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Marilyn Jones Graphic Design Portfolio

Marilyn Jones Graphic Design Portfolio

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Published by newsdiva
Samples from 2010 portfolio
Samples from 2010 portfolio

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: newsdiva on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Discover Baja
Discover Baja
Charting a New Course
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hugh and CarolKramer, Publishers
Sunrise in a Cactus Forest
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 Lynn Mitchell, Editor
Homeward Bound
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Gray whales touch thehearts and minds ofthosewho visitSan Ignacio Lagoon.
Giving Grays a Helping Hand
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SaulAlarcon Farfan
Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliancehopes thattherecent120,000-acreconservation easementin San Ignacio willserveas a modelfor protectingtheenvironmentin other areas.
Great White Sharks of Guadalupe
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Baja's GuadalupeIsland, designated as a biospherereserveby theMexican government, has sometoothy protectors swimmingoffshore.
Fishing ‘On the Fly’ in Baja California
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tom Gatch
Baja's estuaries and bays provideanglers with opportunities to fine-tunefly fishingskills.
Guardian Angel Island—A Diamond in the Rough
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Graham Mackintosh
 An intimatelookatwhatmakes this 40-mile-longisland in theSea ofCortezso unique.
Baja’s Booby Birds
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Karen Straus
There's moreto thesebirds than meets theeye. Boobies aresmarter than you think!
Gorgonians & Sea Pens—Colorful Flamboyance
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hans Bertsch
Theseanimals providea kaleidoscopeofcolor in theunderwater world.
Crystal Cave of the Giants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Richard D. Fisher
Oneman's journey in Mexico to photograph thebreathtakingspectacleofthelargestcrystals on earth.
DiscoverBaja Travel Club
3089ClairemontDriveSanDiego,CA92117Phone(619)275-4225or(800)727-BAJAFax:(619)275-1836. www.discoverbaja.comE-mail:ask@discoverbaja.com© 2007DISCOVER BAJA,Inc.Hugh& Carol Kramer,PublishersLynnMitchell,EditorIdeal Services-GraphicDesign& Printing
Published annually by
 Above:GrahamMackintosh’skayakcruisesalong the shore of GuardianAngel Island.Coverphotos,counter-clockwise fromtop:GuardianAngel Islandsunset(GrahamMackintosh);Graywhale breach(Geral d&Buff Corsi/FocusonNature,Inc.);Strawberryanemone (HansBertsch);Blue-footedboobywithchick(Eric Hanauer)
ome friends of mine passed throughover the holidays, as they do each year. They didn’t hang out; they didn’tstay. They never do because they don’t doturkey and they’re too big to fit aroundmy dining-room table.You see, they're whales. My whales. Your whales. Our whales.But their holiday rush is a bit differentthan ours each winter. These are serious whales on a mission: they are trying tokeep a species alive. To do that, they haveto get home by December—January atthe latest—and home has always beenMexico. You see, despite their name, my friends are Baja born and Baja bred.Sure, we call them California grays(uppity Americans that we are), but they only pass by California twice a year ontheir incredible 12,000 mile journey toand from the Arctic to Baja Sur's safelagoons. They're really NortheasternPacific gray whales—the last of theirkind. All their cousins are now extinct:The great Siberian and Atlantic grays thatonce roamed other coasts and othercontinents are gone. We did that, wehumans, earlier this century, turningthem into dog food long after the world'sneed for whale oil was no more. Wealmost did it to our own grays, too,slaughtering their mighty thousandsdown to a mere 500 before someone gotsome sense, thank God, and realized we didn't need a marine-mammal Alpoafter all.Along came a protection act at last, anendangered species list and a chance forthem to continue life on this planet. Anda chance for me, 60 years later, to meetthese majestic creatures face to face andto make friends.It is not a word I use lightly—friends.Friends are people I kiss and hug andcare about. But I've kissed these whales,hanging over the sides of small woodenboats. I've held their faces between my hands, gently stroked their lips, touchedthe cruel barnacles that cover their headsand looked straight down blowholes intotheir dark interiors. I've watched themmate, watched them nurse their babies, watched them nudge two-ton youngsterstoward my outstretched hand and teach anew generation not to now fear man—or woman. Yes, I care about these whales—a lot. But, I've been lucky.
Homeward Bound
Story by
Paula McDonald
 Acuriousyounggraywhale basksinthe warmlagoonwaterbefore itsarduousmigrationnorth.Photo:
 JoseLuis Zuñiga
Guardian Angel Island—A Diamond in the Rough
Story and photos by
Graham Mackintosh
n 1973 Charles Lindbergh visited BajaCalifornia in a chartered flying boat.Shortly afterwards he traveled toMexico City, met with the cabinet andsummoned the Mexican media to a pressconference. Naturally, they were allexpecting a homily on aviation. Instead,Lindbergh lectured them passionately about the Sea of Cortez and the need topreserve its magnificent islands. A fewmonths later Charles Lindberghdied…but his enthusiastic plea for theSea of Cortez had not fallen on deaf ears. Within four years, Mexico passed lawsprotecting the islands that had fired hisimagination in the twilight of his life.There are more than 100 islands in theSea of Cortez—some mere islets, thelargest, Tiburon, ranging over 1000 sq.kilometers. Most of them remainuninhabited, pristine biological treasuresreplete with unnamed and endemicspecies. About half of the 120 cactusspecies found on the islands are endemic.Non-native plants are a rarity. In July of 2005, the United Nations proclaimed theislands and their surrounding waters as a World Heritage Site.Isla Angel de la Guarda is the secondlargest island in the Cortez. Forty mileslong and almost ten miles wide in places,it is the unmistakable mountainouslandmass located a dozen miles east of Bahia de los Angeles, beyond the islandsof the inner bay. Devoid of water andseparated from the Baja peninsula by thetreacherous Canal de las Ballenas, itremains uninhabited apart from a fewtemporary fish camps.I had the privilege of spending twomonths there early last year. I arranged tobe transported to the island by panga,together with my gear and kayak.The name “Guardian Angel Island”suggests protection. However, in the winter months prevailing northerly windsoften blast for days unimpeded down theBallenas Channel creating awesome seas.And when the extreme tides of a full ornew moon join or thwart that flow, theseas can be as confused and agitated asany on earth. Whether fishing or bird watching ortrying to find a cooperative chuckwalla tophotograph, I reveled in the privilege of being on an uninhabited desert island,and most days, as far as I knew, I was theonly one there to appreciate it.Given the spectacular shoreline andmountain backdrops, and the dramaticfire of sunrise and twilight, it was easy totake good photographs, but they canbarely convey the panoramic vistas of pastel color, the unreal solidity of theclouded sky, and the glorious thoughtsand feelings they impart.How often have we heard that the oldBaja is no more? It is now a land of Costcos and Burger Kings, of burgeoningdevelopment and crime. Not true, at leastnot entirely—the frontier might havereceded, but thanks to sheerinaccessibility and the vision of peoplelike Lindbergh, there are still vaststretches of the peninsula untouched by modernity—deserts, mountains andislands where you can find yourself severely alone for weeks on end.
GrahamMackintoshisthe authorof 
 ,andisthe recipientof England's
 AdventurousTraveloftheYear Award
 forhissolohike aroundBaja'scoastline asdescribedinthatbook.He alsoauthored
 JourneyWith aBajaBurro
 NearerMy Dog to Thee
. He is currently workingon abookabouthisexperience onGuardianAngel Island.Grahamenjoyssharinghislove of Bajawithothers throughlectures,slide showsandguidingpeopleontrips.
Discover Baja
 I reveled in the privilege of being on an
 uninhabited desert island,
 and most days, as far as I knew, I was the
only one there
to appreciate it.
Bryan Lundquist
Certified Mexican Sales AgentRosarito BeachBaja California Norte, MexicoNextel 125*139805*7(619) 384-4305RemaxBryan.com
Rosarito Beach Real Estate 
24-page magazine for Discover Baja Travel Club
SDAFF09 program booklet v4.indd 19/22/09 11:32 AM
Welcome Letter 
 Welcome to the 10th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival, where greatfilm comes to life! We are presenting our most ambitious program:some 200 films from 20 countries. Crazy, I know. We struggled withthe fact that our 10th anniversary would fall during one of the worstrecessions in recent U.S. history. The natural response would be to cut-back. Instead, we took a risk and doubled the length of our Festivalto two weeks. Despite the economy, we have more loyal members andattendees than ever before, assuring us that we are indeed fulfillingour mission: to connect audiences with the human experience throughthe Pan Asian media arts. We believe film is a powerful universal language that connects us on adeep, meaningful level. In times like this, film offers an escape; storiesof hope and inspiration; and a way to gain new perspectives. That is why we chose to open our Festival with CHILDREN OFINVENTION (p. 36), which could not be more relevant to our economic times. A critically-acclaimed Sundance film directed by emerging filmmaker Tze Chun, CHILDREN OF INVENTION tells thestory of a single mother chasing the American dream while in direfinancial straits. When she disappears, her two young children turn toingenuity to survive. Bookending the Festival as our Closing Night Filmis the premiere of IP MAN (p. 37), an epic martial arts tale inspired by the true story of Bruce Lee’s master, starring Donny Yen.In between is an enormous selection of films, panels, parties, livemusic performances, a comedy night, a gala awards dinner, an artshow, and our first-ever Audience Award!Sorely missing this year, however, is our beloved friend, George Lin,who died of cancer during last year’s Festival. He founded the DCAPA Film Festival in 2000, the same year our festival began. In 2003,he joined the SDAFF as our Program Director and Associate FestivalDirector. He championed indie filmmakers, mentored students, andlived life to the fullest. His handiwork is all over this festival.In George’s memory, we are heavily promoting Cancer Awarenessthrough public service announcements, an origami Crane Project,and closely-themed films (see 100, BE SURE TO SHARE, IN LOVE WE TRUST). We want everyone to know the importance of gettingscreened for cancer, and that a diagnosis of cancer is neither shamefulnor hopeless. Like film, cancer affects all of us in one way or another.Finally, I want to personally thank my husband, Louis Song; our chairman Dan Hom and board of directors; our hardworking staff,members, volunteers; and our generous sponsors, without any of whom this festival would not be possible.Life is short, and SDAFF 2009 will whiz by. Let’s make the most of it!Carpe Diem,Lee Ann KimFounder and Executive Director 
Foundation & Fest Staff 
Message from Mayor 
Chairman’s Welcome
How to Watch Film
Board of Directors
 Ticket Information
SDAFF membership
 Text to Phone Updates
How to Festival
Star Campaign
Festival Schedule
10 Years of SDAFF
 Tribute to George Lin
Cancer Awareness
Special Events
Film & Program Guide
Special Thanks
Print Source
Financial support for the 2009 San Diego Asian FilmFestival is provided in part by the City of San DiegoCommission for Arts and Culture.
 Table of Contents
SDAFF09 programbookletv4.ndd 59/22/09 11:33 AM
 Letter from the Chairman 
 Welcome to the 10th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival!
As chairman, I am proud to helpthe SDAFF celebrate ten wonderful years of films, programs and social awareness. Through theyears, SDAFF has shown hundreds of films to moviegoers across San Diego and has truly fulfilledits purpose of engaging and connecting audiences to the human experience through cinema.My passion for movies sparked my initial interest in SDAFF in 2002. Since then, I have come tothe festival every year to enjoy films, festivities, and meet great people. I’m inspired by the many attendees who share our passion, as well as the amount of hard work and dedication the staff puts into each and every event. It wasn’t long before I knew that I wanted to do something morefor this organization. Initially, I became involved as a board member and was nominated andelected chairman in 2007.It is truly an honor to be working with such a great group of talented individuals, and I hopethat in the next ten years our Foundation’s work will continue to touch audiences as it has me.A special thanks to the 2009 Board of Directors for their continued support, volunteerism and leadership. I personally wishincoming chairman Stephen Chin a successful 2010, and I also want to recognize my dear friend and executive director Lee AnnKim, who has grown this festival since its inception. We all embrace the SDAFF for providing our community with a true culturaltreasure.Enjoy the show!Dan HomChairmanSan Diego Asian Film FoundationOur friends at the San Diego Film Critics Society believe anyone can watch films with a critical eye. This allows you toexercise analytical parts of the brain that often go unused, and acquire skills that can carry over into other parts of your life.Here are some tips:• If you liked or didn’t like a movie, figure out why. It’s crucial to understand your own aesthetic and to be able toexpress why some films or filmmakers appeal to you and others leave you cold.• Pay close attention to what goes into making the story. Does the dialogue seem honest and believable, and do theactors carry it off? Is the plot solid, or does it have as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese?• Do you think the director had a cohesive vision for the entire movie, and if so, can you express what you think it was?• Do you feel like the movie is photographed well? Does the cinematography enhance or distract from the story itself? What about the costumes or the sets?• Try a movie you think you might not like. Catch a horror film, sample a romantic comedy, don’t be afraid of subtitles,and watch something that has no movie stars in it. A good critic has to be open to everything.
The SanDiegoFilmCriticsSociety isanonprofitorganizationdedicatedtoprovidingdiverse critical opinionaboutmovies,advancing film education and awareness, and recognizing excellence in cinema. www.sdfcs.org.
 How to Critically Watch Film 
SDAFF09 programbookletv4.ndd 99/22/09 11:33 AM
Co-presented by:SanDiego ChineseWomen’sAssociationAsianAmericanRepertory TheatreSanDiego City College-World CulturesProgramUCSDArtPower!
In this gripping examination of immigrant pursuit of the AmericanDream,Cindy (Elaine Cheung) is a singlemother. To support her children, precocious Raymond(MichaelChen)and sisterTina(CrystalChiu),Elainebounces fromone sales job to another to makeendsmeetin a harsh,unforgiving economy.Whenher family is finally evicted fromtheir suburbanBostonhomeandforced to seek refugeinanunfinished apartment building,Elaine’s desperation leads her to becomeinvolved in aPonzi schemevictimizing other immigrants. The schemeeventuallyfalls apart and Elainebecomes separated fromwhatshe cares about most, her children. Leftalone,Raymond and Tina areforced to fend forthemselves,showing great resiliencein their battlefor survival.Substantial and verycompelling, this film emphatically establishes first-timefeature director Tze Chun on theforefront of American independent film.Marvelously shot, edited, and written,CHILDREN OFINVENTIONboastswonderfully natural performancesfromits cast,especiallyChen and Chiu, who demonstrate subtlety rarelyseenfromchild actors. Attacking timelyissuessuch as the exploitation of immigrants, child neglect,thecurrent globaleconomicmeltdown, and get-rich-quickPonzi schemes,CHILDREN OFINVENTION boldlybreaksnew ground in Asian Americancinema. Exploration of theseissues is deftlybalanced withthelevityprovided by truly delicatemoments of humor,yielding a remarkably entertainingfilm with universal appeal to all audiences.CHILDRENOFINVENTION madeits world premiereat the2009 SundanceFilmFestivaland won Grand JuryPrizes for BestNarrative Feature atthe NewportInternational Film Festivaland the Los Angeles AsianPacificFilmFestival.— GeneHuh
Director Tze Chun will bein attendance.
 THU OCT 15, 7:00PM
USA | English86 minutes | Video | 2009DIRECTOR:TzeChunWRITER:TzeChunPRODUCERS:Mynette Louie, Trevor SaganCAST: Cindy Cheung, Michael Chen, Crystal Chiu
SDAFF09 programbooketv4.ndd 369/22/09 11:35 AM
 THU OCT 29, 7:00PM
Hong Kong, ChinaMandarin and JapanesewithEnglish subtitles105 minutes | 35mm| 2009DIRECTOR:WilsonYip WRITER: Edmond Wong, based on anoriginalscreenplaybyChanTai-lee.PRODUCER: Raymond WongCAST: DonnieYen, Simon Yam, Xiong Dazhi,HiroyukiIkeuchi,Calvin Cheng,Fan Siu-wong, Lam Ka-tung,Yu Xing
This film contains violenceWest Coast premiere
IP MAN isthe firstfilm based onreal-life martial artist Ip Man,bestknown as the teacher of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. In 1930’sFoshan, martial arts academies thrive and compete. Dignified Wing Chun expertIp Man (Donnie Yen), while renownedasthe topmartial artist, chooses to keep a low profile, training with friends andengaging onlyin closed-door challenges. Independently wealthy,hedoes not need anacademy for financial purposes and his loving wife(Lynn Hung) forces him to balance his training with family life.Ip Man’s way of life is changed foreverbythe Japaneseoccupationof 1937. Stripped of his wealth, hemusttakea job working in a coalmineto support his family, especiallyhis now very-ill wife. When GeneralMiura (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), demands thatIp Man teach Wing Chun tothe JapaneseArmy, Ip Man vehementlyrefuses and instead standsandfights for both his life and the dignity of the Chinese people.IP MAN isthe fourthfilmcollaborationbetweendirectorWilsonYipand lead actorYen,ateambestknownforthe2005smashhit
Sha PoLang 
).Thefilm reunites the duo with
alumnico-starSimon Yam(
) and the legendary Sammo Hung, who choreographedthefight scenes. Ip Chun , the realIp Man’s eldestson,served astechnical consultant. IP MAN contains someof the mostexplosively spectacularfight scenesof any recentactionfilm, depending uponchoreography and realstunt work instead of camera and editingtricks. Director Yip has truly crafted the finestAsianmartialarts film inyears by blending a throwback storyline with top cinematography andtheaforementioned fight choreography. However,itis anunusually understated and dignified performance bythe charismatic Yen andthefilm’s historical context that raise IP MAN to martial arts epicstatus.IPMAN wontheaward forBestPictureatthe28thAnnualHong Kong Film Awards. — GeneHuh
Co-presented by:ImmortalFitnesMartialArtsU.S.KarateAcademy 
SDAFF09 programbookletv4.ndd 379/22/09 11:35 AM
Philippines| Tagalog withEnglish subtitles116 min.| Video | 2008DIRECTOR:ChrisMartinezWRITER:ChrisMartinezPRODUCERS:ChrisMartinez,MarlonRiveraCAST: MyleneDizon, Eugene Domingo, TessieTomas
SAT OCT 17, 2:15PM THU OCT 29, 7:15PM
 This filmcontains maturecontent
Co-presented by:Miramar College Diversity/International Education CommitteeKamalayanAlliance -CSU SanMarcosUCSD Kaibigang PilipinoUSD Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO)KuyaAte MentorshipProgram
Atthirty-something,JoyceDeLeon,has doneverywellforherself asa well-paid executiveata hightechfirmin thePhilippines.Despitesuccess atwork,herpersonallifehas takena turnfortheworse.Notonlyis themanof herdreams married witha babyontheway,butavisitto thedoctorreveals shockingnews –shehas inoperablebreastcancer.Withsix months to live,Joyce(played byMyleneDizon)keeps her cancera secretfromeveryoneand quits herjob to putherlifeinorder. Withtheend of herlifelooming,Joycewrites a listof things shewantsto do before she dies on one hundred Post-It notes displayed on her bedroomwall.Frombuyinga coffin,indulginginthemostdecadentmeals,traveling,and reconnectingwith a former boyfriend,Joycebegins takingdown thePost-Its one-by-one.At first,herlistof tasks —mostlyclosures and practicalundertakings — areeasilyaccomplished.However,asthe Post-It notes are whittleddowntoa finalfew,Joycecontinues to procrastinateaboutsharingnews of herterminalcancer withhermother,who has alreadylostherhusband to thedisease. Winnerof theAudienceAward atthe2008PusanInternationalFilmFestival,100is thedirectorialdebutof screenwriterChris Martinez,whosefilmexaminesthe betrayalofthe body, celebratesthe sensesandcontemplates theend of lifeand how to liveit.
Director Chris Martinez scheduled toattend Oct 17screening.
Screening Sponsors:
 9500 Liberty
USA | English73 min.| Video | 2008DIRECTORS:Eric Byler,AnnabelParkPRODUCERS:Eric Byler,AnnabelPark,ChrisRigapulos
Co-presented by:Anti-Defamation LeagueUCSD Cross CulturalCenter USD Trans-BorderInstituteBayside Community Center BorderAngelsMAACProject 
West Coast premiere
Fromits confrontationalopeningsceneof a manfurious thathehadheard Spanish at the local hardwarestore, 9500 LIBERTY sets the stageof a complex,politicallycharged drama unfoldinginreallife.Inthecenterof thestormis oneof therichestand mostdiversecountiesinthenation— PrinceWilliamCounty,Virginia — whichbecamegroundzeroinAmerica’sexplosivebattleoverimmigrationpolicyinJulyof2007. This is whenelected officials adopted a law empoweringpoliceofficersto questionanyonetheysuspected to beanundocumented immigrant.Opponents cried foul,sayingthelaw legalizes racialprofilingwhilesupporters hoped it would bethecatalyst to send “illegals”back home.Clashes consumed this community,and caughtinthecrossfirewerefilmmakers EricBylerand AnnabelPark who captured hours of rawdebate.TheyturnedthisfootageintoaseriesofvideosonYoutubeaspartofaninteractive documentary,which eventuallygained the attention of the
The Washington Post 
,and theU.S.CivilRights Commission.9500LIBERTY reveals thedevastatingsocialand economicimpactof the “Immigration Resolution,” felt in the lives of real people in homesand inlocalbusinesses.Buttheferocious fightto adoptand thenreversethis policyunfolds insidegovernmentchambers,onthestreets,andontheInternet.9500LIBERTY provides a frontrow seatto allthreebattlegrounds.
Directors Eric Byler and Annabel Park are scheduled toattend.
Free screenings made possible byTarget.
Debbi Spungen
SDAFF09 programbookletv4.ndd 389/22/09 11:35 AM
page Program Booklet for San Diego Asian Film Festival

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