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Botswana Constitution

Botswana Constitution

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Published by: Tshireletso Motlogelwa on Jan 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CONSTITUTION OF BOTSWANAARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONSCHAPTER IThe Republic1. Declaration of Republic2. Public SealCHAPTER IIProtection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual3. Fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual4. Protection of right to life5. Protection of right to personal liberty6. Protection from slavery and forced labour7. Protection from inhuman treatment8. Protection from deprivation of property9. Protection for privacy of home and other property10. Provisions to secure protection of law11. Protection of freedom of conscience12. Protection of freedom of expression13. Protection of freedom of assembly and association14. Protection of freedom of movement15. Protection from discrimination on the grounds of race, etc.16. Derogation from fundamental rights and freedoms17. Declarations relating to emergencies18. Enforcement of protective provisions19. Interpretation and savingsCHAPTER IIICitizenship20 to 29 inclusive. [Repealed.]CHAPTER IVThe ExecutivePART IThe President and the Vice-President30. Office of President31. First President32. Election of President after dissolution of Parliament33. Qualification for election as President34. Tenure of office of President35. Vacancy in office of President36. Discharge of functions of President during absence, illness, etc.37. Oath of President38. Returning officer at elections of President39. Vice-President40. Salary and allowances of President41. Protection of President in respect of legal proceedings
 PART IIThe Cabinet42. Ministers and Assistant Ministers43. Tenure of office of Ministers and Assistant Ministers44. Cabinet45. Oaths to be taken by Ministers and Assistant Ministers46. Secretary to the CabinetPART IIIExecutive Functions47. Functions of President48. Command of armed forces49. Functions of Vice-President50. Functions of Cabinet Ministers and Assistant Ministers51. Attorney-General52. Permanent Secretaries53. Prerogative of Mercy54. Advisory Committee on Prerogative of Mercy55. Functions of Advisory Committee on Prerogative of Mercy56. Constitution of officesCHAPTER VParliamentPART IComposition57. Parliament58. Composition of National Assembly59. Speaker60. Deputy Speaker61. Qualifications for election to National Assembly62. Disqualifications for membership of National Assembly63. Constituencies64. Delimitation Commission65. Report of Commission65A. Appointment of Independent Electoral Commission66. Appointment of Secretary to Independent Electoral Commission67. The franchise68. Tenure of office of members69. Determination of questions as to membership of National Assembly70. Clerk of the AssemblyPART IIGeneral Provisions Relating to Procedure in National Assembly71. Oaths to be taken by Speaker and Members72. Presiding in Assembly
73. Quorum in Assembly74. Voting in Assembly75. Unqualified persons sitting or voting76. Regulation of procedure in AssemblyPART IIIThe House of Chiefs77. Composition of House of Chiefs78. Ex-officio Members of the House of Chiefs79. Elected and Specially Elected Members of House of Chiefs80. Oath of allegiance81. Secretary to House of Chiefs82. Tenure of office of Elected Members and Specially Elected Members83. Rules of Procedure of House of Chiefs84. House of Chiefs may transact business notwithstanding vacancies85. Functions of House of ChiefsPART IVPowers of Parliament86. Legislative powers87. Mode of exercising legislative powers88. Introduction of Bills89. Alteration of ConstitutionPART VSummoning, Prorogation and Dissolution90. Sessions of Parliament91. Prorogation and dissolution of Parliament92. Vote of no confidence in the Government93. Sittings of National AssemblyPART VIInterpretation94. Votes of two-thirds of the AssemblyCHAPTER VIThe JudicaturePART IThe High Court95. Jurisdiction and composition96. Appointment of judges of High Court97. Tenure of office of judges of High Court98. Oaths to be taken by judges of High CourtPART IICourt of Appeal

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