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Helpers of God's Precious Infants Christmas 2009 Newsletter

Helpers of God's Precious Infants Christmas 2009 Newsletter

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Published by jboyle4027

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Published by: jboyle4027 on Jan 09, 2010
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hristmas 2009
Father Emman
uel’s Christmas Message:
“When peaceful silence lay over all,
and night had run the half of her swift course,down from the heavens, from the royal throne,leapt your all powerful Word;
into the heart of a doomed land the stern warrior leapt.”
(Wisdom 18:14-15)
Earlier this month, we were blessed to have Monsignor Reilly visit us here in London (4
December). In
2 short days he gave a stirring talk at St. James‟ Church in May
fair on Friday evening, led a prayer vigil atEaling the following morning (with about 85 people), and then proceeded (after a bit of lunch) to present uswith a powerful 2 hour session on the Helpers spirituality and approach to prayer vigils!
I was struck (as
I‟m sure many were) by the strength and authenticity of his prophetic witness and by the apostolic zeal which
animated him.
He is 75 years old, but clearly the grace of the Holy Spirit and his sense of the Lord‟s mission
keeps him going! As with any prophet, spending time with him challenged me to examine my own fidelityto the Gospel of Life.
In his talk on Friday, Monsignor had shared how the word “infant” is derived from two Latin words meaning“not speaking”. The unborn, he said, have no voi
ce and so the choice of whether they live or die is made forthem by others. They cannot speak. They cannot be heard and so the decision to take their tiny, innocentlives, is made without consulting them. His challenge to us was to be that voice for them; by prayer, bywitness, by counselling, by our very lives. Monsignor also spoke with great insight about the damagecontraception has effected in our society, leading to sex without babies and babies without sex (IVF). Ananti-life mentality thus begins to pervade. Through contraception we separate the unitive and procreative
aspects (the divine “love
life link”) of the sexual act. Once these are separated, life can become a
commodity. When God is forgotten (or ignored), life may no longer be seen as the beautiful gift it is. On theone hand, the unborn baby can now be regarded as an unwanted inconvenience
to be rid of. On the other,as something to be manipulated in a laboratory. In response to this, what impressed me most aboutMonsignor Reilly is his desire to see hearts changed. The pro-life movement, and in particular the work of the Helpers, is not, for him, simply about saving lives (vital as that is), but most importantly about savingsouls, bringing all people
men and women entering or leaving the clinics, abortionists, nurses, accomplices,post-abortive men and women
to know the saving love of Jesus in their lives. Ultimately, the work of theHelpers is a work of love and salvation.
“The people that walked in darkness has seen a
great light; on those who live in a land of deep shadow a
light has shone.”
(Isaiah 9:1)
We live in a land of deep shadow. Perhaps the darkest shadow hangs over the very sites where abortionsquietly take place, but the Eternal Son of God, Jesus Christ, left heaven to bring His light into this verydarkness. The Eternal Word became a zygote, became flesh in the womb of Mary so that we could hear Him,
see Him, tough Him and know God‟s saving truth and love (1 Jn 1:1
-4). The work of the Helpers isultimately a work of the Holy Spirit, incarnating that truth and love of God within
just as He did within
Mary through her unconditional „yes‟. To put it in modern terms, the work of the Helpers is to make God‟s
love human
real and practical
for very real people with very real problems. Let us no longer be silent, butspeak up for the voiceless ones. Let us no longer be afraid to speak a Word of truth that can illumine andexpose the lies of a culture tragically deceived by a contraceptive mentality. Let us car enough to love evenwhen it is difficult. Let us, above all, be men and women of prayer, knowing that only God can effect realchange in hearts. Let us be prophets for life and love, that His light will shine again in our land.
Monsignor Rei
lly‟s talks were recorded and will be available on CD from the Helpers Office soon.
 Yet again, we were able to welcome the Bishop of Brentwood, the Rt. Rev. Thomas McMahon, to WoodfordGreen, Essex, to lead our Helpers Vigil in September, and we are very grateful to him for accepting ourinvitation. We also wish to offer our profound thanks to Dr. Paul Doherty, Headmaster of Trinity CatholicHigh School, not only for once more allowing us the use of the school premises, but this time, when BishopMcMahon graciously gave us permission to have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, for taking the extratrouble of arranging for us to have Adoration in the lovely school chapel atvery short notice. We would also like tothank Mrs. Deidre Smith and othermembers of the staff, the Caretaker andalso the ladies who gave up theirSaturday morning to provide therefreshments for us when we returned tothe school after our vigil.
We had many blessings that day, aswhen a woman came out of the Marie Stopes centre, having had a consultation and fixed a date for an
abortion, she spoke to one of our counsellors and told him that when she came out and „saw all those people praying‟, she felt that God was giving her a sign. She listened to all that the counsellor 
told her and took allthe information about the help she could get. Later on she phoned our counsellor and told him that she hadgone home and told her boyfriend all that the counsellor had told her and showed him the information and heagreed with her th
at they should keep the baby and they had made an appointment with the Women‟s Centre.
Bishop Thomas for leading us in the defense of life and
Dr. Doherty foryour continued and much valued support.
By the grace of God we have been able to continue our weekly vigils at BedfordSquare performing the work that we are called to do and have been recently inspired by the visit of Monsignor Reilly and found his talks a great source of knowledge and wisdom.We had a recent spectacular conversion of one woman who approached the centre expecting to undergo asimple task of taking the morning after pill and leaving to continue her life as it was but left with an
understanding of God‟s gift of life, a desire to let God in to her life and a call to seek God‟s Mercy and
Forgiveness for a past abortion after speaking to one of the Sidewalk Counsellors. There was a sense of 
 bewilderment felt by the woman, she didn‟t really know why she phoned the
abortion centre for anappointment or indeed why she was on her way to go in but she said that she felt something would happen tomake her not go in, and finding one person praying for her and two people with some leaflets in their handswas that large turning point for her.
BRIXTON: PRAISE BE!!! We had a couple turn around this week. We talked to the young Dad outsideand he phoned young Mum and she came running out - tears of relief on her face. The staff came out, toldher not to listen to us and asked her to come back in
 just for a chat
but she told them herself she is keepingthe baby.Also the taxi cabs are not going in and out for some weeks now. We have spoken to the drivers and toldthem what the place is and gave them the leaflets relating to Islam/Christianity and Abortion the
Did YouKnow?
sA large church group came by on Saturday on a prayer/praise walk and stood singing their hearts outopposite the abortuary for a good ten or twenty minutes.BUCKHURST HILL: Once more it was a mid-week prayer vigil and the weather was such that thesensible thing to do was to stay at home. Very heavy rain showers and gusting winds made it difficult whenkneeling on the pavement, to support an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe whilst holding a very large, wind-resistant, umbrella with one hand and holding a Rosary in the other hand. A gust of wind caused me to look up to make sure the umbrella and image stayed safely in my grip and I noticed a young lady come out of Marie Stopes. She appeared to be listening closely to what the counsellor was saying to her and taking notice
of what he was showing her in the „Did You Know‟ leaflet and our „exhibit for life‟ with the SPUC baby
models etc. Afterwards the counsellor told me some of her story.She had come there with a friend who was still inside the building. During the conversation, she told thecounsellor that she had had an abortion herself 3 years ago and that it was such a bad experience. I
immediately said, “If she felt it was such a bad experience, why would she want someone else to go throughit?” Then the counsellor continued. The young woman wouldn‟t take a Ros
ary or Miraculous Medal
had done such a wicked, evil thing, God wouldn‟t forgive her for having the abortion, she had no hope, shecouldn‟t accept the Rosary or Medal. Then she was told about God‟s infinite Mercy – 
that He loved her, OurLady loved her, and we who were there offering help and prayers loved her. Gradually she believed andhope returned and accepting the Rosary and Miraculous Medal and all the information about post-abortioncounselling, she went back in to try to persuade her friend to come out and not go ahead with her abortion.Then I knew why, although she had such a bad time herself, she had come with her friend
God wanted toshow her the way back to Him.
A car had pulled up onto Marie Stopes‟ driveway and on seeing the cou
nsellor, the lady driver got out and,thinking he was a traffic warden, asked him if it was alright to park there. The counsellor told her why hewas there
to offer help etc. The woman said, “Ooh – 
can I have some?” meaning the leaflets with all the
information on.

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