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Part 21 Isps,Solas

Part 21 Isps,Solas

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Published by aungthein_san

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Published by: aungthein_san on Jan 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Class 1 & 2 Oral answers ( Part 21 )
Recent marine circulars
 Circular No-1 of the year lists all the circulars which are valid till that date.Subsequent circulars issued, if not cancelled by any other circular, can be treated as valid.Circular no-1 can be achieved from ship owner, agent or MPA web site.Circulars not listed in No-1 are cancelled.
Ship security system
 Security level: There are 3 security levels, namely, Security Level 1, Security Level 2, andSecurity Level 3, defined in theISPS Code. Flag States will set security level for their ships. A ship prior to entering a port or while in the port, is required to comply with thesecurity level of the flag state or the port state, whichever is the higher.The master is required to have information on board concerning persons ororganizations responsible for the appointment and employment of crew members of theship.Ships are to be provided with a ship security alert system.Ships are subjected to port state control with respect to compliance with chapter XI-2.The port statecontrol inspection in this respect is limited to verifying that there is on board a validinternational shipsecurity certificate (ISS certificate) issued under the provisions of Part A of theISPSCode.The master of a ship has the overriding authority and the responsibility to makedecisions and measures with respect to the safety and security of the ship. A ship is required to carry on board a ship security plan approved by the flag state on the basis of a ship security assessment.The company operating a ship shall designate a company security officer (CSO) for theship.Each ship is required to have a designated ship security officer (SSO).The CSO, the SSO, appropriate shore-based personnel and shipboard personnel havingspecific security duties and responsibilities are required to undergo training in maritimesecurity in accordance with the guidance given in Part B of theISPS Code.Drills and exercises with respect to the ship security plan are required to be carried outat appropriate intervals by all parties concerned with the ship security plan. A ship, after a verification that the ship complies with chapter XI-2 and theISPS Code  will be issued an International ship security certificate (ISS Certificate) valid for a periodnot exceeding 5 years. Within the 5-year validity period of the ISS Certificate, the ship isrequired to have an intermediate verification which will be endorsed on the ISScertificate. A ship is required to act upon the security levels set by the port state or the flag state, whichever is appropriate by carrying out the activities prescribed in theISPS Codewiththe aim of identifying and taking preventive measures against security incidents.
Class 1 & 2 Oral answers ( Part 21 )
Security level
Security level 1
The level for which minimum appropriate protective security measures shall bemaintained at all times. The following activities shall be carried out through appropriate measures, taking intoaccount the guidance given in part B of ISPS code, in order to identify and takepreventive measures against security incidents:Ensuring the performance of all ship security duties.Controlling access to the ship.Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects.Monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorized persons have access.Monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the ship.Supervising the handling of cargo and ship's stores.Ensuring that security communication is readily available.
Security level 2
The level for which appropriate additional protective security measures shall bemaintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident. Additional protective measures specified in the ship security plan shall be implementedfor each activity of security level 1, taking into account the guidance given in part B of ISPS Code.
Security level 3
The level for which further specific protective security measures shall be maintained fora limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent.It may not be possible to identify the specific target.Further specific protective measures, specified in the ship security plan, shall beimplemented for each activity of security level 1, taking into account the guidance givenin part B of thisISPS Code.
Security level three is the highest.
Marking of IMO number
Class 1 & 2 Oral answers ( Part 21 )
 IMO Number is to be permanently marked in two places. Covered by SOLAS CH-XI-1, regulation - 3.4. Place-1 is any of the following places:On the stern of the shipOn either side of the hull Amidships port and starboardOn either side of the superstructure, port and starboardOn the front of the superstructureIn the case of passenger ships, on a horizontal surface visible from the air.Place-2 is any of the following places:Either on one of the end transverse bulkheads of the machinery spacesOn one of the hatchwaysIn the case of tankers, in the pump-roomIn the case of ships with ro-ro spaces, on one of the end transverse bulkheads of the ro-rospaces.
 Ship security officer means the person on board the ship, accountable to the master,designated by the Company.Responsible for the security of the ship, including implementation and maintenance of the ship security plan.Responsible for liaison with the company security officer and port facility security officers. A ship security officer shall be designated on each ship.In addition to those specified elsewhere inISPS Code, the duties and responsibilities of the ship security officer shall include, but are not limited to:Undertaking regular security inspections of the ship to ensure that appropriate security measures are maintained.Maintaining and supervising the implementation of the ship security plan, including any amendments to the plan.Coordinating the security aspects of the handling of cargo and ship's stores with othershipboard personnel and with the relevant port facility security officers.Proposing modifications to the ship security plan.Reporting to the company security officer any deficiencies and non-conformitiesidentified during internal audits, periodic reviews, security inspections and verificationsof compliance and implementing any corrective actions.Enhancing security awareness and vigilance on board.Ensuring that adequate training has been provided to shipboard personnel, asappropriate.Reporting all security incidents.Coordinating implementation of the ship security plan with the company security officer

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