapshot aimed atprovoking thought rather than ever beingexhaustive!
What many know as the Thinker, wasoriginally conceived by the sculptor Rodinas a man puzzling over why so many of humanity enter the gates of Hell. It was
inspired by Dante’s epic poem,
The DivineComedy. Reflection begets learning.
Issue: 1Volume: 1Editor and Author: John ReadPage: 2
2. Develop and implement a simple competency framework embracing non-technical and technical competencies.Show all employees where they are located within your framework 
currently. Consider using manager’s
performance management discussions to explore this with employees and show them how they can make advancesin their careers. Understand and apply the natural links between career and leadership development. These beginwith feedback, self-awareness and self-development aka. self-leadership and enable true growth of the individualand of their relationships with each other. Ensure employees and leaders learn and practice increasing their self-responsibility through sharing their development planning. Show leadership.3. Define a set of criteria that all of your leadership development programmes must meet in order to be selected forimplementation. Typical factors will capture inputs, processes and outputs as well as cultural and environmentalfactors. Whether formally or informally, be sure to refer to these key criteria, acknowledging what stage of organisational development and culture you have now, and what strategic and practical requirements andconstraints are present. From this analysis ask senior management what are their expectations to include withyours as the key goals leadership development. Make planning and forecasting an annual affair at least.4. In planning leadership development recognise the powerful role that key context factors play and the frequentdisconnects in these factors that can drive ineffective behaviours. Key contextual factors include: all of yourTalent Management policies and programmes from recruitment and selection to succession, retirement andreplacement planning; all of the HR and work systems and procedures, and of course communications
formaland informal. Start your planning with a review of these key factors and their power and influence.6. Address moral leadership and ethical behaviour at work. These dimensions of behaviour are linked toinnovation and will drive organic growth within your organisation. Integrity and trust must be developed andsustained by leadership at all levels in the organisation for innovation to arise and contribute effectively tosustained organisational development.7. Model leaders should be
recognised and rewarded, whilst balancing the high performer’s visibility with those
making advances on their own learning and development paths. Ensure that positive leadership messaging reachesall levels of competency and effectively and consistently drive behaviour development for all.8. Measure your leadership programmes, before and after
define a Balanced Scorecard for measuring inputs,processes and outcomes of your leadership development. Try and calculate ROI of your programmes to informyour Finance Director, CEO and Board of Directors annually.
Top Tips On Leadership Development
1. Organisational Leadership levels: individual-self, knowledge-specialist, team-collaborative, line-hierarchical and business - enterprise. Identify the key factors impacting leader and leadershipdevelopment for each level in your organisation. Start here.
5. Leadership development is unlikely to succeed if it is practiced only in one mode…just
training or just coaching or just one of any solution is unlikely to create the tipping pointfor competency to meet opportunity within a supportive context, including an appropriatelevel of challenge to deliver evidence of real leadership development. Match modes of development to context and development goals.
Issue: 1Volume: 1Editor and Author: John ReadPage: 3
Top Tips On Leadership Development
9. Consider two arms of leadership development and the scientifically proven methodologies in each domain todevelop your own model of integrated leader and leadership development. Develop your own plans using what bestpractice available.
 Leader development 
recognise the power of individual differences and develop the leader as an individual.
 Leadership development 
leadership as a set of relationships and develop the leader’s relationship skills
 10. Obtain a copy of the following book for a great read on recent leadership development best practices in topcompanies including Agilent Technologies Inc., GE Capital, HP, Honeywell Aerospace, Intel and Motorola:Carter, L., Ulrich, D., & Goldsmith, M. (Eds.). (2005).
 Best practices in leadership development and organisational change: How the best companies ensure meaningful change and sustainable leadership
. SanFrancisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.
Coaching Skillsfor ManagersLeadershipCompetencyDevelopment
Senior,Middle andJuniorManagers
DevelopCoachingCultureMeasures of Success used:
Pre- andPost-assessments

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