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Everlasting Island

Everlasting Island

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Published by Emmie Bird
This one's about three siblings, Lillie, Jacob, and Erika's lives on Everlasting Island, an island far away from your typical civilization.
This one's about three siblings, Lillie, Jacob, and Erika's lives on Everlasting Island, an island far away from your typical civilization.

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Published by: Emmie Bird on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Everlasting Island
*How could any one of us have even imagined that our parents had passed downpowerful abilities to each of us when we were born?*
Chapter One
My brother, sister and I have lived at this old, broken down orphanage for
entire lives. Our parents died before either of my siblings could rememberthem, and we've been told all our life that they were scandals, thieves. That theyhad no place on the face of this earth. Those were lies from what I remember aboutthem. The electric fence was right there, just twenty feet in front of me. I couldeasily climb over it; I could take the pain. But I had no plan. Like a dog chasing cars,I had no idea what I would do if I actually got out of this pig sty.My sister, Erika, is now eight years old, but I've been teaching her highvocabulary words that I learned from my parents (they punished me by making meread the dictionary). She's got long, black, silky hair. She's quite small for her age,but her eyes make up for her size. They're absolutely huge, and they're the darkestcolor brown you'd ever seen, just like my father's. They appear to be taking a good,long look at your soul every time you look at her. Erika's a very independent person,and she's just now getting over temper tantrums.My brother Jacob just turned ten, but I swear he could pass for twelve. He'sgot amazing muscle, since he helps with the lumber in the winter. His hair is short,a buzz cut, and it very much contrasts with the light color of his skin. He's got darkgreen eyes that are very attentive, just like my mother's. He's always beenincredibly thoughtful; if you ever need his help, he's right by your side.My name's Lillie and I'm fourteen, skinny, and tall. Before my parents haddied and I was an only child, I lived in Texas. I’m still a Texas gal. It bugs my siblingswhen I say things likeMy hair is silky, jet black, and very long and very curly. Typically I use ropethat I've stolen from the courtyard to tie it back into a ponytail to keep it out of myface while I work my tail off, but my bangs always fall back into my eyes. I'm oftentold I have the most expressive eyes out of my siblings; they are ocean blue innormal lighting and in the sunlight, they're sky blue, almost neon, I've heard. I'll behonest about my personality: I am, like my sister, incredibly independent, andthough I don't look it, I put up a good fight. I am a teenager, and since I don't haveany parents to yell at, you probably don't want to get on my bad side.So there we were, sitting at the thousand-year-old picnic table outside theorphanage, while I was thinking up a plan to escape. Well, the mean old grouch of awoman that usually keeps a watch on us, Ms. Gaife, got a little surprise in herlemonade, which I found in her medicine cabinet: dissolvable laxatives. Earliertoday I dropped three or four in there, and they dissolved quickly.
I thought to myself,
Wait for it, wait for it...there!
And she's off! Off to theouthouse, at least."Now's our chance!" I told my siblings. I grabbed my shoulder bag and theyfollowed my example. We ran to the gate, and, wow, that lady's stupid, she left thekey hanging just above my reach.
To keep kids from escaping.
I'd already run overthe plan with my sister and brother, so I set down my shoulder bag, reached down,grabbed Erika and picked her up. She reached for the key and snatched it down.After I set her back on the ground, she unlocked the gate and opened it wide."Wait, Lillie, this is too easy. We have to do something to keep her occupiedso she won't notice we're gone," Jacob suggested. And then out of thin air, a can of red paint flew down from the sky. Out of nowhere! And then, just as mysteriously, alarge brush fell into the can without splashing even a drop of it out."How'd I do that?" my sister said."YOU did that?!" I said in unison with Jacob.She didn't reply, so I took off running and snatched the paint brush out of thefull can and painted a big, red, monkey face with Ms. Gaife's wacky hair and uglyglasses on it, then wrote out beside it 'HOPE YOU LIKE TO SCR'. I was going to paintthe "U" and the "B" on it, but then noticed a small figure with wild orange hairstanding by the outhouse door. I glanced over, then did a double-take because
was glaring back at me. I scribbled the "U" and "B" on the wooden wall and thenscreamed "RUN!" at the top of my lungs.We rushed through the open gate out into the streets of Homestead, Floridaand dodged cars darting by. Ms. Gaife followed close behind. For such an oldwoman, she sure did have a lot of energy. We sprinted behind a dumpster when Inoticed something peculiar: there was a puddle of something neon orange with alarge amount of heat radiating from it. That's when Jacob took the lead and ran overto it."What just happened?" he asked."What do you mean?" I replied."Well, I just thought it an--""YOU KIDS GET BACK HERE!" I turned around and saw that Ms. Gaife wasabout thirty yards away from the ground we were standing on."C'mon!" Jacob stuck his foot out slowly, then more assuredly, jumped ashigh as he could, and was in mid-air straight over the puddle when I yelled "
!"but there was nothing I could do. It was too late. My little brother disappeared intowhat I had originally assumed to be a shallow puddle, no more than a couple inchesdeep. My eyes were slowly adjusting to what I had just witnessed. Jacob had just jumped into an orange puddle in the street and disappeared.
"Sissy, hurry!" My little sister then dove head-first into the same exactpuddle.I mumbled "Give me courage, Lord," and backed up, breathed deeply, andran at top-speed and cart wheeled into the puddle.I immediately felt a temperature so hot I couldn't even think. So I justlistened. I heard the sizzle of lava around me, and occasionally a bubble poppednearby, a deep
. The smell of metal and ash filled my nostrils, but if I tried tobreathe deeply, it stung my lungs. All I could feel was the heat around me, and Iwas crouched on something hard and hot. I could taste little ash particles in mymouth. My mind formed the image that I was sitting in a volcano; I was verysurprised, when I reluctantly opened my eyes, at what I saw.I was floating. Well, technically
wasn't floating, but a platform I was on, nomore than three feet wide, was floating. I swirled around; the only colors I could seewere blue, white, and every color in between. Swirls of them, in a tunnel thatcontinued on and on forever. The weird thing was, I could still smell and taste ashand metal, but now that I saw the calm color of blue, it gave the mysterious portal adifferent ambiance; it was no longer the roar and fury of lava. Instead, it was thesoothing , put-to-sleep atmosphere. But something still felt dangerous."Lillie! Turn around!" I whirled around, but there was no one was there. Thena figure was barely visible at the very end of the tunnel; it looked like a tiny dot. Ithad to be coming toward me at at least Mach 1, because all I could see wassomething approaching me incredibly fast. Whatever it was, it was going to hit me!
Scoot over, you stupid platform, scoot!
As soon as I thought that, the platform whizzed over to the side of the never-ending tunnel."
 That was
Now, zoom super fast over to the other zooming thing--
and I was off, soaringat the speed of light. As I traveled down the long tunnel, it appeared that the colorsaround me were getting lighter and lighter. I passed the figure; all I could tell wasthat a blur of long, black hair whizzed past me. Erika."Hey!" But my voice faded off. I could hear an echo that seemed toreverberate forever.I looked around. I was still zooming down the tunnel. The colors were prettymuch white now, and the end of the tunnel was more visible. I could see variousshades of green and brown, and pink, and blue...and white. The wind whizzed past me, and the colors became more defined. The brownand green of the trees, the pink sunset, the white of the clouds, the blue of the skyand ocean....wait, ocean? Now I was only a few hundred yards away from the end of 

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