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Shielding Techniques

Shielding Techniques



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Published by Brigitt2131

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Published by: Brigitt2131 on Jan 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(A compilation of the various methods of shielding as told by the members of theEnergieWerk Group) - Compiled by Sandeepgnsandeep@yahoo.com8/2006
I use mirrors. I picture mirrors surounding me all pointing out. So if anything iscoming my way it is reflected back. This method has always worked for me.Blessings,WBW
I would like to respond to the question on shielding.My premise of shielding hereis as a form of protection from anything negative.One of the first formal training I attended was the Mind Science Course way back in early 1990 which is actually based on the Silva Mind Control. The technique Ilearned then which I practise till today is protecting oneself or another with"Universal White light".When I feel, I or a member of my family needs extra protection I shower theperson with universal white light and then put myself or the person in a bubble of white light.Late last year I learned about Switchwords ( just single words that invoke certainintentions)and now I use white light with the Switchword "GUARD" forshielding. This white light shielding has helped my daughter deal with some verydifficult people with much ease.I also now regularly protect my house with plenty of pure Reiki energy, filling mywhole house with the energy. But I also recite some verses from the Qurantogether with this.In short I strongly believe that if you can invite this universal white light andsurround anything in a bubble of this light, it really offers protection.regardsBegum (Ms)
One is the golden ball of light wherein I imagine myself surrounded in thisbrilliant sphere, which is transparent and is of a golden hue. I see myself being inthis sphere all through the day. I affirm that this shield protects me from allnegative influences and that any psychic attack on me, bounces of this shield andgoes back to the sender as positive reiki energy with love and light, therebytransmuting any influence of negative karma.
The other is the common reiki CKR shield which I put all around me andvisualize it as glowing in silver or white light. This helps me, I've felt, maybebecause I do more of reiki practise.Another technique that I sometimes use is the white beam of light, which flowsinto me from the sky above and as it goes down through each chakra, itcleanses it and radiates outward; then goes to the next one and so on. Afterit reaches the root chakra, it goes down the legs and out the foot chakras anddown to the centre of the earth, taking with it all the negativity that i mighthave picked up. The light from the heart chakra goes down the hands and out thepalm chakras thereby completely immersing me in this divine white light :)Regards,Sandeep
I have only practiced shielding when I send energy daily with mymother, it seems for me relatives/family can attach themselves easilyso if I have a reiki ball of white light of protection I can send it herwithout her aliments attaching to me.love, light & harmonydavid
You can command the Psychic shield to stay strong for 3 days, then after 3 days,you can do it again :-)Wearing a Black tourmaline is great idea, but you also have to wash it everyweek, because it can absorb negative energies, and you may get contaminatedwith it.There's one another way to protect yourself...."lighting up a sandalwoodincense" putting it on the floor and let the smoke smudge you." You pray firstand intent it to protect you the whole day. just me, Paulo
This is one of the techniques I use for protection. I invite the light and then putmyself or the person who needs protection in a bubble of light and release thatbubble with complete belief there is protection. One possible explanation for thisworking for you only for short durations is that either fear or doubt starts comingin. Your mind may be focusing on the "darker energies". You may get betterresults if you shift your focus to the white light bubble...see the layers of the whitebubble glowing with protective and secure environment.As for a pendant, it is believe good quality jade also offers protection fromnegative energies.
Just my thoughtsFor Our Best and Highest Good AlwaysBegum
White light-Always use this light to shield with, it repels a lot of negativityhowever it will not stop a full fledged attack.Various color lights- the same as above.The Lower Banishing Pentagram is very effective for shielding if worked the wayThe Golden Dawn has presented it.A call to higher self will net shielding as well, since higher self knows what/whoyou are dealing with, higher self can actually program a shield for your.Out in Nature and need a shield? Turn your body into tree bark, nothing likesrubbing against hard nubby bark except for deer!All time favorite that I used to love doing was the Star Trek "Shields Up Scotty!"I still use that today to bring my shields instantly up.Live Long and Prosper,Savhbh/|\ 
Here is story about angelic protectionI read a story not long ago about a woman who was walking and asked thatangels come and protect her. There had been a bad person in the neighborhood.Later, when that person was caught, he was asked why he had not hurt thatwoman, and he said "I didn't like the look of that big bald guy with the tattoosand earring who was walking with her."So, yes, when we ask for protection, it is always given!Begum
You can use the white light from god or the earth or the positive energy. Somepull the white light of god down to shield, some pull it up from the earth andsome pull it from physical things and the air.You can use this method it is my favorite.Visualize yourself standing in the yard visualize gods white light coming downas a cool/warm soothing rain full of positive energy as the rain covers your bodyvisualize the water on you as a shield from god covering you and protecting youfrom harmful negative energy.

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