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Clewmi v1.3 by Jared Cheney <Jared@iLeaf.net> Licensed

Clewmi v1.3 by Jared Cheney <Jared@iLeaf.net> Licensed

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Published by openid_9V8YnhpL

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Published by: openid_9V8YnhpL on Jan 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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clewmi v1.3 by Jared Cheney <jared@iLeaf.net>Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.Command Line WMI (CLeWMI) query tool. Allows one to perform simple Dataqueries against WMI. Future release should support Schema and Event queries.Usage: clewmi [options]-c <class> WMI Class; i.e. Win32_Service-s <server> Server you want to connect to. By default it islocalhost-n <namespace> WMI NameSpace you want to connect to. By defaultit is /root/cimV2-p <properties> Specify which properties of each instance toreturn. List the properties separated by commas(no spaces) (i.e. Name,DisplayName,Size).Without this flag, all properties will bereturned.-f <Property[~|=]Value> Only Valid on Windows XP or 2003. Use -r flag forWindows 2000. Filter what instances of a classare returned (i.e. Name~Alert% will returninstances where Name property begins with 'Alert'followed by anything)To restrict to an exact match, insteaduse = instead of ~ (i.e. Name=Alert will returninstances where Name property exactly matches'Alert') You can also reverse the logic of the =sign by prefacing it with ! (i.e. Name!=Alertreturns anything that does NOT have Name matching'Alert') You can also filter on NULL or NOT NULL,like this:e.g. Name=NULL (returns instances with NULL Nameproperty)Name!=NULL (returns instances whose Nameproperty is not NULL)-r <Property[~|=]Value> Similar to above filter option, but less efficient.It causes all instances of the specified class tobe returned from the WMI query, and then justfilters the output based on the value specified.Windows 2000 does not support the LIKE operator inWQL queries, hence this flag was created.Syntax is PropertyName~Value, where Value isevaluated as a regular expression, thus allowinggreat flexibility. RegExp is case insensitive.e.g. Name~windows.* (returns anything with nameproperty beginning with windows and followedby 0 or more characters)Like the -f option, if you use the = characterinstead of the ~ character, it changes thebehaviour of the query slightly. Using != reversesthe match.-w <WQL Query String> This flag allows you to specify an actual WQLquery string. If specified, then it overrides the-f or -r flags, as well as the -c flags. Don'tuse this unless you know what you're doing.e.g. "Select * FROM Win32_Service WHERE Name =

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