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The Book of the Prophet Habakkuk

The Book of the Prophet Habakkuk

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Published by Frank Nic. Bazsika
A fresh new End Time translation of the Book of Habakkuk in modern day English; prophecy for today!
A fresh new End Time translation of the Book of Habakkuk in modern day English; prophecy for today!

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Published by: Frank Nic. Bazsika on Jan 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Book of the Prophet Habakkuk 
 A descriptive vision of ‘The Abomination that Causes Desolation’  
A new End-Time translation by author Frank Nic. Bazsika 1997, 2010 ©
 Not much is known personally about Habakkuk excepting that he was of the Priestly tribe of Levi the son of a Joshua and held office in the Templemusical choir. As with most prophets chosen by God the emphasis isalways on their message and not themselves. Habakkuk’s (which means Embracing) prophecy is primarily for the End Time,-the time of Jacobs Trouble covering the 42 month period of theTribulation that Judah (the Jews) and the so-called ‘Lost 10 Tribes of  Israel’ will endure for their offenses towards God and their degradation.The vision that Habakkuk saw was so appalling that it made himviolently sick to his stomach! This is our very near future and what awaitsus as the nations of ‘Jacob’ unless we heed and change our ways. But the prophecy also provides hope for the future establishment of a new Age Lasting Kingdom when the Eternal returns to punish the ‘tool’ nation Heemployed to correct us and he begins His reign as King.
Extensive use of lexicons, concordances and other translations werediligently compared in composing this new modern English translation.
The heavy song of the prophet Habakkuk stemming from his vision; (2) O Eternal, just how long must I cry out for help and You do not answer? I shriek out to Youabout the violent maltreatment and still You do not set me free! (3) Why do Yourequire me to gaze upon vain works and to behold toiling in misery? Destructivesavagery and violent wrongs confront me while they bring about controversy anddiscord
(to brawl over the Law)
. (4) As a result,-the Law is being slacked andrighteous judgments are never in action. Because the wicked
besiege therighteous and cause perverse rulings to go forth.(5) You peoples
should take notice and intently gaze with fearfulamazement,-fearful amazement,-because an ordained Work will be carried out inyour time that you will not support to be true even though it is inscribed for you! (6)Look here! I Am rousing up the Chaldeans
, a bitterly swiftnation that will whirl across the entirety of the earth to forcibly occupy thedwellings of others. (7) Inspiring frightful reverent fear as their judgments areexalted when they go forth
(their decrees)
. (8) Their horses
(symbolic war machines)
are even swifter than leopards and fiercer than evening wolves. Their steeds arespread out for expansion. Yes, their steeds will come from a far off place and theywill fly even as the eagle is eager to devour. (9) Their company comes for violence, -their assemblage comes in the face of the east wind and they will take away captives
as easily as sand
(is blown about)
. (10) They will disparage kings, - and rulersthey will consider to be nothing more than jokes. They will laugh in sport at everydefensive fortification as they mass the earth
(technology of)
to capture them like atrap! (11) Then he will have a change of mind and hastens away to his punishment;this is he whose forces are due to their ‘god’.(12) Do You not precede eternity O Eternal my God, - O Holy One? Are we not putto death O Eternal because You appointed them for judgment? Yes, You our Rock have set them up for our correction. (13) Your eyes are too pure to gaze upon evil
and You cannot tolerate oppression, - so why is it that You regard those that dealtreacherously and You keep silent when the wicked swallows up one more righteousthan himself? (14) Are human beings to be as the fishes of the sea,-as swarmswithout rulership to lead? (15) He brings them all up with a fishhook, they aredragged out by his dragnet and gathered up in his net, - and as a result he isgleefully spinning in emotion! (16) Consequently he sacrifices
to hisdragnet and by fire offers incense to his net; because by them his apportion makes afat and plump food supply. (17) Is he to go on emptying out his net and to go onwithout mercy to destroy nations continuously?
I serve as the Watchman
(sentry duty)
stationing myself in the Tower
(a fortress of ‘Rock’)
as I expectantly search to mark out what intentions He speaks through me,-and how we are to turn back upon correction. (2) And The Eternal responded withthe command; Write descriptively of the revelation and dig out
(search scripture)
theexplanation upon booklets
in order that they may run to proclaim
it. (3) Because the revelation has an appointment for the End Time. They will scoff 
(see Isa.28:22)
at it, but it does not lie. If it seems to be delayed,-still expect it,-because it will absolutely come true and loiter no longer. (4) Look here, those livingwith swollen pride will not be justified, - but the righteous will live by his faith. (5)Yes indeed, wine
(symbolic false doctrines)
deals deceitful consequences,-for theproud will not Rest
(Sabbath keeping)
at home
(symbolic kingdom of God)
because hebroadens his mind to the grave and like death is never satisfied. He
(the ‘Chaldean’ power)
will appropriate for himself all nations and grasp at the Flock of Congregation
(see jer.13:15-17)
. (6) Will not all these
come up with aparable against him? Ridiculing that it will all backfire with the statement: “Woe tohim that is multiplying what is not his own! Just how long will he burden himself with pawned goods?” (7) Will they not rise up un-expectantly to demand oppressiveinterest on the loan when they wake up to violently shake you? Then you will beplundered by them. (8) As a result of your plundering of numerous nations, - all the

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Frank Nic. Bazsika added this note
I completed this study and work in 1997; read my ending comments of the work 15 years later you see it coming true for America and the British peoples.

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