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The Nature of the Threat

The Nature of the Threat

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Published by Allen Carlton Jr.
Create a hostile environment by using All forms of Terrorism to not enforce the laws of the US Constitution. Terrorism begets terrorism which aids the US Treasury and Controls the Population. Systemic Corruption used to reach the National Goal Executive Order 12871reduce government and government spending.
Create a hostile environment by using All forms of Terrorism to not enforce the laws of the US Constitution. Terrorism begets terrorism which aids the US Treasury and Controls the Population. Systemic Corruption used to reach the National Goal Executive Order 12871reduce government and government spending.

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Published by: Allen Carlton Jr. on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS)The President's Council on Bioethics: Leon R. (Kass), M.DThe message from YHVH to Generation Y, and the Young, Old, Naive and most of allthe
children. You best to be worrying about YHVH. The truth will be told, it’sinevitable. Some will tell you the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing theworld she or he didn't exist. No the greatest trick was to convince you that Satan and godare not one in the same. I AM YHVH (Ex. 23:13, Psalm 16:4). god stands for and is a
Governing Oppressive Dis ease
and Satan - NATAS (National Academy of Television,Arts and Science) is a subsidiary. When you worship them you worship deception. Satancalls it the
Immaculate Deception
. Good OLE Deception. YHVH answers prayers andgod the Governing Oppressive Device answers preyers. Preyers those that victimize or make a profit at someone else's expense.The nature of the threat is that there are those amongst us in official positions that knowthis and are carrying out the operations of a Shadow Government, invisible empire agovernment of deception (god). Rogue kkkorrupted individuals, those preyers incorporate militaries, governments, churches, and their subsidiaries. A government of deception because the United States of America has a United States Constitution whichthe rogue US Congress refuses to uphold because of its kkkorruption. Ethical Cleansingand party crashers notwithstanding. The goal of this government of deception (god) is population control. According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, thesystem works just fine. There were no failures in the so-called terrorist intelligencedepartments. The failure was on the part of the
CIA agents; the Nigga’s WithAttitudes (NWA) flight 253 terrorist or the party crashers. If the national goal is population control why would you stop terrorism? Hello! I AM the NationalWhistleblower http://www.scribd.com/doc/16789205/Complaint-Letter-and-Evidence-to-Department-of-Homeland-Securityperhaps you can you hear me now. If populationcontrol; the reduction of human life is the goal you would continue to allow things tohappen or not happen that results in reaching that goal, downsizing. Perhaps you need acomplete
so you can keep up with the body count. I must do inventory in order toknow how many people I need to eliminate or shall I say make shovel ready. The DenyTill You Die method is nothing; but torture. Torture is terminal injustice. That personwhether he or she dies suffering in silence or attacks they aid in the population control.The system works just fine.Those that the government of deceivers (god) deems to be undesirable can not prosper under this system, this invisible empire. The invisible empire with its control populationagenda (cpa) continues because select preyers are in positions in all government agenciesCongressional, Federal, State and local. These preyers carry out the destruction of entireinnocent families by not applying the laws of the United States (US) Constitution. Using
games of deception
, good OLE deception (god) they convince the victims to turn the
other cheek, to forgive and this allows the preyers to continue the oppression on thevictims children (YHVH children). If it’s your deity god. Ytied to a governingoppressive dis ease (god)? Why would anyone support his or her own oppression?
eception (Satan = god).
cademy of 
rts and
cienceDOG.Although the primary goal is Population Control and the secondary is reduce governmentspending its always about power and control. Injustices that use to be reserved for 
blacks only
. Injustices allowed exacerbating and developing a stronghold, becausewhites benefited from them and denied they existed. For example, reparations for theJewish Holocaust and not the Maafa (African Holocaust). Will those same peoplerecognize blacks yet along themselves in the American Holocaust? The systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of Americans. Genocide carriedout against particular Americans is subtle, yet becoming more brazen today because morewhites are included.Elitist preyers amongst us have decided that there is no place here for those that theydeem persona non grata. So they have created the New Willie Lynch or shall I use political correctness and say William Clinton Lynch System. A system where there is
only hostages, coercion, torture and murder. In spite of the
yndrome (ASS). Preyer decisionmakers are making decisions based oneconomics not justice. When any decisionmaker makes a decision based on economicsand not justice they obstruct justice. The decisionmaker has abused his or her power byobstructing justice. Obstruction of justice and abuse of power is Terrorism. Terrorism begets terrorism. So when you see any citizen attacking government agencies its mostlikely because they have been tortured through terrorism, obstruction of justice and abuseof power. The term Going Postal defines the result of this type of terrorism because of the US Government Collusion resulting in no redress at the United States Postal Service(USPS). When one goes Postal this aids in the national goal (Population Control) and(reduce spending). The truth continues to be covered up through other forms of terrorism- totalitarian, collusion, coercion, sabotage, extortion, depravation etc. If you can’tunderstand the process, again I direct you as I have so many times before to the
United States Supreme Court (USSC) case 99-565 with supplement and video of TheJerry Springer Show (SO-618-93) titled Violence at the Post Office.http://www.scribd.com/doc/16712387/US-Supreme-Court-Case-99565-SupplementUSSC case 99-565 began with a violation of law. The Federal Labor Standards Act(FLSA) was violated by both the American Postal Workers’ Union (APWU) and theUnited States Postal Service (USPS). This was done months before President WilliamClinton (New Willie Lynch) passed Executive Order (EO) 12871 and the NationalPartnership Council (NPC). EO 12871 and the NPC made the national (congressional,federal, state and local) goal to reduce government and government spending. Mr.Carlton research revealed that these far reaching goals were responsible and continue to be responsible for the total destruction of entire American families. He called it the
Postal) Holocaust
only because he is an employee of the USPS. The tactics used toreach these goals allow for racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO). Thisis a violation of the RICO Act. According to Wikipedia the RICO Act is the UnitedStates federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of actionfor acts performed as part of an on going criminal organization. If you are Congressional,Federal, State and Local government officials made aware of this and condone the use of terrorism to accomplish these goals this is Treason.Recently Bradley Brikenfeld a Banker informed on his company UBS (secret bank accounts) and provided evidence and proof. Mr. Carlton did the same and continuesabout the USPS (shadow government headquarters) / American Holocaust (crimesagainst humanity).http://www.scribd.com/doc/18775420/Assignment-FraudThedifference is Mr. Carlton is black, aids the fellow citizens and the US Treasury stands tolose a lot of money. Mr. Brikenfeld is white and the US Treasury stands to gain money.Mr. Brikenfeld is being represented by the National Whistleblower Center. Mr. Carltoncontacted them and countless other agencies and received no assistance, only terrorismfor doing so in the form of economic oppression (physical, mental, and financialterrorism).Mr. Carlton research shows that after filing formal complaints and numerous lawsuitsunder the Clinton, Bush and Obama administration under US Title 18 section 4 numeroustransgressions to include murders are allowed to continue. This may sound redundant butyour 
can declare war on you without your knowledge. The latest casualties of war include Warren Taylor, Michale Hale, and Johnny Lee Wicks. Do not be deceived.In defense (PRKD) of John Lee Wicks, Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of SocialSecurity was one of those informed in May of 2009. Satan’s Senator Kay BaileyHutchison was informed numerous times and now she wants to be the Governor of Satan.If it makes no sense / cents, then its nonsense / no cents. The national goal is your money, your life or both.http://www.scribd.com/doc/62642843/Moore-v-Hartman-Postal-HolocaustSo any living thing that defends YHVH children liberties from those preyer decisionmakers who commit treason is but an Angel, blessed, highly favoured andeternally forgiven, sent by YHVH in preparation for the Day of the Lord, a Patriot, a trueHero or Shero. To Forgive those preyer decisionmakers involved in this type of genocide is as UNACCEPTABLE as it is to suffer peacefully or commit suicide. Thosewho target YHVH children must be targeted and executed. Stand clear or be killed in thename of YHVH. Identify the preyer, know thy neighbor, know thy employer, co-worker, associate, neighbor, friend etc. so when the Wrath and Damnation of YHVHcomes you will be spared. In preparation for the Day of the Lord, Peace on Earth. Jesus /Justice is coming!Teachable Moment - You have the right to protect your family and yourself. Do not be blindsided by preyer clergy or media (NATAS) portraying that everything is all right.It’s all right because they show and preach deception and benefit. Remember the success

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