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THE GEEK BOOK: quotes from the cyber world

THE GEEK BOOK: quotes from the cyber world



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Published by Dale Andersen
A collection of primary sources with a view toward trying to explain why programmers, network administrators and other assorted geeky types are so.....well, geeky.
A collection of primary sources with a view toward trying to explain why programmers, network administrators and other assorted geeky types are so.....well, geeky.

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Published by: Dale Andersen on Jan 12, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE GEEK BOOK: quotes from the cyber world https://www.scribd.com/doc/25!""5/THE#GEEK#BOOK#quotes#from#the#cyber#world
quotes from the cyberworld: $ to % & beyo'd
$ collectio' of prim$ry sources which $ttempt to (i)e the re$der i'si(ht o' why pro(r$mmers* 'etwor+ $dmi'istr$tors* helpdes+ dweebs $'d other $ssorted (ee+s $re so,,well* (ee+y.
Redistributed by Dale Andersen(
 1991-2010 Faisal N. Jawdat. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in any for! with or without odifi"ation! is #eritted.
 Neither the nae of Faisal N. Jawdat nor the naes of the "ontributors ay be used to endorse or #roote #rodu"ts derived fro this software without s#e"ifi" #rior written #erission. $his do"uent is #rovided by Faisal N. Jawdat and "ontributors %as is&& and any e'#ress or i#lied warranties! in"luding! but not liited to! the i#lied warranties of er"hantability and fitness for a #arti"ular #ur#ose are dis"laied. in no event shall Faisal N. Jawdat or "ontributors be liable for any dire"t! indire"t! in"idental! s#e"ial! e'e#lary! or "onse(uential daages )in"luding! but not liited to! #ro"ureent of substitute goods or servi"es* loss of use! data! or #rofits* or business interru#tion+ however "aused and on any theory of liability! whether in "ontra"t! stri"t liability! or tort )in"luding negligen"e or otherwise+ arising in any way out of the use of this software! even if advised of the #ossibilityof su"h daage. Note that use of individual ,uote File entries are not "overed under the li"ense ters above! the ters above a##ly to redistribution of the file as a whole andor substantial e'"er#ts.
quotes: $
A"tually!  thin/ what would be ost a##ro#riate is if we were all to shut u# now. -adi Abbas A #atriot ust always be ready to defend his "ountry against his governent. -dward Abbey Anar"his is founded on the observation that sin"e few en are wise enough to rule theselves! even fewer are wise enough to rule others. -dward Abbey 3rown en do not need leaders. -dward Abbey f the end does not ustify the eans - what "an4 -dward Abbey ight does not a/e right but it sure a/es what is. -dward Abbey $he distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny. -dward Abbey $he ready availability of sui"ide! li/e se' and al"ohol! is one of life&s basi" "onsolations. -dward Abbey 5hat is truth4  don&t /now and & sorry  brought it u#. -dward Abbey 6oe #eo#le wish for #ea"e for our "hildren and their "hildren. $his is not enough. 5e ust insist on #ea"e for ourselves. -7ing Abdullah of Jordan n fa"t! the ubi(uity of the handheld refle"ts two other /ey trends aong the 8aby 8ooers No one has a se"retary! and no one "an reeber a dan thing. -lliott Abras
:ey! if you&ve got a whole du# tru"/ full of s/ulls...how are you going to /ee# tra"/4 -Jerey Abraso & of the o#inion that everyone should be beaten at least on"e a year. -Jerey Abraso ...and  was ust trying to live y bloody life - you /now! get fro A to 8! and do a little sho##ing - only to find that in fa"t life is "ontrolled #oorly by bits of bloody! bloody  buggery bits of #a#er.  ean! why "an&t life ust be ade a little bit easier for everybody!you /now!  ean why do we #ay bloody ta'es4  /now! you /now! to buy railings to #ut outside bloody sho#s so stu#id #eo#le "an&t run into the bloody road! but you /now! we&renot all stu#id. 5e don&t all need nurseaiding.  ean! why not have a stu#idity ta'! ust ta' the stu#id #eo#le; -Absolutely Fabulous <i"/ =heney&s ob in the 5hite :ouse will be to oversee the ilitary! foreign affairs! the federal budget! federal agen"ies! udi"ial a##ointents! e'e"utive bran"h hiring and firing! and 5est 5ing offi"e s#a"e distribution. 8ush "an #lay >? holes. -Joel A"henba"h  find yself using the word %bandwidth% now! and feel the ounting urge to say %egabit% and %gigabit% and %terabit% as though these are noral words li/e %tree% and %ro"/% and %bunny.% &ve learned the eaning of the word %#hotoni"s!% and now! li/e any te"hies! believe the ost i#ortant fundaental #arti"le in the "ouni"ations industry of the future will be the #hoton! not the ele"tron. @ou /now your world has "hanged! has be"oe ore innately te"hnologi"al! when a distin"tion li/e that stri/es youas interesting. -Joen A"henba"h f novelty was the essential ingredient of odern art! then re#etition is the hallar/ of  #ostodern "raft. -Joel A"henba"h $he young don&t feel any great need to wait for the 5al/ sign before they "ross the street.$hey feel invulnerable. ver tie! you better a##re"iate the "onse(uen"es of ea"h a"tion.@ou see #eo#le get burned! you see friends fall a#art! you go to a few heartbrea/ing funerals. @ou begin to realiBe that survival re(uires "unning! and as a hedge! as #art of a long-ter strategy for i#roving your odds! you wait on the "orner until you get the signal to wal/. -Joel A"henba"h

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Dale Andersen added this note
Thanks, Helen. Here's a great one from the M's -- "When the rabbit of chaos is pursued through the field of anarchy it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. "
Helen Winslow Black added this note
Geez I'm going to have to do a letter a day! My favorites are the Woody Allens, but thanks for that John Adams one too. And what a surprise, after having just posted about "Fool's Progress," to see a raft of Edward Abbey. Scribdchronicity rules!
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