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Soal t0-1 Bahasa Inggris Smp

Soal t0-1 Bahasa Inggris Smp

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Published by Cepiana Abas

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Published by: Cepiana Abas on Jan 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SMP YAPIDA CISAYONG TASIKMALAYATahun Pelajaran 2009/2010Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa InggrisWaktu : 120 menit
 Read the following text and answer question 1-3
1.What is the content of the text?a.Warningc.News b.Informationd.Advertisement2.What does the text mean?We …… the dog.a.have b.are aware oc.need to be careful withd.like3.Where do you usually see the text?a.In the zooc.On the gate b.In the laboratoryd.In the pet shop
 Read the following text and answer question 4-6 
4.What kind of text is it?a.Greeting cardc.Short message b.Invitation d.Advertisement5.Who the winner on the speech contest?a.Shintac.The readers b.Dedid.The write6. “Congratulation on your 
…”The opposite word of the underlined word is …a.Fail c.Lucky b.Well done d.The winne
 Read the following text and answer question 7-8
7.What is the short message about?a.Dennises invitation to go windowshopping b.Dennise’s invitation to buy something inthe mallc.Ricky’s invitation to go window shoppingd.Rickys agreement to go to windowshopping8.“We could do some window shopping.”What does the underlined phrase mean?a.Buying the goods displayed in the shopwindow b.Looking for the good displayed in theshop windowsc.Looking at the goods displayed in theshop windowsd.Selling the goods displayed in the shopwindows
 Read the following text and answer question 9-11
.9.When will the Halima’s birthday party be held?a.At 4 p.m. b.At Jl. Martadinata no.57 Tasikmalayac.At her housed.On February 1410.In what year was Halima born?a.1996c.1994 b.1995d.199311.Halima hopes that Hasri ……a.Sings and dancesc.Attends her party b.Wears new dressd.Bring a present
 Read the following text and answer question 12-14 
12.Where does the incident take place?a.In the police officec.In thesupermarket b.In the picnic aread.At school13.Where is the boy now?a.In the manager office b.In the fashion counter c.At homed.In the toy counte14.“He is wearing a white T-shirt and green shorts.”The word “He” refers to …
Dear Dedi,Congratulation on your success as thefirst prize in the speech contest.Happy to hear that. Yours,Shinta
To: RickyRicky, are you free thisafternoon? If you are, wouldyou join me to the mall? Wecould do window shopping. Howdoes it sound?From: Dennise
Dear Hasri,Hi friend, here I invite you to my 16
birthday partyDate: Sunday, 14 February 2010Time: 4 p.m.Place: My house, Jl. Martadinatano.57 Tasikmalaya.Please, arrive on time! Without you theparty will be different.Cheers,Halima
ATTENTION SHOPPERS,We’ve found a five year old boy in the toycounter. He is wearing a white T shirt andgreen shorts. He has straight short hair. He iswhite with slanted eyes. Now he is in themanager office. Anyone of you knows him,please come to see him.Thank you
Beware of the dog!
a.Shoppersc.Announce b.A boyd.Anyone
 Read the following text and answer question 15-19
My Family
My family is a happy family. There are fourmembers in my family. They are my parents, my sisterand me. My father is a teacher and he teaches English.My mother is a house wife and she takes good care ofus. My sister is in primary three and I am in primaryone.My sister’s hobby is collecting coins. She has agood collection. My hobby is collecting stamps and Ihave a large collection of stamps.On weekend, my family usually goes outtogether. We have lunch at a restaurant or a picnic atthe seaside. My parents love us very much.
15.The text tells us about …a.My familyc.My parents b.Weekendd.The writers family16. “My family is happy family” (Paragraph 1)We call this part …a.Orientation c.Identification b.Description d.Resolution17.The writer’s father works in …a.Bankc.Shop b.Schoold.House18. “On
, my family usually goes outtogether”The word “weekend” is the day for …a.Sunday and Monday b.Saturday and Mondayc.Saturday and Sundayd.Friday and Saturday19.
has a good collection.”The underlined word refers to …a.My sisterc.The write b.The writer’s sisterd.Collecting coins
 Read the following text and answer question 20-24 
Last year my family had a trip to Bali. Myparents, my elder sister and I spent three days.We had a flight to Bali. We arrived there at 9a.m. Then, we checked in the hotel. It was not big, butcomfortable. After taking a rest and having a shower,we had a lunch in the restaurant of the hotel. In theafternoon, we went to Sanur beach. There were a lot oftourists enjoying the beautiful beach. Some ofdomestic and foreign tourists surfed on the beach.They really enjoyed it. My sister and I played the sand.We built a castle from the sand.On the second day, we had a shopping in thetraditional market near the hotel. My mother bought anew dress, while my father chose a leather jacket. Mysister bought a pair of unique glasses and a cap. While Iliked having T-shirts.On the last day, we checked out the hotel. Weleft the hotel at 8 a.m. It was really an amazing holiday.
20.What is the text about?a.Amazing Bali b.Surfing on the Beachc.Shopping in Balid.The writer’s amazing holiday in Bali21.How did they go to Bali?a.By shipc.By plane b.By card.By train22. “The family did shopping”The idea found in paragraph …a.Onec.Three b.Twod.Fou23.How was the hotel?a.Small and comfortable b.Small but not comfortablec.Big and comfortabled.Big and not comfortable24.“They really enjoyed it.” (Paragraph 2)The underlined word refers to …a.The beachc.The sand b.Surfing on the beachd.A castle
 Read the following text and answer question 25-28
25.How many materials do you need to for recordingin the tape recorder?a.Two c.Five b.Three d.Six26.What must you do before you insert the cassette?a.Plug in the cable b.Push the fast forward buttonc.Push the eject button to open recorder d.Push the recorder button to record27.
the cassette and close the cover.”The underlined word has the same meaning witha.Keep c.Save b.Enterd.Put in28.Which one is the best goal for the text above?a.How to record your voice in thetape recorder  b.How to play cassettec.How to insert the cassette intotape recorder d.How to operate the cassette
 Read the following text and answer question 29-34 
Long ago in the Never land, therelived a very beautiful princess, SnowWhite. The Queen was her stepmother.She was very jealous of her beauty. So shewanted her to die.Snow White knew about the evilplan. She escaped into a forest. There shemade friends with seven dwarfs.
: a tape recorder, a cassette
:Plug in the tape recorder 9 or check the batteriesPush the eject button to open the recorderInsert the cassette, close the coverPush the fast forward button to advance the tapethen stopPress the play and record buttonRecord your voices.
 The queen turned into a witch. SnowWhite did not realize it. The witch gave hera poisoned apple. As a result, now Whitewas put into sleep for years.Fortunately, in the end, PrinceCharming revived her with a kiss. Theylived together happily ever after.
29.The text above tells us about …a.Never landc.Evil plan b.Snow whited.Prince30.The idea of Snow White knew the Queen’s plan isfound in paragraph …a.Oned.Three b.Twoe.Fou31.Why did the queen want Snow White die?Because …a.She was jealous b.She felt uncomfortable with her c.She like hed.She was a nice queen32.What happened when Snow white ate the apple?a.She died b.She made friends with dwarfsc.She fell asleepd.She become more beautiful33.“Fortunately, in the end, Prince Charming revivedher with a kiss.What does the underlined word mean?a.Menyadarkanc.Menyentuh b.Menyayangid.Mengusap34. “They lived together happily ever after.”The word “They” refers to …a.The prince and the queen b.The queen and snow whitec.The prince and snow whited.The dwarfs and snow white
 Read the following text and answer question 35-36 
35.What is the text about?a. How to avoid accident b. The way to block the sunlightc. How to close the boxd. The way to store the medicine36.Can we keep the box under the sunlight?a. Yes, I doc.Yes, we can b. No, I dont.d.No, we cant.
 Read the following text and answer question 37-39
37.“Exp. Date” means …a. expiredc.experience b. expensived.expert38.The product can be consumed …a. on Februari 09, 2009 b. after Februari 09, 2009c. before Februari 09, 2009d. later than Februari 09, 200939.The text above mean …a.we must reject the product whenwe find the seal is in defect b.we have to receive the product iit is not harmlessc.we should accept the product iwe break its seald.we need to throw the productaway if the seal is not in good condition
 Read the following text and answer question 40-42
Sport is physical activity in which people competeagainst each other. Sport also makes us healthy.Nowadays sport is supposed to be an industry. Allabout sports see goes into business, entertainment,life style. We can Christiano Ronaldo! He is famousnot only because he is an athlete but also a metrosexual man. Whatever he does outside the footballfield always influences the world.
40.What is the text mostly about?a.Sport c.Business b.Healthy d.Entertainment41.From the text we know Christiano Ronaldo is a.An entertainment b.A businessmanc.A football managed.An athlete and a metro sexualman.42.“He is
not only because he is an athlete but also a metro sexual man.”The opposite of the underlined word is …a.Well-knownc.Unknown b.Populerd.Celebrity
 Read the following text and answer question 43-44 
43.What is the purpose of the text?a.To visit hotel and restaurant b.To get a new jobc.To work in hotel and restaurantd.To invite someone who want tostudy.44.How long will you have study at this school?a.6-12 daysc.6-12 months b.6-12 weeksd.6-12 years
 Read the following text and answer question 37-39
Do not accept if the seal is broken
Exp. Date 09/02/01
  S  T   U   D  E   N  T   O    R   G   A   N I  Z   A  T I    O   N
  S   M  P   Y   A  P I   D    A  C I  S   A   Y    O   N   G  T   A  S I   K   M   A  L   A   Y   A  J l .   Y  a  p  i  d  a   N  o .  1  C i   s  a  y  o  n  g   T  a  s i  k   m  a l  a  y  a    D  e  a  r   R  a  t i  h ,     W  e i  n  v i  t  e  y  o  u  t   o  a  t  t  e  n  d  o  u  r   m   e  e  t i  n  g   t  h  a  t   w i l l   b  e  h  e l  d :    O  n  S  a  t  u  r  d  a  y  ,  2  4 J  a  n  u  a  r  y  2   0  1  0   A  t  1  1  .  0  0  a .   m .  I  n  t  h  e  s   c  h  o  o l  h  a l l    A  g  e  n  d  a :   F i  n  a l  p  r  e  p  a  r  a  t i  o   n  f  o  r     W  a l l   M  a  g  a  z i  n  e  s  C   o   m  p  e  t i  t i  o  n   2  0  1  0 .   P l  e  a  s  c  o   m  e  o  n   t i   m  e .    R i  r i  n   R .   H  e  n  d  r i   S  e  c  r  e   t  a  r  y   C  h  a i  r   p  e  r  s  o  n

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