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NLE Compilation 1

NLE Compilation 1



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Published by: blazegomez on Jan 10, 2010
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NURSING PRACTICE I SET A ________________________________________________________________________ 
NURSING PRACTICE I – Foundation of PROFESSIONAL Nursing Practice
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:1. This test booklet contains 100 test questions.2. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet.3. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes shadedwill invalidate your answer.4. AVOID ERASURES.5. This is
PRC property.
Unauthorized possession, reproduction, and/or sale of this test is
punishable by law.
RA 8981.
INSTRUCTIONS:1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer SheetSet .2. Write the subject title
“Nursing Practice I”
on the box provided.3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your testbooklet is Set B.
1. Nurse Suzie is administering 12:00 PM medication in Ward 4. Two patients have to receiveLanoxin. What should Nurse Suzie do when one of the clients does NOT have a readableidentification band?A. Ask the client if she is Mrs. Santos
B. Ask the client his name
C. Ask the room mate if the client is Mrs. SantosD. Compare the ID band with the bed tag2. Lizette, a head nurse in a surgical unit, hears one of the staff nurses say that she does nottouch any client assigned to her unless she performs nursing procedures or conducts physicalassessment. To guide the staff nurse in the use of touch, which of the following would beBEST response of Lizette?A. “Use touch when the situation calls for it”.
B. “Touch serves as a connection between the nurse and the patient”.
C. “Use touch with discretion”.D. “Touch is used in physical assessment”.3. You are asked to teach the client, Mr. Lapuz, who has right sided weakness the use of a cane.Which observation will indicate that Mr. Lapuz is using the cane correctly?
A. The cane and one foot or both feet are on the floor at all times
B. He advances the cane followed by the left legC. Client keeps the cane on the right side along the weak legD. Client leans to the left side which is stronger4. George, a 43 year old executive is scheduled for cardiac bypass surgery. While beingprepared for the surgery, he says to the nurse “I am not going to have the surgery. I may diebecause of the risk.” Which response by the nurse is most appropriate?A. “Without the surgery you will most likely die sooner.”B. “There are always risks involved with surgery.”C. “There is a client in the other room who had successful surgery and you can talk tohim.”
D. “This must be very frightening for you. Tel me how you feel about thesurgery.”
5. A client is ordered to take Lasix, a diuretic, to be taken orally daily. Which of the following is anappropriate instruction by the nurse?A. Report to the physician the effects of the medication on urination.
B. Take the medicine early in the morning
C. Take a full glass of water with the medicineD. Measure frequency of urination in 24 hours6. Nurse Glenda gets a call from the neighbor who tells her that his 3 years old daughter hasbeen vomiting and has fever and asks for advice. Which of the following is the mostappropriate action of the nurse?A. Observe the child for an hour. If the child does not improve, refer to the physician inthe neighborhood.
B. Recommend to bring the child immediately to the hospital
C. Assess the child, recommend observation and administer acetaminophen. Ifsymptoms continue, bring to the hospital.D. Tell the neighbor to observe the child and give plenty of fluids. If the child does notimprove, bring the child to the hospital.7. Wilfred, 30 years old male, was brought to the hospital due to injuries sustained from avehicular accident. While being transported to the X-ray department, he straps accidentallybroke and the client fell to the floor hitting to his head. In this situation, the nurse is:A. not responsible because of the doctrine of respondent superiorB. free from any negligence that caused harm to the patient
C. liable along with the employer for the use of a defective equipment thatharms the client
D. totally responsible for the negligence8. While going on evening round, Nurse Edna saw Mrs. Pascual meditating and afterwardsstarted singing prayerful hymns. What is the BEST response of Edna?A. Ignore the incidenceB. Report the incidence to the head nurse
C. Respect the client’s actions as this provides structure and support to theclient
D. Call her attention so she can go to sleep9. A client asks for advice on low cholesterol food. You advise the client to eat the following:A. Chicken liver, cow liver, eggs
B. Lean beef and pork, egg ewhite, fish
C. Balut, salted eggs, duck and chicken eggD. Pork liempo, cow brain, lungs and kidney10. The code of ethics for nurses has an interpretative statement that provides:A. continuity of care for the improvement of the client
B. guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities that provide quality care andfor the ethical obligation of the profession
C. standards of care in carrying out nursing responsibilitiesD. identical care to all clients in any setting11. Which of the following situations would possibly cause a nurse to be sued due to negligence?
A. Nurse gave a client wrong medication, and an hour later, client complained ofdyspnea
B. While preparing a medication, the nurse notices that instead of 1 tablet, she put twotablets into the client’s medicine cupC. As the nurse was about to administer medication, the client questioned why themedication is still given when in fact the physician discontinued it.D. Nurse administered 2 tablets of analgesic instead of 1 tablet as prescribed. Patientnoticed the error and complained.
 12. Your nurse supervisor asks you who among the following clients is most susceptible to gettinginfection if admitted to the hospital?A. Diabetic client type2B. Client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
C. Client with second degree burns
D. Client with psoriasis13. Mr. Chris Martinez has been confined for three days. His wife helped take care of him and hehas observed her to be “too involved” in his care. He complained to the head nurse about this.Which of the following would be the BEST response of the nurse?A. “Don’t worry. I will call the attention of your wife.”B. “Your wife is just trying to help because she is worried about you.”
C. “What are your thoughts about your wife’s involvement in your care?”
D. “Your wife can assist you well in your care and recovery.”14. The nurse is in the hospital canteen and hears two staff nurses talking about the clientconfined in Room 612. They mentioned his name and discussed details of his condition.Which of the following actions should the nurse take?
A. Approach the two nurses and tell them that their actions are inappropriateespecially in a public place
B. Wait till the nurses finish the discussion and report the situation to the supervisorC. Say nothing to avoid embarrassing the staff nursesD. Remain quiet and ignore the discussion15. The son of Mr. Rosario, a 76 year old man, reports to the nurse in the community healthcenter that his father has been getting out of bed at night and walks around the house in theearly hours of the morning causing him to fall and injure himself. Which instruction would yougive?A. Apply restraints during night hours onlyB. Advise hospitalization to prevent future accidentsC. Keep a radio or TV for company and to orient the client
D. Have someone check on the client frequently at nightSITUATIONALSituation 1
– Preparation and administration of medications is a nursing function thatcannot be delegated. It is important that the nurse has a deep understandingof this responsibility that is meant to save patient’s lives.16. You are to administer an intramuscular injection to Dulce, 1 ½ year old girl. The mostappropriate site to administer the drug is:A. dorso gluteal region
C. vastus lateralis
 B. ventral forearm D. gluteal region17. An infant is ordered to receive 500ml of D5NSS for 24 hours. The intravenous drip is runningat 60 drops/minute. How many drops per minute should the flow rate be?A. 60 drops per minute C. 30 drops per minuteB.
21 drops per minute
D. 15 drops per minute18. Following surgery, Henry is to receive 20 mEq (milliequivalent) of potassium chloride to beadded to 1000 ml of D5W to run for 8 hours. The intravenous infusion set is calibrated at 20drops per milliliter. How many drops per minute should the rate be to infuse 1 liter of D5W for 8hours?A.
42 drops
C. 60 dropsB. 20 drops D. 32 drops

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