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chinta ta ki kijiai

chinta ta ki kijiai

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Published by SikhSangat Books

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Published by: SikhSangat Books on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The following veechar is of a Salok of Dhan Dhan Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji:
4\u0a3f\u0a1a\u0a70\u0a24\u0a3e\u0a24\u0a3e \u0a15\u0a40 \u0a15\u0a40\u0a1c\u0a40\u0a10 \u0a1c\u0a4b \u0a05\u0a28\u0a39\u0a4b \u0a28\u0a40 \u0a39\u0a4b\u0a07\u0965
4\u0a07\u0a39\u0a41 \u0a2e\u0a3e\u0a30\u0a17\u0a41 \u0a38\u0a70\u0a38\u0a3e\u0a30 \u0a15\u0a4b \u0a28\u0a3e\u0a28\u0a15 \u0a3f\u0a25\u0a30\u0a41 \u0a28\u0a39\u0a40 \u0a15\u0a4b\u0a07\u0965\u0a6b\u0a67\u0965

Generally, the arth of these panktis which the satsangis think, are not agreed by the scholars of
grammar in gurbani. Chinta taaki kijiai.. it\u2019s an interrogative form of a sentence. Human being
has a chinta = worry. What kind of worry? \u201cThis work should happen.. what if it doesn\u2019t happen?
--> creates worry!\u201d. \u201cThis work should not happen.. what if it happens? --> creates worry\u201d. This
is worry = chinta (from now on, I gonna say chinta). Chinta is a burden, a tension, and according
to spiritual people, chinta hinders the growth of spirituality and thinking in humans. Chinta is
like a wall between chintan(meditative thoughts), a wall between simran(meditation) and
humans. Chinta brings along mental illness and mental illness brings physical illness. But Guru
Nanak Dev ji says:

4\u0a3f\u0a1a\u0a70\u0a24\u0a24 \u0a39\u0a40 \u0a26\u0a40\u0a38\u0a48 \u0a38\u0a2d\u0a41 \u0a15\u0a4b\u0a07\u09654

Everyone has chinta, all are under the burden of chinta. Maskeen ji repeats again: This work
should happen.. what if it doesn\u2019t happen? --> creates worry!\u201d. \u201cThis work should not happen..
what if it happens? --> creates worry\u201d. That all is chinta. That\u2019s it!! Nothing else. \u201cwhat I feel
should happen, must happen, what if it doesn\u2019t? --> chinta!!\u201d So how many are with chinta? Guru
ji says --> ALL!! U belive it or not, everyone has chinta.. big, small, major, minor, everyone has
some chinta! Chinta is a wall between God and humans. Chintan and chinta both are reflected on
a humans forehead.

Guru Teg Bahadur ji says.. u should do chinta if something anhonee (unexpected,
impossible) happens. BUT, anhonee never happens !! (THIS IS THE WHOLE SUMMARY
IN ONE LINE FOR THIS VEECHAR) everything that happens is honi (expected,

possible). But human says, that he doesn\u2019t want anhonee in his life. What he feels should

happen, must happen. Anhonee = an means negation, honee = something that has to be happen,
expected. So anhonee means something which is not to happen or unexpected. But Maharaj
says.. what should happen, happens. And what should not happen, doesn\u2019t happen!!

A young man wants that old age should not come to him. But, in truth, old age will come. It\u2019s a honee. U cannot convert honee to anhonee and vice versa, no matter how much powers he has. A person is born, honi is that he will die, but people consider death as an anhoni. No, it\u2019s a honi, it will happen! A person is young, he will be old, that\u2019s a honi, don\u2019t think its an anhoni. U are in sukh (happiness), if dukh(sadness) comes, its not anhonee. Anhonee doesn\u2019t happen, everything

is honee. Do chinta only if anhonee happens, BUT there is no anhonee. \u0a1c\u0a4b \u0a39\u0a4b\u0a06 \u0a39\u0a4b\u0a35\u0a24 \u0a38\u0a4b \u0a1c\u0a3e\u0a28\ue002
\u0965 Whatever happened was bound to happen!

Maskeen ji said that he was studying Dhamapadda \u2013 a granth of Mahatma Buddha. Its
mentioned that there are 4 Noble truths, those who realize it is a brahmgyani (a person who has
gained the knowledge of whole universe). Guru Granth Sahib ji contains these 4 truths as well
and same goes with Samaysar \u2013 a granth of Mahavira (founder of Jainism). If u dig deeper, same
message is in Upanishads. All the great saints of this earth have recognized these thruths are
satsangis whomsoever recognized and applied it to the life are real truth seekers. Recognition is
different than application in life. U understood something but u don\u2019t accept it and hence do not
apply it, then its useless. The thing/person which I don\u2019t know or don\u2019t accept is not in my life,
not in my mind, not in my senses. Think carefully!! If the thing/person is not in my
understanding, not in my mind, not in my acceptance, not in my thoughts, then its not present
for me, even though in actual it is present!! What do u mean by \u201cpresence\u201d, if I don\u2019t know about
it, if I don\u2019t understand or if I don\u2019t accept it. There are many things in this world, so what? I
don\u2019t know about them, so for me these things are not present. God may be everywhere, in
every strand of hair, I don\u2019t care, He is not present for me, because, I don\u2019t know Him, I don\u2019t
accept HIM!! Its not just the young people who rejects oldage, its even the old people who don\u2019t
accept old age, so they can\u2019t see oldage. There would be death, I don\u2019t care, I don\u2019t accept it, so
its not in my life. So, in reality, there are very few people who understands and know
everything, but even few who accepts those understandings.

Knowing is an avastha, whereas accepting is a different avastha. Some people just accept
without knowing, that\u2019s called andhvishwaas (blindfaith). But, if he knows something, but don\u2019t
accept it, then no relation is created between him and the thing he knows. In animal life, they
have God, they have dad, mom, dada, dadi, nana, nani, etc., but these animals don\u2019t know about
them, so these all relations are useless, not in their life. The reason to come to Gurughar is to
know God, accept His Truth and starts the simran, chintan. First is to understand, then accept,
else it would be blindfaith. Guru has praised the mahapurakhs, who understood the kalaa of God

and accepted it. \u0a2e\u0a70\u0a28\ue001 \u0a15\u0a40 \u0a17\u0a3f\u0a24 \u0a15\u0a39\u0a40 \u0a28 \u0a1c\u0a3e\u0a07\u0965 \u0a1c\u0a47 \u0a15\u0a4b \u0a15\u0a39\u0a48 \u0a3f\u0a2a\u0a1b\u0a48 \u0a2a\u0a1b\u0a41\u0a24\u0a3e\u0a07\u09654
So, I repeat last time, that

which u don\u2019t know, or if u know but don\u2019t accept, that thing is not in ure life, regardless of its
omnipresence. As a human\u2019s understanding grows, the more he knows about life, and
depending on his level or growth of understanding, he describes God. For someone, his God is a
mouse, for someone God is snake, for someone his God is a tree, for someone God is water, just
fire, just a mere human. So, depending on the understanding of human, he even limits God in his

So, back to the 4 noble truths. First, there is sadness. Second, every sadness has a reason, third,
there is a way to get out of it and fourth, there is happiness as well. People even don\u2019t know that
they have sadness, that\u2019s why prophets had to say again and again, \u0a2c\u0a3e\u0a32\u0a40 \u0a30\u0a4b\u0a35\u0a48 \u0a28\u0a3e\u0a3f\u0a39 \u0a2d\u0a24\u0a3e\u0a30\u0a41\u0965
\u0a28\u0a3e\u0a28\u0a15 \u0a26\u0a41\u0a16\u0a40\u0a06 \u0a38\u0a2d\u0a41 \u0a38\u0a70\u0a38\u0a3e\u0a30\u0a41\u09654
People see others laughing, jumping and dancing, in riches, beautiful,

educated, but, in honest, all have some sadness!! If you accept it, you know the first truth. Now, every sadness has a reason. The reason is, agyaan (no knowledge) and that brings chinta. The solution is gyaan (knowledge). Guru Nanak Dev ji made us the followers of this light (gyaan,

knowledge). \u0a09\u0a24\u0a2a\u0a3f\u0a24 \u0a2a\u0a30\u0a32\u0a09 \u0a38\u0a2c\u0a26\u0a47 \u0a39\u0a4b\u0a35\u0a48\u0965 \u0a38\u0a2c\u0a26\u0a47 \u0a39\u0a40 \u0a3f\u0a2b\u0a3f\u0a30 \u0a13\u0a2a\u0a3f\u0a24 \u0a39\u0a4b\u0a35\u0a48\u09654
The door of my house
through which I enter, is also used as the exit door. Shabad (word of God) is what brings
creation, and shabad is what brings end. Knowing of shabad is gyaan, and not knowing of

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