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Meditations 1969 Part 8

Meditations 1969 Part 8

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Published by Matthew Broughton
Krishnamuti on Meditation
Krishnamuti on Meditation

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Published by: Matthew Broughton on Jan 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T WAS ONE OF THOSElovely mornings that havenever been before. The sun was just coming up and you saw itbetween the eucalyptus and the pine. It was over the waters,golden, burnished such light that exists only between themountains and the sea. It was such a clear morning, breathless,full of that strange light that one sees not only with one's eyesbut with one's heart. And when you see it the heavens are veryclose to earth, and you are lost in the beauty. You know, youshould never meditate in public, or with another, or in a group:you should meditate only in solitude, in the quiet of the night orin the still, early morning. When you meditate in solitude, itmust be solitude. You must be completely alone, not followinga system, a method, repeating words, or pursuing a thought, orshaping a thought according to your desire. This solitude comeswhen the mind is freed from thought. When there are influencesof desire or of the things that the mind is pursuing, either in thefuture or in the past, there is no solitude. Only in the immensityof the present this aloneness comes. And then, in quiet secrecyin which all communication has come to an end, in which thereis no observer with his anxieties, with his stupid appetites andproblems only then, in that quiet aloneness, meditationbecomes something that cannot be put into words. Thenmeditation is an eternal movement. I don't know if you haveever meditated, if you have ever been alone, by yourself, faraway from everything, from every person, from every thoughtand pursuit, if you have ever been completely alone, notisolated, not withdrawn into some fanciful dream or vision, butfar away, so that in yourself there is nothing recognizable,nothing that you touch by thought or feeling, so far away that inthis full solitude the very silence becomes the only flower, theonly light, and the timeless quality that is not measurable bythought. Only in such meditation love has its being. Don't
MEDITATIONS 1969 PART 8http://www.freeweb.hu/tchl/meditations_1969/1968-00-00_me...1 of 228/3/09 8:04 PM

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