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Glee Dont Stop Believing s01ep1 (Rock)

Glee Dont Stop Believing s01ep1 (Rock)

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Published by Michael Thunderclap
This is the Glee pilot from a different perspective. It has a new character, Alicia who is a former elite gymnast from a wealthy family. This is the (Rock) version and will follow the plot. It isn't entirely canon. Other than Alicia is it Rachel/ Finn centric.
This is the Glee pilot from a different perspective. It has a new character, Alicia who is a former elite gymnast from a wealthy family. This is the (Rock) version and will follow the plot. It isn't entirely canon. Other than Alicia is it Rachel/ Finn centric.

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Published by: Michael Thunderclap on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don’t stop believing
Who am I? You know that already.” The Cheerio said as she shot out of Physics. “It‟s for the video yearbook. Coach Sylvester demanded we do
video bios of all
the Cheerios. You are the last one left undone.” He exhaled heavily as he ran after her,
his flabby physique straining to keep up. She looked back at his square face and beady
coal eyes. “Under one condition.”
“What? We are running out
of time.”
“You will do Glee too.” She stopped abruptly in front of her locker across from the
band room which functioned at the Glee room as well. An old fashioned analog clockshowed six minutes to sixth hour bell.He blinked, inhaled, gulped then exhaled. Staring at her left shoulder dirty blonde
ponytail, he wiped the sweat of his brow. “Umm…well.”
 Ignoring him, she spun the locker combination wheel 3 times and popped the
lock. “Well?” she glared. “Kevin?”
“They‟re a bunch of social misfits, Alicia.
Coach Sylvester would have my head.”
He pointed the camcorder at the floor as Kurt and Mercedes walked by. Kurt glancedover then ignored her as she focused on Kevin.
“Coach Sylvester doesn‟t run A/V or the yearbook committee. She wouldn‟t
know. Beside t
his isn‟t the real yearbook, it‟s an A/V project.” A small smile creased her pink lips. “I have a spare disc.” He looked, and there in a black shell against a sea of 
pink lettering, gymnastic articles, cheerleading notes and single pic, sat the disc on theshelf.
“Ok.” He sighed, wiping his brow. She motioned for him to start as she grabbed
the disc off the shelf with one hand while placing the pink book bag on the bottom withthe other. With her foot, she shut the door.
“Who are you?” He said again, cam
era pointed at her.
“Alicia Zoe Shade. Cheerios lieutenant, Vice president of the Chastity Club, Gleeclub member and Brittany‟s brain.” She chuckled. “You are the only one to pass Mr.Farnsworth‟s first of the year flash test. The one he gives out every
year with the reward
of your own private bench and no final.”
“Yes. I‟m the first since he started it 10 years ago. He thought I cheated until Iproved in front of the class as he demanded.” She beamed, azure eyes sparkling.
Kevin glanced at his watch,
brow furrowed. “I‟ll get you a pass, don‟t worry,” shesaid while brushing her hand by her right hip. Rachel walked by, head held high. “It‟salmost time,” she said towards her as she entered.
“Ok, tell me a bit about your family.”
“Family?” she repeated, suddenly anxious. He frowned. “Yes. Coach Sylvester wants it for the boosters. It will go good with this year‟s national‟s victory.”
“No.” She took a few steps towards the class, pausing in the middle of the hall.Kevin hadn‟t moved. She shook her head, brow furrowed. “NO.”
Sweat beaded on his olive toned skin. “You know her. I have to. Look I‟ll even doa rehearsal.” He gulped. A sharp glare pierced him as she exhaled, visibly angry. “Fine.My father is…”
“You are going to be late!” Rachel shouted f 
rom the Glee room doorway, handson her hips. A sharp stare turned her. It was broken by one of the Football players whostopped when he realize who he was passing. Uncapping his Big Gulp, he gazed overto Alicia and Kevin. He smiled when he saw the camcor
der. “Party tonight. Location twois clear. You know the time. It‟s all there. Greg has your package,” He whispered into
her ear.
“Can I come to the party?” Kevin asked. Rachel eyebrows raised, a hesitant look
on her face.
“Depends. It this gets into the yearbook then yes.” He raises the cup to drink. But
then brings it back down without drinking it, glancing at Rachel who is looking away.
“It will, I promise.” He nods, pointing the camera at an impatient Rachel wearing
a red/gray argyle sweater, cream button shirt and plaid skirt. With a flick of the wrist, thecherry slushie splatters across her hair, face and collar. Anger and sadness flash acrossher face as she sprints for the bathroom.And in the same moment, Alicia swept his feet from him, he slamming his back
into the hard linoleum. “I told you, not around me!” She snarled as Kevin reached out hishand. He slapped it away. Springing up, he laughed. “Did you see her face? Come on,Alicia. That was priceless.” She glared at him, and then sighed. “The shallow queendeserved it. I heard her down the hall.” It was then the bell rang. Kevin and the football
player cursed. Alicia sighed, grabbed Kevin and pushed him into the classroom.
Kurt and Mercedes stared at her, confused. “Slushie,” she said scanning theroom. “Where‟s Mr. Schuster?”Relief washed over them. “Mr. Shue stepped out for a phone call. So what‟s A/Vguy?” Mercedes asked.
“Video yearbook,” he intoned then turned to her. “You ready to finish?” Artie
looked over at them from his book, quizzical.
An exasperated “Yes” exited her. “Remember?”
“I do,” he nodded then motioned with his other hand that the camera was back
“I have a guardian. Dad‟s new money, millions of it.
He lives and works in
Manhattan. I didn‟t want to go to a prep school there. So he threw at dart at his map of the US. It hit east Ohio. He tacked up a map of Ohio and it hit Lima. So here I am.” The
last words came out a bit happier than the rest.
“Your mother?”
“A singer in LA. Is Ok with this. Too busy to have me there anyway,” A wistful
sigh escaped.
“Thanks.” He said stopping the camera. Looking over at the Glee group chattingamongst themselves, he cleared his throat. They looked up. “I agreed to do t
he Glee
club bios for a separate video yearbook project that A/V is doing. It‟s a new idea that willbe sold alongside the normal yearbook this year. But it is completely separate.”
“And you are doing this because…” Artie asked hesitantly.
“I made him agre
e too, otherwise he would have the wrath of Coach Sylvester on
him, right?” she glanced at him with a smirk.
“Right. It‟s voluntary and will be used. So,” Alicia handed him the new disc as hepopped out the old one. “When I move the camera to you, state yo
ur name, who you
are and a little about yourself. Be brief.”
Kurt shook his head. “This is unacceptable,” he said, stepping in front of thecamera. “This will subject Glee to a level of ridicule that our obscurity shields us from.
Did you even look at the
last year‟s yearbook?” He stares at Alicia, while Kevin points
the camera down.
“You‟re serious?” She retorted. “You are socially invisible. This won‟t bring socialretribution. With the exception of Rachel, you are mostly invisible. This,” she waved he
hand at Kevin, “isn‟t going out to each member of the student body. It‟s going, first toCheerio‟s boosters, then to those who want to pay the $100 dollars for short bios of theCheerio‟s, the Titans, the drama club, the jazz ensemble, the band, and ever 
y other
serious group here. Farnsworth‟s science nerds are even in it. There are 837 studentshere. And right now there are only 96 bios. There‟s isn‟t a guarantee that this will bedone next year.” She exhaled heavily. “It‟s your choice. I think it‟s fair 
ly important. And
before you say it again. I saw last year‟s yearbook. There is no way it can be defaced.”
Mercedes cocked her head. “Did you mention it in yours, Miss Cheerio? Hmm.”
She and Kurt high fived.
“Actually, she did. If you don‟t do any, it will be the only mention of Glee,” Kevin
commented, after a glance at Alicia.
“I‟ll do it. I don‟t fear anyone and I can‟t anymore invisible than not even in lastyear‟s yearbook,” Tina offered. “The camera breaking wasn‟t your fault,” Kurt replied.
nodded. “Ok, I‟ll do it if Tina does,” Artie said. Kurt looked at Mercedes. Sheshrugged her shoulders. “We‟ll do it to.” Kevin smiled. “And if you don‟t get into theyearbook itself, well then at least you have this right?” Kurt frowned, a worried look on
 his face. Alicia glared at Kevin, threw up her hands and sat down.Five minutes later, he finished up everyone but Rachel. As he turned away from
Kurt, Rachel walked back into the classroom. “Did you record that?” she asked as she
saw Kevin standing the
re. “No,” he lied, looking at the floor.
Her hair glistened from the wetness still she looked at them all. “Mr.Shue‟s still onthe phone. “Alicia shot a „well?‟ look at Kevin. He shrugged his shoulders. “I was using the
time to let Glee into my video y
earbook entry.”
“To hold us up to ridicule no doubt. You could have stopped him.” She said with„the face‟.
“You could have moved.” Alicia retorted. Kevin cast a pleading glance. Alicia
shook her head. Sighing, he walked over to her seated, looking at a sheaf of music. Kurt
turned to her, “Its ok. It‟s a different project. And it would be a great addition to your newMySpace page since the other was destroyed by 4chan. “
She perked up. “Ok where do we start?”“At who are you?” Kevin replied, relieved.
 Five minutes later, Mr. Schuster finally walks in, apologizing for the delay. Rachelis still talking about Hiram and Joseph, her two gay dads. Alicia looked up from her seat
near Tina. “My fault. Coach Sylvester insisted we be in the video yearbook. I told Kevin,”she pointed toward him, “I wouldn‟t do it without him doing Glee as well. Sorry.”

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