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2010 Theocratic Ministry School

2010 Theocratic Ministry School

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Published by ark6of7
2010 Theocratic Ministry School Workbook
2010 Theocratic Ministry School Workbook

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Published by: ark6of7 on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2010 Theocratic Ministry School
Week of January 4
Bible reading: Joshua 16 – 20No. 1: Joshua 17:1-10No. 2: What Will Those Who Go to Heaven Do There?(rs p. 168 ¶2-6)No. 3: Why "Limping Upon Two Different Opinions"Cannot Please God (1 Ki. 18:21)
No. 1: Joshua 17:1-10
And the lot came to be for the tribe of Ma·nas′seh,because he was Joseph’s firstborn, for Ma′chir thefirstborn of Ma·nas′seh, the father of Gil′e·ad, becausehe was one who proved to be a man of war; and Gil′e·adand Ba′shan came to belong to him.
And there came tobe [a lot] for the sons of Ma·nas′seh who were left over according to their families, for the sons of Abi-e′zer andthe sons of He′lek and the sons of As′ri·el and the sonsof She′chem and the sons of He′pher and the sons of She·mi′da. These were the sons of Ma·nas′seh the sonof Joseph, the males according to their families.
As for Ze·lo′phe·had the son of He′pher, the son of Gil′e·ad, theson of Ma′chir, the son of Ma·nas′seh, he proved tohave, not sons, but daughters, and these were thenames of his daughters: Mah′lah and Noah, Hog′lah, Mil′cah and Tir′zah.
So they presented themselves beforeEl·e·a′zar the priest and Joshua the son of Nun and thechieftains, saying: “Jehovah it was who commandedMoses to give us an inheritance in the midst of our brothers.Accordingly he gave them, at the order of Jehovah, an inheritance in the midst of the brothers of their father.
And there were ten allotments falling toMa·nas′seh apart from the land of Gil′e·ad and Ba′shan,which were on the other side of the Jordan;
for thedaughters of Ma·nas′seh came into an inheritance in themidst of his sons; and the land of Gil′e·ad became theproperty of the sons of Ma·nas′seh who were left over.
And the boundary of Ma·nas′seh came to be from Ash′er to Mich·me′thath, which is in front of She′chem, andthe boundary moved to the right to the inhabitants of En-Tap′pu·ah.
The land of Tap′pu·ah became Ma·nas′seh’s, but Tap′pu·ah at the boundary of Ma·nas′sehbelonged to the sons of E′phra·im.
And the boundarywent down to the torrent valley of Ka′nah, southward tothe torrent valley of these cities of E′phra·im in the midstof the cities of Ma·nas′seh, and the boundary of Ma·nas′seh was on the north of the torrent valley, and itstermination came to be at the sea.
To the south it wasE′phra·im’s and to the north, Ma·nas′seh’s, and the seacame to be his boundary; and on the north they reach toAsh′er and on the east, to Is′sa·char.
No. 2: What Will Those Who Go to Heaven DoThere? (rs p. 168 ¶2-6)What
Rev. 20:6: “They will be priests of God and of theChrist, and will rule as kings with him for the thousandyears.” (Also Daniel 7:27)1 Cor. 6:2: “Do you not know that the holy ones will judge the world?”Rev. 5:10: “You made them to be a kingdom andpriests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over [“on,”
] the earth.”(The same Greek word and grammatical structure isfound at Revelation 11:6. There
etc., allrender it “over.”)
2 Thess. 2:13, 14: “We are obligated to thank Godalways for you, brothers loved by Jehovah, because
you from the beginning for salvation bysanctifying you with spirit and by your faith in the truth.To this very destiny he called you through the goodnews we declare, for the purpose of acquiring the gloryof our Lord Jesus Christ.”Rom. 9:6, 16: “Not all who spring from Israel arereally ‘Israel.’ . . . It depends, not upon the one wishingnor upon the one running, but upon God, who hasmercy.”
No. 3:*Why "Limping Upon Two DifferentOpinions" Cannot Please God (1 Ki. 18:21)(1
Then E·li′jah approached all the peopleand said: “How long will YOU be limping upon twodifferent opinions? If Jehovah is the [true] God, gofollowing him; but if Ba′al is, go following him.” And thepeople did not say a word in answer to him.
2010 Theocratic Ministry School
Week of January 11
Bible Reading: Joshua 21-24No. 1: Joshua 24:1-13No. 2: Is God Uncaring and Hard-Hearted?No. 3: Does the Bible Say That the Soul Survivesthe Death of the Body? (rs p. 169 ¶1-5)
No. 1: Joshua 24:1-13
And Joshua proceeded to assemble all the tribes of Israel together at She′chem and to call the older men of Israel and its heads and its judges and its officers, andthey went taking their stand before the [true] God.
AndJoshua went on to say to all the people: “This is whatJehovah the God of Israel has said, ‘It was on the other side of the River that YOUR forefathers dwelt a longtime ago, Te′rah the father of Abraham and the father of Na′hor, and they used to serve other gods.
“‘In time Itook YOUR forefather Abraham from the other side of the River and had him walk through all the land of Ca′naan and made his seed many. So I gave him Isaac.
Then to Isaac I gave Jacob and E′sau. Later to E′sau Igave Mount Se′ir to take possession of it; and Jacoband his sons went down to Egypt.
Later on I sentMoses and Aaron, and I went plaguing Egypt with what Idid in its midst; and afterward I brought YOU out.
When I was bringing YOUR fathers out of Egypt andYOU came to the sea, then the Egyptians went chasingafter YOUR fathers with war chariots and cavalrymen tothe Red Sea.
And they began to cry out to Jehovah.So he placed a darkness between YOU and theEgyptians and brought the sea upon them and coveredthem, and YOUR eyes got to see what I did in Egypt;and YOU took up dwelling in the wilderness many days.
“‘Eventually I brought YOU to the land of the Am′or·iteswho were dwelling on the other side of the Jordan, andthey went fighting against YOU. At that I gave them intoYOUR hand that YOU might take possession of their land, and I annihilated them from before YOU.
ThenBa′lak the son of Zip′por, the king of Mo′ab, got up andwent fighting against Israel. So he sent and summonedBa′laam the son of Be′or to call down evil upon YOU.
And I did not want to listen to Ba′laam. Consequentlyhe blessed YOU repeatedly. Thus I delivered YOU outof his hand.
“‘Then YOU went crossing the Jordan andcame to Jer′i·cho. And the landowners of Jer′i·cho, theAm′or·ites and the Per′iz·zites and the Ca′naan·ites andthe Hit′tites and the Gir′ga·shites, the Hi′vites and theJeb′u·sites began fighting against YOU; but I gave theminto YOUR hand.
So I sent the feeling of dejectionahead of YOU, and it gradually drove them out beforeYOU—two kings of the Am′or·ites—not with your swordand not with your bow.
Thus I gave YOU a land for which YOU had not toiled and cities that YOU had notbuilt, and YOU took up dwelling in them. Vineyards andolive groves that YOU did not plant are what YOU areeating.’
No. 2: Is God Uncaring and Hard-Hearted? No. 3: Does the Bible Say That the Soul Survives theDeath of the Body? (rs p. 169 ¶1-5)Does
Eccl. 9:5, 10: “The living are conscious that they willdie; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing atall . . . All that your hand finds to do, do with your verypower, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledgenor wisdom in Sheol,* the place to which you are going.”(If they are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel nopain.) (*“Sheol,”
“the grave,”
“the world of the dead,”
)Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to hisground; in that day his thoughts* do perish.(*“Thoughts,”
145:4 in
Does the Bible indicate that the soul survives thedeath of the body? 
Ezek. 18:4: “The soul* that is sinning—it itself willdie.” (*“Soul,” KJ, Dy, RS, NE, Kx; “the man,” JB; “theperson,” TEV.)“The concept of ‘soul,’ meaning a purely spiritual,immaterial reality, separate from the ‘body,’ . . . does notexist in the Bible.”—La Parole de Dieu (Paris, 1960),Georges Auzou, professor of Sacred Scripture, RouenSeminary, France, p. 128.“Although the Hebrew word
[in the HebrewScriptures] is frequently translated as ‘soul,’ it would beinaccurate to read into it a Greek meaning.
. . . isnever conceived of as operating separately from thebody. In the New Testament the Greek word
isoften translated as ‘soul’ but again should not be readilyunderstood to have the meaning the word had for theGreek philosophers. It usually means ‘life,’ or ‘vitality,’or, at times, ‘the self.’”—The Encyclopedia Americana(1977), Vol. 25, p. 236.
Week of January 18
2010 Theocratic Ministry School
Bible Reading: Judges 1-4 (See
Book)No. 1: Judges 2:11-23No. 2: What Sort of People Go to the Bible Hell?(rs p. 170 ¶1-3)No. 3: God Did Not Create the Devil
No. 1: Judges 2:11-23
And the sons of Israel fell to doing what was bad in theeyes of Jehovah and serving the Ba′als.
Thus theyabandoned Jehovah the God of their fathers who hadbrought them out of the land of Egypt and went followingother gods from among the gods of the peoples whowere all around them and they began bowing down tothem, so that they offended Jehovah.
Thus theyabandoned Jehovah and took up serving Ba′al and theAsh′to·reth images.
At this Jehovah’s anger blazedagainst Israel, so that he gave them into the hands of the pillagers, and they began to pillage them; and heproceeded to sell them into the hand of their enemiesround about, and they were no longer able to standbefore their enemies.
Everywhere that they went out,the hand of Jehovah proved to be against them focalamity, just as Jehovah had spoken and just asJehovah had sworn to them; and they got to be in verysore straits.
So Jehovah would raise up judges, andthey would save them out of the hand of their pillagers.
And even to their judges they did not listen, but theyhad immoral intercourse with other gods and wentbowing down to them. They quickly turned aside fromthe way in which their forefathers had walked byobeying the commandments of Jehovah. They did notdo like that.
And when Jehovah did raise up judges for them, Jehovah proved to be with the judge, and hesaved them out of the hand of their enemies all the daysof the judge; for Jehovah would feel regret over their groaning because of their oppressors and those whowere shoving them around.
And it occurred that whenthe judge died they would turn around and act moreruinously than their fathers by walking after other godsto serve them and bow down to them. They did notrefrain from their practices and their stubborn behavior.
Finally Jehovah’s anger blazed against Israel and hesaid: “For the reason that this nation have oversteppedmy covenant that I commanded their forefathers andhave not listened to my voice,
I too, for my part, shallnot drive out again from before them a single one of thenations that Joshua left behind when he died,
in order by them to test Israel, whether they will be keepers of Jehovah’s way by walking in it just as their fathers keptit, or not.”
Accordingly Jehovah let these nations stayby not driving them out quickly, and he did not give theminto Joshua’s hand.
No. 2: What Sort of People Go to the Bible Hell?(rs p. 170 ¶1-3)What
Does the Bible say that the wicked go to hell? 
Ps. 9:17, KJ: “The wicked shall be turned into hell,*and all the nations that forget God.” (*“Hell,” 9:18 in Dy;“death,” TEV; “the place of death,” Kx; “Sheol,” AS, RS,NE, JB, NW.)
Does the Bible also say that upright people go tohell? 
Job 14:13, Dy: “[Job prayed:] Who will grant me this,that thou mayst protect me in hell,* and hide me till thywrath pass, and appoint me a time when thou wiltremember me?” (God himself said that Job was “a manblameless and upright, fearing God and turning asidefrom bad.”—Job 1:8.) (*“The grave,” KJ; “the world of the dead,” TEV; “Sheol,” AS, RS, NE, JB, NW.)Acts 2:25-27, KJ: “David speaketh concerning him[Jesus Christ], . . . Because thou wilt not leave my soulin hell,* neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to seecorruption.” (The fact that God did not “leave” Jesus inhell implies that Jesus was in hell, or Hades, at least for a time, does it not?) (*“Hell,” Dy; “death,” NE; “the placeof death,” Kx; “the world of the dead,” TEV; “Hades,” AS,RS, JB, NW.)
No. 3: God Did Not Create the Devil
Week of January 25

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