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The Mystery Method - Kino

The Mystery Method - Kino



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Published by Joseph

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Published by: Joseph on Jan 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Today I want to talk about a concept that is crucial to being successful: kino (short for kinesthetic) escalation and compliance. This is a somewhat complex topic, making this issue pretty dense. It's ok if you don't fully get it the first time through. Read it, practice it, save it, readit again, and then come back to it in a few weeks. This is a topic we spend a lot of time on at the bootcamp and needs a lot of demonstration. This is just a taste, but will hopefully get you started.Why is kino important? Well, take this situation -- you've been talking to a girl for some timeand you two are getting along great. You're both laughing and smiling and she's eating it all up.However, to take this from a nice playful interaction to the beginning of a sexual relationship,you need to make something else happen. You need to touch her. If you don't do that, all of thisfun talking counts for nothing. She ends up leaving with a guy she seemed to be all over withinminutes of meeting him. "He's just better looking," you may rationalize to yourself. Nope. Heknew how to use kino and you didn't. He engaged her sense of touch while talking to her. You just talked to her. You = nice guy. Other guy = the prize.Why does this happen? Initiating kino (touching) is so important because you have to get a girlcomfortable with accepting you in her physical space. When you first meet a girl, it is imperativeto touch her as soon as possible in the RIGHT way. This does not mean aggressively groping and pawing at her. You need to start touching her in a nonsexual way. For example, if you go up to agirl and start chatting, you mention that where you are from has a secret hand shake. You thendemonstrate it on her. Congratulations -- you have started to get her accustomed to your touchwhile also teaching her something and having a fun time.You also have to escalate the touching. For example, you cannot kiss a girl who is uncomfortablewith your holding her hand. You cannot hold hands with a girl who is uncomfortable with youshaking her hand. There is a progression. The level of kino that you start with, for example, bythumb-wrestling her or by touching her on the shoulder while you make a point will not besufficient to help you move in for the kiss. Similarly, you can't usually move from kissing tosexual intercourse.So you're probably asking how you can make a girl comfortable with your touch, and how youcan escalate the touching. Here are three secrets:1. Do not touch her, make her touch you.2. When she does touch you, push her off before she has achance to get uncomfortable.3. When she re-initiates kino after and because of #2, youescalate. Then, repeat #2.To illustrate this, let's look at the difference between what a "generic guy" would do and what a"Mystery Method" man would do for the specific example of hand-on-leg:GENERIC GUY: Puts his hand on a girl's knee. If she lets it stay there, move it up, inch by inch,over the course of a conversation to see if she allows it. If she does allow it to rise a bit, then try
to put her on his lap and/or try to kiss her.Likely result: eventually she'll become uncomfortable and resist his advances. This not only killsthe kino progession but also sets up the dynamic of Him: wanting intimacy. Her: withholdingintimacy that won't lead anywhere for him.MYSTERY METHOD MAN: Takes the girl's hand and put it on his knee. Subtly notices her comfort level with this. When she becomes uncomfortable, or at a convenient point (when shedid something "wrong" even in a playful sense), takes her hand and puts it back. The man is theone to break the kino. When she either re-initiates kino or after a decent interval has passed, say5 minutes, he escalates the kino (puts her on his lap or puts her arm around him, etc.).Likely result: When he pushes her off, she will feel the loss more strongly than she felt thediscomfort of his making the move and she will either reinitiate or she will feel so uncomfortablethat she lets him make the next move without any hesitancy.To summarize, almost every move we make is going to be making the girl touch us. We will not put our arm into the girl's arm; instead, we will put her hand on the inside of our arm.Then we gauge her reaction as soon as she starts to feel the discomfort of our making this move.We then push her off of us. This has often been misunderstood as "two steps forward, onestep back". However, there's more to it than this. With two steps forward and then one step back,you are still validating her by touching her while moving back. For example, when youare making out with a girl you could go one step back by holding and cuddling her. This is good because it shows that you are not needy and not always trying to aggressively push theinteraction sexually. Yet, its drawback is that it does not make her feel the loss of pushing her off you because you are still physically touching her. She will still feel validated and happy justcuddling you. She may re-escalate intimacy back to kissing, but if she doesn't, there's nothingyou can do about it.The correct concept is actually "one step forward two steps back”. In the above example insteadof stopping the make out and still cuddling with her, we will push her off of us completely.Believe me, she will feel the loss. This way, when we reinitiate, she will be markedly morewilling to accept our move as she has felt the loss from our releasing before. Now if we repeatthis sequence a few times we will make her much more comfortable with our making moves onher. It will also make her feel that she is seducing you. Remember -- don't do this in an angry or sulky way. Be playful. Keep talking. Enjoy yourself.With me so far? Good, because now it's about to get more complicated.The second element of kino escalation is the compliance factor. If you put her hands on your knees and they stay there she is complying with your request. We want to build a compliancechain from talking to her and telling her to give us her hand all the way to having her complyingwith requests in the bedroom, including beginning a physical relationship. If you want a girl todo a spin for you, you would not just take her hand and tell her she's going to do a spin. Insteadyou will tell her to give you her hand and then you will do some sort of interesting routineinvolving her hand like the hand shake routine I described above or the thumb crack routine weteach in seminar. You can tell her that this is what she gets to do when she's good. Then spin her.Do you guys see all the little things she has complied to leading up to her being spun? Compare

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