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Naskah Drama - Golden Cucumber

Naskah Drama - Golden Cucumber

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Published by puji_asc

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Published by: puji_asc on Jan 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Figures:
Bondan Maulana (02) become Buto IjoRizky Haryono (04) become The MagicianAde Giantiarna Putra (12) become FatherResti Dewanti Putri (26) become Timun EmasRanik Yuly Ravinska (34) become Mother
One day in a small village, lived a couple. They lived happily as long as ten
years. But they couldn’t enjoy their happiness for a long time, since they realized thattheir happiness wasn’t complete yet because they had no child.
: “Pak’e……
I feel so sad.”
“We have live together for ten years. But we still have no child.”
 Father : (Sit beside his wife)
I know!!!”
“I know Buk…
I can feel your feeling. I feel the same one. I also hope for
a child to complete our life.”
: “Suppose, we h
ave a child right now. I can imagine how beautiful ourlife ar
: “Yah…
What can we do excep
t pray and pray Buk…
We have tried to do itmore and mo
re. But it always unsuccessful.”
 Mother : (Woo his husband)
“Honey, let’s try again tonight!”
A month passed, they still had no child. Until one day, they heard that there
was a big ogre who lived inside a big cave in a ghostlike forest it named “Buto Ijo”.
The ogre was believed that it could accede every kinds of wishes. So the couple wentto look for the ogre.(It was a ghostlike forest. They walked carefully until they found a big cave).Mother
: “Pak’e….
This place is so screamy and g
“It’s dark, dirty, and….(huek) smell bad!”
“I am afraid Pak’e….
I’m afraid.”
: “Buk’e…
.throw your fear away. We must do it in order that we will get
a child.”
 (They entered the cave).Father
: “Kulonuwun “Buto Ijo”…”
: “How dare you are to come here when I feel so hungry!”
“Don’t you afraid if both of you will be my meal???”
: “Pardon Buto…pardon.”
“We don’t wanna be your meal. But we can give you everything you wantif you accede what we want.”
: “Hahahaha ………….”
“Are you sure that both of you can give me a meal?”
: “Yes, we are sure!”
 Buto :
“What do you mean?”
: “We want to have a child. Can you accede our wish?”
: “Wahahaha……..
Only that one?”
“It’s very easy one for me.”
“I will accede your wish,
ut there is a requirement for it!”
: “What requirement did you mean?”
: “If you get a boy, you may take care about him until he grows big.”
“But if you get a daughter, you must give her back to me when she beinga teen. And she will be my meal!”
“Do you understand?”
: “It’s
okay “Buto”!!!”
“We promise
that we will full your requirement.”
“Thank you “Buto”, thank you.”
: “Now, go out from here!”
“You have disturbed my sleep!”
 And then, both of them went home. They were very surprised to find a big
“Golden Cucumber”
in front of the door of their house.Mother
: “Pak’e……… What is it?”
: “It looked like a Cucumber Buk……”
“A golden Cucumber!”
: “Yes Pak’e, but it is very big one!”
:Who had put this in front of our house Pak?”
: “I have the same quandary with you Buk’e….”
: “Okay then, let us open it together in the house Pak.”
 Then, they opened it. It was very surprise for them to find a baby inside TheGolden Cucumber.Mother
: “Pak, what a wonderful!”
“there is a baby inside this cucumber!”
: “Are you serious, Honey?”
“I can’t believe it!”
: “My god,,,,” (smile and happy)
“Honey, we get a baby! We get a baby!”
“Buto Ijo have acceded our wish!”
: “Yes Honey! But this baby is a girl. Do you remember about our promiseto him?”
: “Yah! We promised that we will give our baby back to him if our babyis a girl.”
: “That’s right, Buk’e.”
: “But don’t think about it for this time Pak. We still have a long time.”
“I am very happy to have this baby!” (happy)
: “Yes, me too.”
“We have a daughter Buk’e.”
“So, what name will we give for our daughter, Honey?”
: “Mmmmm…… How about “Timun Emas” Pak?”
“We found her inside a golden cucumber, didn’t me?”
: “Yes Honey, I agree. It’s a very good name for our beautiful baby!”
: “We will live more happy, Pak!”
 Sixteen years passed. Timun Emas grew up and being a beautiful girl. Herparents loved her so much.Mother
: “Timas, come here beauty. We want to talk about something important
to you.”
: “Yes, nak…..come here.”
: “Pak’e, Buk’e, what kind of thing will you talk?”
“It sounds very important.”
: “Yes, Honey. It’s very important for you. It’s about your life.”
: “About my life?”
“What did you mean Pak’e?”
 Father : (Talk to his wife)
“Buk…..please tell to her.”
: “Yes Pak’e.”
 (Then talk to her daughter)
“Timas, you are our daughter. But actually, you are not really our daughter.”
“We found you inside a big golden cucumber when you were a baby.”

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