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Syllabus Plus Attachment

Syllabus Plus Attachment

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Published by ryanavincent

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Published by: ryanavincent on Jan 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oklahoma State University_ College of Design, Housing & MerchandisingDHM 4373
advanced computer-aided design for interiors viii_ s 2010i __ ryan vincento __ hes 434be__ryanavincent@gmail.com
contact hour:
mw 06:45 – 09:00 pmtr 10:30 – 01:00 pm
prerequisites and support courses
DHM 2073 – minimum of grace “C” or above.
course description
Advanced computer-aided design aid visualization for three-dimensional interiorsystems.
course objectives
At the end of this course the student is expected to achieve the following objectives:1.Develop advanced computer models illustrating high level three-dimensionalthinking.2.Communicate ideas graphically using the computer.3.Demonstrate rendering, lighting, animation and image editing skills usingcomputer software.
CIDA competencies addressed in 4373
Visual communication through rendering and other presentation techniques;critical/analytical/strategic thinking; creative thinking, professional discipline; designdevelopment in computer generated model, computer-aided techniques, presentationof color, materials and furnishing.
text materials
Readings will be assigned by the instructor and distributed via handouts and/or bookson library reserve.
exams and major assignments
An expanded course outline is provided as an attachment to this document. Pleasenote that all projects are due at the beginning of class on the identified date unlessstated otherwise.
exams and major assignments
 AssignmentDue DatePoints
Photoshop ManipulationJan 27/2825Photoshop RenderingFeb 10/1150Revit Rough ModelMar 10/11100Revit Final Model/RenderingsApr 12/13100Final Project Apr 26/2775Class PresentationApr 26/2750
400grading scale
A……………………360-400……………………90-100%B……………………320-359……………………80-89%C……………………280-319……………………70-79%D……………………240-279……………………60-69%F……………………239 and below…………….59% and below
required materials
Students may choose to save projects and exercises on USB flash memory drives, CD-RWs, external hard drives or personal H-Drives.
attendance policy
As in other interior design studios, attendance is mandatory. Students must furnishwritten excuses from a medical professional for absences or they will be consideredunexcused. Five points will be deducted from the student’s final grade for every classmeeting if a student misses without a written excuse as stated above.
If you miss a class it is your responsibility to learn the material you missed. Almost every new CAD skill is based upon a prior skill. It is essential that you keep up with thechapters/exercises so that you do not fall behind.
grading procedures
Grading will be based upon assignment requirements. Projects will be evaluatedaccording to your comprehension and application of CAD and visualization skills. Allprojects must be submitted and accepted in order to receive a grade of “C” or better inthe course.
 All projects are due at the designated date and time. All projects turned in late will bededucted 10% for each day late.
course structure
 The course is structured with lectures/demonstrations, assigned readings, computerlabs/studios, outside assignments. Lab/studio work applies lecture content directly tothe development of related problem solving skills.A typical class period will consist of a lecture/demonstration and/or in-class group work,followed by independent lab work. Readings from the textbook along withsupplemental readings will be assigned for each topic. Students will be expected tohave read the material before the class for which it is assigned.A commitment of time outside of class will be required to complete the assignedprojects and readings. During the lecture/demonstration portion of class, studentsshould take notes. The information covered will deal with the specific assignmentrequirements of technical information related to the skill/project. It is critical that youwork productively during lab times as the lab is reserved only for students enrolled inthis course. Outside of class hours, students from across the university can access thelab and space may be limited. Please plan accordingly.
work submission
All work is to be submitted electronically, via D2L or the class blog. The purpose of theblog is for both the submission and public exhibition of your work. An invitation will besent to your email addresses, through which you will join the blog as a contributor. Yourwork will then be posted by the assigned due dates, and comments on others' work isencouraged. The blog can be found at
drawing retention
Representative samples of student project work may be selected and retained by theschool for program records. The student work, thereby, becomes the property of theprogram. The student whose work has been selected may have access to the work inorder to make photographic copies.
tentative schedule (subject to change)
DateMajor TopicsMajor Project DueWeek 1
 Jan 11/12Introduction/Syllabus Jan 13/14Photoshop Introduction
Week 2
 Jan 18/19University Holiday/No Class Jan 20/21Photo Manipulation
Week 3
 Jan 25/26Lab: Photoshop Jan 27/28Photoshop Rendering 1
Photo Manipulation DueWeek 4
Feb 01/02Photoshop Rendering 2Feb 03/04Lab: Photoshop
Week 5
Feb 08/09Lab: PhotoshopFeb 10/11Lab: Photoshop
Rendering Due

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