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Marketing Monday Marketing 2.0 Course

Marketing Monday Marketing 2.0 Course

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Brochure of the coure 'Marketing 2.0'
Brochure of the coure 'Marketing 2.0'

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Published by: Richard van Hooijdonk on Jan 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Markting 2.0’Cours
Course initiator:
Richard van HooijdonkDirctor, MarktingMonday
Former marketing director and author ofthe book ‘On to Marketing 2.0’, speaker atmany national and international conferen-ces. He is also a lecturer at SRM/Erasmusand a guest lecturer at Nyenrode BusinessUniversity.
   ‘   1   5 ,   0   0   0     i   n  s   p    i   r  e  d    m  a   r    k  e   t  e   r  s   s  o    f  a   r    ’
Unique course: 1 year, 10 daysand 10 important topics.
• Objctivs 2.0• Targt Groups 2.0• Product Dvlopmnt 2.0• Branding 2.0• Social Branding 2.0• Cross Mdia 2.0• Wb Prsnc 2.0• Markting Intllignc 2.0• Markting IT 2.0• Organisation, rsourcs and cultur 2.0
Markting and communication ar changing drastically! Consumr b-haviour is changing as a rsult of nw tchnological dvlopmnts. Thishas far-raching consquncs for th (commrcial) stratgy of compa-nis, brands, organisations and institutions. Th changing consumrsand citizns ar mor assrtiv, imposing nw rquirmnts on brands,products, communication, distribution and sals. Loyalty and brandingar bing givn nw maning and th markting dialogu is changingtoo. Th way in which companis stablish and maintain rlationshipswill also b compltly transformd, and xisting markting mthodswill b rplacd.
A complete grasp of Marketing 2.0 in just 10 days!
Companis rquir nw knowldg and nd to acquir xprinc.Comptitors and markts ar rady to pounc. It is both ssntial andprotabl to do somthing about knowldg and concrt skills. Th‘Markting 2.0 in practic’ cours ‘injcts’ nw (prot) opportunitis formarktrs, companis, ntrprnurs and organisations. Th courslasts on yar, during which you will rciv intnsiv Marktr 2.0training ovr 10 days. W prsnt numrous cas studis, xampls andstp-by-stp plans, so that you can thn tak your own rst stps to-wards a succssful markting 2.0 approach. During th cours, you willalso put thory into practic yourslf undr th guidanc of Markting2.0 spcialists. You will b inspird to gt startd with Markting 2.0yourslf immdiatly aftrwards.
 Undr th guidanc of lading instructors andmarkting profssionals, marktrs larn how toapply markting 2.0 in practic basd on ‘ThNw Markting Cycl’. This programm ffctivlyliminats th nd for countlss on-off courss and brings togthrth various componnts of th commrcial stratgy in a singl clar-
In 10 days, larn how to compltly adapt yourown organisation's stratgy to th nw marktingconomy. Maximum 18 participants.Th programm lasts 8-10 months.
In just 1 year, become a Marketer 2.0!
Achiv bttr rsults through th us ofMarkting 2.0. Discovr ‘Th NwMarkting Cycl’: a trid and tstd mthod.
What can you expect from theMarketing 2.0 course?
• You will discovr nw sgmntation mthods and customr insights• You will dvlop succssful, targt group-orintd productpropositions• You will larn how to turn a brand into a ‘prsonal brand’ withSocial Branding• You will discovr and apply th powr of Social Mdia• You will dvlop a cross and Social Mdia communication stratgy• You will dvlop a nw vision of your wbsit withWb Prsnc 2.0• You will discovr th powr of markting intllignc withinMarkting 2.0.• You will b givn tools to succssfully implmnt Markting 2.0within your own organisation
cut, practical and powrful programm. Th programm was dvlopdwith th issus facing managmnt, marktrs and communication sp-cialists in mind. Consquntly, th programm contnt rsponds sam-lssly to daily problms, challngs and opportunitis. ‘Th Nw MarktingCycl’ mthod dvlopd by Richard van Hooijdonk has bn succssfullyapplid at major national and intrnational ntrpriss for yars. Th ‘Mar-kting 2.0 in practic’ cours is th rst programm to intgrat th inno-vation of th ntir commrcial stratgy in a valuabl, practical and duca-tional programm for markting profssionals. Th programm wasdvlopd at th rqust of marktrs and organisations.
Unique method: listening, doing and presenting!
Th cours is basd on a uniqu approach dvlopd by MarktingMonday.Th initial focus is inspiration, aftr which participants gain th ncssaryknowldg and skills in ordr to b abl to scurly anchor th mthodwithin thir organisation. Th programm dsign is highly dynamic. Firstand formost, th participants ar supplid with
knowledge (‘hear it’)
.Nxt, undr th guidanc of spcialists and working in cas tams, thy gtto work and start discovring th nw opportunitis on thir own
(‘do it’)
team presentations (‘present it’)
ar part of th programm.Th participants larn how to valuat, critiqu and nhanc during thsprsntations. Th intraction btwn th groups is spcially ducation-al, and participants nd it xtrmly valuabl. Companis oftn hav thopportunity to shar thir own cas studis and issus for discussion. Thprogramm is organisd on a monthly basis in ordr to giv tam mmbrstim to mt up to prform th assignmnts in btwn sssions.
Th carfully plannd programm contains all th lmntswhich ar ncssary for th commrcial stratgy 2.0. Th vari-ous lmnts of th programm t in samlssly with on an-othr, producing an approach which can b put to us immdi-atly at th nd of th cours.Day 1 
Inspiration for marketing innovation
Your passion, your inspiration.Day 2 
Objectives 2.0:
th important starting point ofvry stratgy. 
Target groups 2.0:
sgmntation and cus-tomr insights.Day 3 
Product development 2.0:
dvloping targtgroup-orintd product propositions.Combin information, tchniqus, moduls,add-ons and onlin srvics into a uniqu offr.Day 4 
From branding to experience 2.0:
how to gtyour brand to not only rach but also rally‘touch’ th customr. Plus: a fr crash coursin intrnal slling.Day 5/6 
Social Branding and Social Media 2.0:
thprotabl sticking powr of wblogs, widgts,prsonal vidos, gams, forums, polls forbrands, products and organisations. How doyou us thm? How do you dvlop protablcommunitis? How do you combin intrnaland xtrnal social mdia? How do you organ-is a good social mdia stratgy?Day 7 
Web Presence 2.0:
how do I dvlop a wbsitthat ‘sticks’ and convrts? How can prsonas,contnt, tools and wb IT crat a protablwb prsnc?Day 8 
Cross Media 2.0:
how do I combin ofin/onlin/social mdia into a cross mdia com-munication stratgy tailord to th targtgroup?Day 9 
Marketing Intelligence 2.0, Marketing IT 2.0
new distribution 2.0
Day 10 
Final presentation
of cas studis by all thgroups. Markting 2.0 award crmony
• Including taching matrial, onlin nvironmnt,gnrous 2.0 dinnrs• Fr wkly markting 2.0 trnd nwslttr• Fr markting 2.0 hlpdsk for 1 yar• In-company cours: diffrnt rats

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