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Part 8 Drydock

Part 8 Drydock



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Published by aungthein_san

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Published by: aungthein_san on Jan 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Class 1 & 2 Oral Answer ( Part 8 )
General procedures and precautions in drydock:
Before entry:
Check the stability of the vessel, especially during critical period.Check the vessel at required draft.No list.Prepare mooring lines.Unused mooring lines stowed.Standby for dock master and dock mooring gang.Proper flags displayed as required.Free surface effects minimum.Movable weights to be secured.Ship power, fire main, fresh water, telephone connections to be ready.Logs off/ retracted.Off echo sounders.Overboard discharges to be shut.Gangway/ accommodation ladders to be stowed.Anchors stowed and secured.Crews standby to assist moorings as required.
While entering:
Times of the followings to be logged down:
When vessel enters dock.When the gate closedWhen pumping out commenced.When vessel sewedWhen pump out completed.
After vessel docked:
Tanks and bilge soundings throughout the vessel.Records to be kept with copy to dock-master.Hull high pressure wash as the level goes down.Initial inspection of the hull to be done as soon as possible:
The extend of the hull damage if any.The extend of the rudder and propeller damageSuitable and efficient shoring arrangementsSuitable and efficient keel blocksPlugs to be removed, if draining of the tanks to be required.All removed plugs to be in safe custody of C/O.Bridge equipments, gyro shut down, heading recorded.
Class 1 & 2 Oral Answer ( Part 8 )
Dry docking with full cargoonboard:
Followings things to be considered while docking with full cargo:
Vessel is subjected to more severe stress and strains than normal dry dock.Uneven distribution of weight.Additional weight of the vesselUnable to achieve required draft for enteringCertain extra precautions to be taken.
Following actions to be taken before entering:
Press up the DB tanks beneath the holds.Distribute the weight of the cargo evenly over the inner bottom.Avoid local loadingInform yard about cargo's characteristics, cargo plan and weight distribution in respective holds.All cargoes onboard properly lashed, secured.Communicate with yard with respect to extra shores or keel/bilge blocks.Vessel upright, minimize free surface effect, adequate stability, trimmed as per yard'srequirement.Stand-by and prepare fire fighting equipments for repair and adjacent areas.
 Not possible for normal dry docking.Damage or repair works in a suitable position.Possible to pump out some of the dock water sufficient to expose the affected area.Leave the vessel partly waterborne.Reduce the reactions on the blocks.Reduce the tendencies of hogging.Reduce the tendencies of sagging.
Preparation for dry docking
Arrange a meeting with the heads of departments. Inform them about the dry docking plan.Inform them about:The dry dock, particulars of dry dock, if any, expected date of dry dock etc.Instruct the chief engineer / chief officer to prepare a comprehensive dry docking and repair list.Arrange another meeting with the head of the departments to go through the repair listrespectively.Determine which repairs can be done onboard by ship’s personnel.Check there is no overlapping of repairs between various departments.Recompile repair list of both departments. Prepare an official repair list, include proper photocopies of plans or diagrams of parts to repair.2
Class 1 & 2 Oral Answer ( Part 8 )
 Send the repair list to office. Also send the list of repairs to be done by ship’s personnel. Ensure all plans are onboard. Approved list from head office will be send back to the ship. Heads of departments to have copy of repair lists. Heads of departments to brief crew members regarding dry dock repairs. Safety committee also to be involved regarding dry dock repairs. The surveys due and to be done in dry dock. Required preparation for surveys. Any modification to be carried out. Order the necessary stores, materials for repair jobs by ship's crew. Ask to company for extra officer if deem necessary. Assign duties for officers and brief them about safety and security of the vessel and maintainingefficient watch at all times.For chief officer, overall supervision of deck work list, safety and organization of crew for drydock and survey.For 2nd officer, supervision of hull cleaning and painting and to keep watch under c/o'sinstruction.For 3rd officer, in charge for safety while in dry dock and to keep watch under c/o's instruction.Designate personnel for fire patrol and gangway watch.Designate personnel for filling FW and disposal of garbage.Instruct c/o to brief the crews on general safety requirement, dock and regulations to be followedand procedures to be taken in case of emergency / accident. Stability of the ship to be calculated before entering. Following things to be considered:The GM of the ship, maximum loss of GM during critical period.Vessel to be stable throughout the process.Trim of the ship should be adequate.Vessel should be upright.Amount of ballast, FW, FO, cargo onboard and their distribution.Cranes to be stowed to avoid obstruction to dry dock cranes. High antennas to be lowered. Lifebuoys to be removed from deck to avoid over painting. Off-hire time and position to be ascertained and logged (if time chartered). 3

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