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Changing Our Course

Changing Our Course

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Published by ron-ash-9035

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Published by: ron-ash-9035 on Jan 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Changing Our Course
Often there will be times in our lives when we will get the strong feeling that there is really no remedy for our current situation. We may feel that there is nothing we can do to improve it and we may as well justthrow in the towel and admit defeat. To continue on seems to be futile. In this we favor rolling up in someremote corner of the room in the fetal position and wait to die.Hey, we tried our hardest. Everyday we got up went to work and continued to do what we had to do. Itwas nothing more and nothing less than what was required to stay right where we are, but we did it.Sometimes we gave a little extra effort, but for the most part we lacked consistency. Now we are exactlywhere we are and have no one to blame for it besides ourselves. We never built momentum in our quest for success.How often have we passed on doing the little extra things that got tossed onto our plate? How many timesdid we fail to make those phone calls, check those want ads or do anything else to possibly improve thelives of which we live in despair? How many times did we fail to act? Are we constantly exhibitingindecisiveness, laziness or just constantly changing our minds; bouncing off walls. Perhaps we would get alittle momentum going but just decided to coast without exerting any more energy into the ride.We are where we are because we made choices that contributed to bringing us here. Sometimes we choseto act and many times we chose not to. Often we decided to react and other times we rationalized not to.Either way, our lives are a direct result of the choices we have been making all our lives.So since this is the case in the lives of a good eighty percent of our lives let’s make a decision to startmaking better choices right now. The first step is to take an inventory of everything we have to be gratefulfor. Take out a blank piece of paper and right everything down. Don’t forget to include all the necessitiesof life as well as the things that we could live without. Next, on a separate piece of paper write down allthe people that we are thankful to have as a part of our lives and why these relationships mean so much tous. On another sheet we must put down all the knowledge, skills and abilities we have been gifted with,have earned or developed.
Sheet#21.Spouse2.Children3.Parent4.Siste5.Brothe6.Aunt7.Uncle8.Grandparent9.Coworke10. Friend11. Mentor 12. Teache13. Friend14. Pet15. Counselor 16. LoveSheet#31.Painting2.Carpentry3.Auto repai4.Draw5.Sing6.Instrument7.Idea man8.Write9.Counselo10.Director 11.Speaker 12.Cameraman13.Swimme14.Computer 15.Driver 16.Biker Sheet# 11.Food2.Shelte3.Clothes4.Wate5.Health6.Clean ai7.Heat8.Hot wate9.Plumbing10.Electricity11.Ca12.Cable TV13.Cell phone14.Microwave15.Coffee maker 16.Dishwasher 

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