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Quotes From The Cyberworld - Anonymous

Quotes From The Cyberworld - Anonymous



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Published by Dale Andersen

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Published by: Dale Andersen on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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quotes: anonymous
a scene is a collection of sexual references that masquerades as an art support group-anonymousAfter decades of careful research on the possible uses of the Internet, we were stillunprepared for anything as pointless as IRC.-anonymousAll the surrealist stuff with naked women, with a few exceptions, gets me really angry.So much of it is obviously, 'Let us look at naked ladies while pretending to shock you byexposing your mind to the naked breast!'-anonymousAnd it's not development's fault--the corporate management infrastructure seems to havea worse checks and balances system than a pre-school lemonade stand.-anonymousAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. In bed!-anonymousart and science are of the same basic fabric, except in art you tend to arrive at importantdevelopments without the need for documentation on how you got there-anonymousBut, of course, both you and I know that our words our meaningless and we only speak them to hint at the dark and deranged undercurrent, which can never be named.-anonymousCall his bluff. If you're lucky you'll get to see his entire life flashing before his lies.-anonymousDear L. L. Bean, please rename the color choice for mens' boxers to something other than'cream.' Many thanks.-anonymousDelaying Windows Vista's release would be like throwing sand in the anal lubricant. Itwould not change anything, just make it a bit more painful for Gates and the customers preparing themselves.-anonymous
Everybody who's vested is too busy lighting cigars and tipping hookers to comment.-anonymous Sports Illustrated editor after AOL/Time-Warner merger announcementI am gayer than a cocaine tupperware party-anonymousI can see it now: Our drives will give you the capacity to continue to store all that olddata in addition to all your new data. The new Segate Information Buttplug 1 terabytedrive - the data goes in, but it never comes out. "The constipation of success"-anonymousI don't know what my problem with women is.. I've tried getting bigger shoes, but itdoesn't help.-anonymousI feel so... dirty... I'm currently using Windows XP, instead of my old faithful Linux, andI really hate myself. I feel like a cheap whore.-anonymousI had more thoughts over the weekend but I forgot them because they were at a party andI was busy staring at some girl's legs.-anonymousi have a persistent object...in my pants!!-anonymousi have my doubts that the evening will wind up with us together unless ... the first wordsout of her mouth are "i" and "apologize" in that order -anonymousI just saw my insurance rates pass before my eyes.-anonymousi suffer for art. or from it, rather.-anonymousI take all major forms of death.-anonymousI wasn't looking for 'Ms. Right', or even 'Ms. Right Now', but more for 'Ms. Right Here'.-anonymous
I think that's reason enough to give up Linux and go with BeOS R5. I mean, how muchsex does the average Linux user get? I just did a poll of Be developers I know. They get alot. I don't think it has anything to do with sex appeal though. It has to do with time.Linux users sit and play with themselves while recompiling their kernel. Be users leavethat job to Brian "no-dual-Celerons-TYVM" Swetland at Be and spend the quality timewith their wives and girlfriends. Linux may be hot now, but without adequate procreationof its vocal supporters, it will be a footnote in a generation.-anonymousI'm not homophobic, I'm just intolerant.-anonymousI'm smart. Take my pants off.-anonymousif anyone wants the vicarious orgasm, send me a check for $5.-anonymousIf I wanted to sleep with someone that effeminate, I'd be heterosexual.-anonymousIt's only premarital sex if you're going to get married.-anonymousIt's so embarrassing when I'm always right.-anonymousMaybe 1 percent. The one percent shall hereby be named 'angst'. As in, 'I met a reallynice piece of angst today'.-anonymousMen are always whining about how we're suffocating them. Personally, I think if you canhear them whining... you're not pressing hard enough on the pillow.-anonymousmy ethics teacher, on the other hand, is one of the best impersonators of a hamster  pumped full of crack in the world. who wins? me.-anonymousMy testicles actually grow in size every time I drive that fast.-anonymous

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