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The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr

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Published by adam

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Published by: adam on Jan 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Battle of Badr was the first great battle in the history of Islam, and those who participated in it were granted honor and grace by Almighty Allah. There are manyQur’anic verses revealed with regard to the Battle of Badr, but what attracts attention arethe first verses of Surat Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War), in which Almighty Allah statesthat the spoils of war belong to Him and to His Messenger (peace and blessings be uponhim). Allah says:
They ask thee (O Muhammad) of the spoils of war. Say: “Thespoils of war belong to Allah and the Messenger, so keep your duty to Allah, andadjust the matter of your difference, and obey Allah and His Messenger, if ye are(true) believers”
(Al-Anfal: 1).After that, Almighty Allah points out the attributes of those true believers:
They onlyare the (true) believers whose hearts feel fear when Allah is mentioned, and whenthe Revelations of Allah are recited unto them they increase their faith, and whotrust in their Lord. (They are those) who establish prayers and spend of that Wehave bestowed on them. Those are they who are in truth believers. For them aregrades (of honor) with their Lord, and pardon, and a bountiful provision
(Al-Anfal:2–4).Then, without introduction, Almighty Allah directly resumes talking about the events of the great Battle of Badr, saying:
Even as thy Lord caused thee (Muhammad) to goforth from thy home with the Truth, and lo! a party of the believers were averse (toit), disputing with thee of the Truth after it had been made manifest, as if they werebeing driven to death visible. And when Allah promised you one of the two bands(of the enemy) that it should be yours, and ye longed that other than the armed onemight be yours. And Allah willed that He should cause the Truth to triumph by HisWords, and cut the root of the disbelievers
(Al-Anfal: 5–7).That is to say, Almighty Allah begins the surah with talking about the Battle of Badr,then He moves to point out the attributes of the true believers, and then He resumestackling the events of Badr. This undoubtedly attracts attention, demands reflection, andmakes one think why, especially that this is stated in a Book that
falsehood cannotcome at it from before it or behind it
(Fussilat: 42) namely the Glorious Qur’an. Thus,one wonders why the verses pointing out the manners of “true believers” are mentioned between the verses dealing with the events of the Battle of Badr. Moreover, whatincreases one’s state of wonder is the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be uponhim) in which he says about the Muslim fighters of Badr 
“How can you tell? PerhapsAllah, Exalted and Glorified be He, looked upon the people of Badr and said, ‘Dowhatever you want, for I have already forgiven you’”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).Again, one wonders, “Why the people of Badr in particular?”The answer to these questions lies in understanding the aforementioned verses and their contexts. The answer is because they are
in truth believers
(Al-Anfal: 4). They are the participants of the Battle of Badr, whom Almighty Allah wants to describe to us andwhose glorious attributes He wants to point out. They are those believers who reached thehighest degrees in supporting Allah’s religion and rendering it victorious and so they
were granted Almighty Allah’s support, for they were in truth believers. Therefore, theywere worthy of Allah’s great reward, honor, forgiveness, and bountiful provision.Thus, Almighty Allah points out to us the attributes of His victorious servants whilestating the wondrous events of the Battle of Badr, the greatest and most important battlein the history of Islam. That was why the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)invoked Allah with the following heartfelt, moving, noble supplication:
“O Allah,accomplish for me what You have promised me. O Allah, bring about what Youhave promised me. O Allah, if this small band of Muslims is destroyed, You will notbe worshiped on this earth.
The Prophet continued his supplication to his Lord,stretching his hands, facing the qiblah, until his mantle slipped off his shoulders. So AbuBakr came to him, picked up his mantle, and put it on his shoulders. Then he embracedhim from behind and said: “O Messenger of Allah, this prayer of yours to your Lord issufficient, and Allah will fulfill for you what He has promised you” (Muslim).Allah points out the attributes of those true believers so that we may realize andunderstand how and why they were granted victory, and learn the principles and values of the desired victorious generation.All Muslims are touched and their hearts are bleeding for what is going on in the Islamicworld today. We all have painful memories of the cruel scenes of the occupation in oneIslamic state and the usurpation of another one, and the carnages carried out in a third.Whenever we remember any of such many painful scenes, our hearts grieve, our eyesshed tears, and our sense of responsibility towards our religion increases. However, someof us are content with the feelings of pity and sympathy and the shedding of tears, doingnothing else; whereas some others keep trying and endeavoring to reinstate the Muslimnation’s status and restore its might and honor. Yet, such devoted believers lack asuccessful approach to the laws and signs of Almighty Allah in this universe, and fallshort of the crucial requirements of victory such as learning the lessons of history,fulfilling the prerequisites for victory, and, most importantly, becoming true believers.On remembering the great Battle of Badr, we need to pinpoint the attributes of thosevictorious warriors who were in truth believers, and try hard to realize these attributes,heart and soul, and practically apply them to our lives. These glorious attributes of thetrue believers can be summarized in the following phrases from the first verses of SuratAl-Anfal:* They keep their duty to Allah.* They adjust the matter of their difference.* They obey Allah and His Messenger.* Their hearts feel fear when Allah is mentioned.* When the Revelations of Allah are recited to them, they increase in faith.* They trust in their Lord.* They establish Prayers.* They spend of what Allah has bestowed on them.

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