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TSYS Healthcare Business Segment

TSYS Healthcare Business Segment

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Published by pymnts

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Published by: pymnts on Jan 07, 2010
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Business Segment Overview
Superiorcustomer serviceDiverse, robust andflexible solutionsMarket-leading andproven technologyEnd-to-end programmanagement
© 2007 Total System Services, Inc.
All rights reserved worldwide. Total System Services, Inc., and TSYS
are federally registered service marks of Total System Services, Inc., in the United States.Total System Services, Inc., and its affiliates own a number of service marks that are registered in the United States and in other countries. All other products and company names are trademarksof their respective companies. (09/07)
+86 21 68801088
+44 (0) 1904 562004
1600 First Avenue Columbus, GA 31901-2567 +1.706.649.2307www.tsys.com
About TSYS
As one of the world’s largest payment-services companies, the people, service and technology of TSYSenable hundreds of millions of consumers globally to navigate their lives with confidence and convenienceevery day. TSYS (NYSE: TSS) offers unmatched flexibility, quality and control through a broad range of issuingand acquiring payment technologies, including consumer-finance, credit, debit, prepaid and other relatedservices for financial institutions and retail corporations in any global region.TSYS’ global headquarters are located in Columbus, Georgia, with other local offices spread across theAmericas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. TSYS serves more than 300 clients in 75 countries, including relationshipswith 11 of the top 20 international banks.The people of TSYS are respected around the world for the spirit of true partnership they invest in everyrelationship and business decision. By the passion they bring to the world of payments, the peopleof TSYS are known as good people to do business with. Get to know us at tsys.com, or contact us at+1.706.649.2307 to learn more about how we can serve as the trusted agent in your payment strategies.
 As the healthcare industry shifts
and consumers take on more payment responsibility,they are also embracing the opportunities that have come with legal and regulatory changes.The same regulations that have opened up new avenues for consumers have also createdan exciting market for financial institutions, insurers and TPAs.
TSYS Healthcare
| Business Segment Overview
To answer the needs of the emerging world of healthcare processing, TSYSHealthcare was created in 2007 as a division to develop and market paymentsolutions that capitalize on the opportunities available for financial institutions,insurers, participants and TPAs. TSYS Healthcare cards offer participants thesecurity they expect along with the ability to conveniently access funds frommultiple accounts. Likewise, insurers, financial institutions and TPAs benefitfrom reduced paperwork, simplified processes and cost savings. We are thelargest processor of transaction-enabled healthcare cards in the world, and weare eager to help you grow. We are excited to bring this dynamic marketplacethe same venerable innovation, world-class customer service and industryexpertise TSYS has offered to the other segments of the payments industry.
The rising cost of healthcare coupled withconsumers’ desires to be more involved in theirbenefits portfolios has given birth to a new erain healthcare management, where companiescan curtail their costs and participants can wieldmore power.The industry that has resulted from thesetrends has gained additional momentum asgovernment regulations have provided evenmore traction, allowing consumers to utilize tax-free dollars to pay for medical services througha variety of tax-advantaged (or pre-taxed)accounts, such as HSAs, HRAs and FSAs.And as these accounts become more popular,credit and debit cards are fast becoming thepreferred choice for payments. Participantsare increasingly using plastic to manage theirco-payments, deductibles and medications forone or more of their accounts, as well as theadditional support from lines of credit (LOCs).To successfully function, healthcare cards mustperform as more than just benefit cards. Theyare quickly becoming financial products in theirown right. Today’s fast-paced, evolving marketmandates that healthcare cards access multipleaccounts and function as debit, prepaid andcredit cards
all with a single piece of plastic.That functionality and flexibility is exactly what youcan offer your clients with a TSYS Healthcare card.Participants enjoy the security, ease andconvenience of accessing their funds andmonitoring their activity from multiple accounts
FSAs, HSAs, HRAs and LOCs
with asingle card. Likewise, financial institutions,insurers and TPAs benefit from significantlyreduced paperwork, simplified processes andcost savings.When you reward your participants with a TSYSHealthcare card, they enjoy the benefits of truespending power without hassle. Accepted atthe millions of locations where MasterCard andVisa are welcomed, a TSYS Healthcare cardremoves the nuisance of having to carry multiplecards, giving your clients peace of mind whenthey most need it. Watch your portfolio take off when you raise the bar and match the financialadvantage of healthcare accounts with this levelof usability.Our menu enables you to offer the mostcomprehensive suite of services today andconsider the possibilities for tomorrow.
We are pleased to offer:
• Stacked card with multiple purses, includingHSAs, HRAs, FSAs (health, limited-purpose,dependent care), parking and transit, andLOCs
all with single-card access

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