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Med Surg Chap Questions

Med Surg Chap Questions

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Published by lani416

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Published by: lani416 on Jan 10, 2010
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Chapter 11.An example of a nursing activity that reflects the American Nurses Association’s definition of nursing is
B. diagnosing that a patient with a feeding tube is at risk for aspiration2.to obtain certification in a specialty area of nursing, a nurse must at least
c. practice a specific period of time in the specialized area of nursing3.in a responding to the
 Health People
initiatives, the nursing profession is expected to
c. teach people healthy self-care behaviors related to the major health problems of the country4.when using evidence-based practice, the nurse,
c. uses clinical decision making and judgment to determine what evidence is appropriate for a specificclinical situation.5.standardized nursing terminologies benefit patient care in that
a. patient problems and nursing care are clearly defined6.one advantage of the use of informatics in health care delivery is
c. improved communication of the patient’s health status to the health care team.7.when the nurse determines that the patient’s anxiety needs to be relieved before effective teaching can beimplemented, the phase of the nursing process being used is
c. planning8.an example of an independent nursing intervention is
c. teaching a patient about the effects of prescribed drugs9.the process of making a nursing diagnosis differs from a diagnostic process involves
c. identifying factors related to the pathophysiology of a disease process10.the nurse identifies the nursing diagnosis of risk for impaired skin integrity
related to
obesity and loss of skin elasticity for a patient. The most appropriate expected patient outcome related to this nursing diagnosisis that the
 b. patient achieves a normal weight for height11.a patient has a nursing diagnosis of stress urinary incontinence related to overdistention between voidings.An appropriate nursing intervention for this patient related to this nursing diagnosis is to
a. provide privacy for toileting12.linkages of NANDA nursing diagnoses, NOC patient outcomes, and NIC nursing interventions can be usedto
 b. provide guides for planning care13.the primary purpose of the evaluation phase of the nursing process is to
d. identify patient progress toward outcomesChapter 21.which of the following is the leading determinant of a patient’s health?
A. behavior 2.in identifying patients at the greatest risk for health disparities, the nurse would note that
 b. cultural differences exist in the ability of patients to communicate with their health care provider 3.a 50 y/o Native American woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus living on a rural reservation has poor glycemic control this situation may be related to all of the following factors
 b. eating fresh foods rather than prepackaged foods4.disparities in health are related to a number of factors including
c. occupation: laborers are more vulnerable to job-related injuries than white collar workers5.nurses play an important role in reducing health disparities. One important mechanism to do this is to
d. engage in active listening and establish relationships with patients and families.
Chapter 31.forcing one’s own cultural beliefs and practices on another person is an example of 
cultural imposition2.immigration may potentially affect an individual’s health in all of the following instances
d. immigrants are rarely affected by changes when they move to an area that has a different physicalenvironment3.which of the following most accurately describes cultural factors that may affect health?
A. diabetes and cancer rates differ by cultural/ethnic groups4.when communicating with a patient who speaks a language that the nurse does not understand, it isimportant to first attempt to
 b. use a trained medical interpreter 5.which of the following accurately reflects a physiologic aspect of culture/ethnicity to consider when providing nursing care?
D. Asians may require a lower dose of tricyclic antidepressants and antiphsychotics than whites6.which of the following is the first step in developing cultural competence?
B. examine one’s own cultural background, values, and beliefs about health and health care7.as part of the nursing process, cultural assessment is best accomplished by
 b. using a cultural assessment guide as part of the nursing processChapter 41.the nursing history provides information to assist the nurse primarily in
d. supporting identification of nursing diagnoses2.the nurse would place information that the patient revealed about his concern that his illness is threateninghis job security in which of the following functional health patterns
a. role-relationship3.to examine the skin of a patient who has a full-thickness burn, the nurse primarily uses the technique of 
a. inspection4.a focused examination is performed when
c. a specific problem is identified during physical examination5.after performing a screening history and physical, the first information the nurse records is the
a. health historyChapter 51.the nurse is teaching a middle-aged Hispanic woman in a clinic about various methods to relieve the patient’s symptoms of menopause. The goal of this teaching would be to
d. provide information for selection and use of treatment options2.when planning teaching with consideration of adult learning principles, the nurse would
c. provide opportunities for the patient to learn from other adults with similar experiences3.a necessary skill of the nurse in the role of teacher is the ability to
a. determine when patients are too distressed physically or psychologically to learn4.when the nurse finds only a limited time available for patient teaching, a strategy that might be used is
a. setting realistic goals that have high priority for the patient.5.the nurse includes family members in patient teaching primarily because
 b. patients have been shown to have better outcomes when families are involved
6.when the nurse, the patient, and the patient’s family decide together what strategies would e best to meet thelearning objectives, the step of the teaching process that is involved is
a. planning7.a patient characteristic that enhances the teaching-learning process is
 b. high self-efficacy8.which of the following is an example of a correctly written learning objective
d. the patient’s spouse will demonstrate to the nurse how to correctly change a gastrostomy bag beforedischarge9.a patient tells the nurse that she enjoys talking with others and sharing experiences, but easily falls asleepwhen reading. In planning teaching strategies with the patient, the nurse recognizes that the patient would probably learn best with
 b. group teaching10.short-term evaluation of teaching effectiveness includes
a. observing the patient and asking direct questionsChapter 61.ageism is characterized by
c. negative attitudes toward the elderly based on age2.autoimmune diseases increase with aging. This is consistent with which of the following theories of aging
a. immune theory of aging3.an ethnic older adult may experience a loss of self-worth when the nurse
d. emphasizes that a therapeutic diet does not allow ethnic foods4.an important nursing action helpful to a chronically ill older adult is to
c. treat the patient as a competent manager of the disease5.when older adults become ill they are more likely than younger adults to
d. alter their daily living activities to accommodate new symptoms6.an important fact for the nurse to know about caregivers is that they
a. may need nurses to assist them in reducing caregiver strain7.an appropriate care choice for an older adult living with an employed daughter but who requires assistancewith activities of daily living is
a. adult day care8.a natural death act is an advance directive that
c. allows a person to direct his or her health care in the event of terminal illness9.nursing interventions directed at health promotion in the older adult are primarily focused on
c. teaching positive health behaviorsChapter 91.determination of whether an event is a stressor is based on a person’s
 b. perception2.the nurse recognizes that a patient with newly diagnosed cancer of the breast is using an emotion-focusedcoping process when she
a. joins a support group for women with breast cancer 3.the nurse would expect which of the following findings in a patient as a result of the physiologic effect of stress on the reticular formation
c. inability to sleep the night before beginning to self-administer insulin injections4.the nurse utilizes knowledge of the effects of stress on the immune system by encouraging patients to
 b. avoid exposure to upper respiratory infections5.the nurse recognizes that a person who is subjected to chronic stress could be at higher risk for 

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