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Brother Roys New Messenger 4 Jan 2010

Brother Roys New Messenger 4 Jan 2010

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Published by broroy
A Happy New Year To You
All From Brother Roy
And The Team
A Happy New Year To You
All From Brother Roy
And The Team

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Published by: broroy on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHC is a registered United Kingdom Charity No 232409Website & Webcam: - 
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 A Happy New Year To You All From Brother Roy And The Team
In December or early January, almost everyone is mintedup by the desire to plan a wonderful New Year! We planvacations, and we imagine that any goal can be achieved. Weeagerly make New Year's Resolutions and set our biggestgoals ever! It's a perfect time to reflect on the changes wewant to or need to make and resolve to follow through onthose changes. Resolutions if carried out successfully notonly act as short-term goals to success but also help inimproving life and overcoming those habits, which weourselves do not like.The unfortunate reality, of course, is that for most peoplethe year goes by with little or no change. We do our jobsand live our lives, but our dreams don't come true. Somethings do change, but life doesn't seem all that different.Not really. Not like we hoped. The tradition of taking aresolution at New Year and fulfil it in the coming year,dates back to the early Babylonians. The Babyloniansbelieved that what a person does on the first day of theNew Year will affect him or her throughout the year.Popular modern resolutions might include the promise tolose weight or quit smoking. The early Babylonian's mostpopular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment.New Year's Resolutions offer the first of many importanttools for remaking ourselves. The New Year is a good timeto make resolutions but what is the point of resolutions ifwe can't keep them?
It’s a New Year! We have wiped
the slate clean, turned thecalendar page, begun anew! Ourminds rush with expectations
and resolutions…this is
THE year we will lose weight, stopsmoking, and exercise more. Wewill stick to a budget, find abetter job, become moreorganized.
Hope springs eternal in our hearts as we look forward to anew beginning on January 1!After all
of the New Year’s celebrations pass and winter
settles in again, our hectic pace often slows. We canexperience a wonderful time of introspection andmeditation. We can seek out spiritual direction from God,perhaps either in private prayer or in Bible studies withfriends. Even the snow, gently covering the northernlandscapes, seems to cleanse our thoughts and hearts,bringing us closer to our Savoir, enabling us to hear Hiswords, and to experience His never-ending love for us.Although the words of Burn
s’ song,
Auld Lang Syne,
to “the good old days,” we look to new beginnings in the
New Year. It is a wonderful opportunity to open ourhearts and find inspiration from God. This inspirationoften comes from the daily life surrounding us
a kindword from a loved one, a smile from a stranger, anunexpected hug from a child. Yes, we can indeed find Godas we start a New Year even in the most ordinar thins!

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