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UT Dallas Syllabus for arts2316.002 05f taught by Margaret Belcher (meb025000)

UT Dallas Syllabus for arts2316.002 05f taught by Margaret Belcher (meb025000)

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UT Dallas syllabus for taught by
UT Dallas syllabus for taught by

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Published by: UT Dallas Provost's Technology Group on Jan 09, 2010
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2005 Fall Painting Foundations ARTS 2316.002
Saturdays: 9:30 a.m.\u201312:30 p.m. AS1.118
Instructor: Betsy Belcher
Office Hours: 12:30\u20131:30 in classroom or by arrangement


The following calendar is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.
8/20 Discussion: materials, studio procedures, overview. First assignments explained.
8/27 Color terminology, color theory and color schemes in painting. Value scales, tints,

shades, color wheels. Using paint, paint qualities, setting up your palette. Work in
class (assignments due 9/3). Prepare canvas for first painting.
Group review and discussion of color assignments. Discussion: composition and

structure. Begin limited-palette still-life painting in class.
9/10 Work in class. Prepare underpainting for next assignment. Complete first painting.
9/17 Critique of first paintings ( due at beginning of class). Analogous color-scheme

painting: begin in class.
9/24 Analogous color-scheme painting: work in class. Artist research project introduced.
10/1 Analogous color-scheme painting: work in class. Last class day for assignment.

(Cropped-image project homework given \u2013 due 10/8)
10/8 Analogous color-scheme still-life: critique in class (due for grading). Review

homework assignment. Cropped image painting: begin work in class.
10/15 Cropped image painting: work in class.
10/22 Cropped image painting continues. Preparation of painting surfaces discussed and

10/29 Cropped-image painting continues. Self -portrait assignment given (plan, ideas or
preparatory sketches due next week for review).
11/5 Review ideas for self -portrait assignment. Begin work on project. Cropped image

painting due at beginning of next class.
11/12 Critique of cropped-image painting. Self-portrait painting: work in class.
11/19 Self-portrait painting, work in class. (Final class day.Absolutely no late work or

extra credit accepted after today.)
11/26 Thanksgiving Holiday! NO CLASS!
REMEMBER: final project is due for critique 12/3 at 9:30 a.m.
12/3 Final day! Last paintings discussed in class/due. Semester review.

This class introduces students to the fundamentals of oil painting materials and techniques. Students will be given variety of assignments to develop an understanding of painting, through exposure to both the technical and intellectual demands of the discipline. Working primarily from direct observation, classroom assignments will stress learning to see, to control materials and to gain insight into the creative process.

1. Cultivate each student\u2019s capacity to observe closely and carefully, as well as to translate
\u201cseeing\u201d into painting.
2. Introduce students to the vocabulary necessary to talk about paintings. Begin to shape their
ability to discuss and analyze the structure and meaning of paintings.
3. Expose students to the wide variety of techniques and approaches used by painters over
the course of history.
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2005 Fall Painting Foundations ARTS 2316.002
Instructor: Betsy Belcher
4. Allow students to investigate their abili ty to communicate through the creative means of
painting; introduce them to the notion of a visual language.
5. Develop the student\u2019s facility and familiarity with the practical aspects of painting.
Attendance is essential.All students are expected to arrive on time, ready to work.
Working for the duration of the class period is necessary in order to complete all the assign-
ments required for the class. Class discussions, lectures and critiques are required activities.
Studio work outside of classtime is expected.Anticipate that you will spend at least as
much time working outside of class each week as you spend in class time every week.

Each student is allowed one (1) unexcused absence during the semester. Unexcused
absences can have a serious adverse affect your grade. Every unexcused absence beyond two
(2) will result in an automatic reduction of your final grade. Each additional absence (beyond
the first two) will lower your final grade by one mark. For example, if you have three absences,
a B+ will become a B, or if you have four, your B+ will become a B-. Unexcused absences in
excess of four (4) are not acceptable.

Chronic tardiness will also count against your grade. I will note late arrivals and departures. Two (2) late arrivals or departures (10 minutes or more) will count as one absence. Please be aware that tardiness is extremely rude behavior. Be on time.

It is the responsibility of each student to contact the instructor, via e-mail or in person, for
information regarding missed assignments.
If you have a personal or family emergency, illness or other serious difficulty, please let me
know. We will work together to find a compromise.I rely upon you to let me know that there is
a problem!
All cell phone ringers and beepers should be turned off during class. If you must use the
phone, please leave the classroom.
As noted before, work outside of class is expected. Paintings take a commitment of time.
Grades will be based on the following criteria \u2013
1. Attendance. Arrive on time, set up to work and clean up afterward.

2. Successful, on-time completion of all assigned projects. Late work will be subject to a deduction of one full grade mark (a B w ill become a C) for every week it is late. This applies to homework as well as paintings done during classtime.

3. Participation in critiques, group evaluations and classroom discussions.
4. Creative problem-solving, personal growth, effort expended in research for self -directed
painting projects and achievement of goals.

5. One extra-credit project will be offered to improve your grade. Remember that your extra
credit project can only improve one grade by one mark (you may turn a B into a B+, for
example). Extra credit work must be completed in accordance with the written instructions
provided by the instructor or by prior written agreement. I will not consider extra work that
does not conform to these instructions.

6. Deductions will be taken for excessive absences and chronic tardiness. Active participation in class and an interest in finding out more about painting (at local museums, galleries and the excellent resources of our library) will be an added benefit to your grade.

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