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The Ultimate Question

The Ultimate Question

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Published by olanrewaju Olagunju

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Published by: olanrewaju Olagunju on Jan 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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One of the reasons why children are regarded to be naïve is due to theirinquisitive nature. Children could be so inquisitive to a fault, and since theydon’t nurse the fear of being considered foolish or stupid, they maximize theright to ask whatever their minds long to understand and this is solelyresponsible for the rapid acquisition of knowledge in children.Almost the reverse is the case as we grow older; we become less curious toalways ask why, not really because adulthood is synonymous to being anhighland of knowledge but because it is easier to live by assumptions thoughthe consequences are high.A native adage explains that “he who asks for direction wouldn’t miss hisway” apart that asking questions provides one with vital information, properpersonal questioning serve as a medium: for personal check and balance,self assessment for self actualization. The human life is quite short and if we must maximize our life and potentials;genuine, sincere, precise and thought provoking questions must be askedfrom time to time.For instance one of the most crucial questions you could ask yourself is; whatexactly is my purpose here on earth? But the paradox is that this is aquestion that too many never ask throughout the journey of life.If a manufacturer manual came out with our placentas, it would have madethe search for purpose easier, however, that we came with no manual is noassurance or indication that there isn’t. We only have to connect to ourselvesand God the manufacturer to search out the purpose of our existence.When purpose is lost or hasn’t been discovered abuse is utterly inevitable,the major reason why some people keep feeling frustrated, dejected anddepressed to the extent of committing suicide is simply because theyhaven’t gotten the question of purpose settled from within. No doubt at allchallenges will appear from time to time in the journey of life but we can berest assured that achieving our purpose will come with benefit that will bringus long lasting joy.It’s been discovered that more money comes with more bills and highertaxes, more friends comes with more commitments. In short more materialsthings do not bring the long lasting joy and fulfillment that we really desire,but understanding and working in ones purpose brings eternal joy.

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