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Value Survey

Value Survey

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Published by: api-26244572 on Jan 07, 2010
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CA MAGAZINEwww.icas.org.uk
Value survey
HE “Values in Business”
consultancy RobinsonBoddiceLLPand
CA Magazine
conducted a joint research project in Mayseeking the opinions of privatesector business leaders in Scotlandon the factors that contribute to thesuccess of their organisations.We were interested to learn moreabout the significance of variousstrategic and operational activities,and sources of competitive advan-tage, and to see whether thesewere viewed differently in normal,and crisis, trading conditions.
In particular, the research soughtto establish the importance thatbusiness leaders in Scotland placedon the role of values and culture inthe success or otherwise of theirorganisations. The business leaders whoresponded represented organisa-tions in most of the major businesssectors in Scotland: food and drink,financial and professional services,manufacturing and engineering,technology, and construction.
 The reasons for focusingon values and culture werethreefold:Firstly, extensiveresearch aroundthe world inrecent yearshas shown thatlong-termreally successfulorganisations are“values-driven”Secondly, the virtual lack of evi-dence existing in Scotlandsupporting the aboveThirdly, our experience led us tohypothesise that culture andvalues would not feature promi-nently in leaders’ consciousness,especially in crisis tradingconditions.Values are the principles bywhich we live our lives and bringwith us to work. They are bynature mainly covert andtherefore need to berevealed. However, theydrive attitudes andbehaviours that areeasily identified inday-to-day life. Attitudes andbehaviours are a majorcomponent of success andfailure. In business, there is analmost inevitable tendency to focuson the “business” or “hard” side of the enterprise. Most businesswritings and presentations wouldseem to support this contention.However, we believe that theculture system, of which values arethe major component, constitutesone third of an organisation’s life– the remaining two thirds contain-ing the political and technical
systems. The former refers to theways in which power and author-ity is administered both formallyand informally. The latter refers toall that is directly to do with thebusiness itself and would include,for example, finance, production,HR, IT, and legal services.We know from research con-ducted globally that successfulcompanies achieve a good degree of alignment between an individual’spersonal values, their perceptionsof the extant values of the work-place and their explicit and implicitidealised culture. We also knowthat organisations that either do
Issues ranked in order of importance to the successof the business in normal economic conditions
%Organisation values and culture strategies84Financial management70Distribution of your product or service to the marketplace67Sales and marketing strategies 57HR strategies54Research and development28Production methods27
Issues ranked in order of importance to the successof the business in crisis conditions
%Financial management80Organisation values and culture strategies79HR strategies63Sales and marketing strategies 54Distribution of your product or service to the marketplace50Production methods39Research and development24
Andrew BoddiceandPeterRobinsonreporton the findingsof a surveythat sets out toestablish howbusiness leadersin Scotland seethe importanceof culture andvalues in theirorganisations
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If you are willing to beinterviewed on any ofthese issues please contactAndrew Boddice atab@robinsonboddice.com

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