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Ss Catch Up Print

Ss Catch Up Print

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Published by zzz573

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Published by: zzz573 on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here's 20,160 Reasons To Get More Women RIGHT NOW
Dear Speed Seduction® Students and Fans,It's New Years' Eve and I'm reading all this stuff about the "resolutions" people are making - loseweight, get a new job, go back to school and get that MBA, start saving more money, plan thatmagic cruise, whatever. You know what?"New Years' Resolutions"are bull*#%t.Look: what are you accomplishing by waiting until an arbitrary date on the calendar to begin takingthe actions necessary to claim your skills, results, and future?Say you want tomeet more women. So you wait until Friday, January 1 and from that date set afirm resolution that you're going to startapproaching a lot more womenand upping your girl-getting game.What makes New Years' Day somehow so magical and special that actions taken that day will be somuch more impactful? Consider that in many places in the world, where they use a differentcalendar than ours, tomorrow isn't even New Years for crying out loud.Question: what is the difference between two weeks ago (December 17) and right now?Answer: Two weeks. 336 hours.... 20,160 minutes. That's right - 20,160 minutes you COULD have already been spending taking the necessary actionsto get the women you truly desire. Since we're in this world for a finite amount of time, that's20,160 minutes that COULD have been filled with orgasmic joy. You will NEVER get back those WASTED 20,160 minutes.Unlike in the movies, you don't get to go back in time for a "do-over" if you waste time. Those20,000+ minutes are gone, pal... GONE... along with all the results you COULD have had if youweren't waiting around twittling your thumbs (or having your thumbs up your a$@) for New Years'to get here before taking charge of your world.All of this is a BIG part of the purpose behind Speed Seduction®, not to mention the core of mybeliefs when it comes to getting the women.First of all, Speed Seduction® gets smart guys like you the women you really want withoutresorting to bullying, begging, buying, bs or booze.But it goes WAY beyond that. It gives you the mindset as well as the tools, techniques, andstrategies to pick up on the "vibe" that a woman sends you and use it to reach her right where shelives. So, instead of the "dating rituals" that really amount to no more than lame-a$$ excuses to"wait" rather than claim your results today, you quickly find out:
Which women are receptive to who you are and what you give the world and are more likely togo on a carnal carousel ride with you (so you spend your Sarging energy on them), versus
 The women who will flirt and tease and string you along but will never actually join you for thisride (so you can quickly "Exit, Stage Left") and move on to more promising opportunitiesWhen you go through life with the mindset and skills that help you screen the best candidates foryour love shack, you will experience more success with women - more flirtations, more make-outsessions, more "dates" (if you must), more nights (and mornings, and afternoons) of steaming hot,no-holds-barred sexual passion with the hottest women you encounter - precisely because yourenergy and efforts are focused in the right places.And, if you haven't made the "resolution" to start your journey toward more success with women,do it NOW. Don't wait until tomorrow just because tomorrow is New Years' Day. You know what tomorrow is? One day... 24 hours...and 1,440 minutes away. Getting laid takes lessthan 1,400 minutes. For some people, it takes less than two minutes... so what's taken YOU solong? The women are waiting - what are you waiting FOR?Peace, piece, and much more, not next year but RIGHT NOW,Come to mySpeed Seduction® 3.0 Seminar in Los Angeles on January 22 - 24, 2010 and learn how to have the hottest women soaking themselves in minutes ... And Begging To Bang You!If you register BEFORE December 23, 2009, you can bring a friend for FREE!Claim Your Seat RightNow!
1. Can be done by any guy, regardless of his experience, time or budget. (Unlike traditionaldating tips that require expensive romantic excursions,you will get all the women you wantwithout having to spend so much as a penny!)2. Doesn't require good looks or money ( Forget about alleged "dating secrets" that requireyou to be good looking or lay out the cash-I'll show you how to turn simple, stress free andCHEAP coffee meetings into beautiful sex!)3. Forget acting like a Jerk or PUA. (You can be kind, sensitive and STILL get laid, withoutrelying on macho posturing or stupid pick up lines!)4. Teaches you how to direct your language to get women hot & horny and persuasivelycommunicate with folks in all walks of life.5. Is the ONLY training with detailed, proven, structured confidence building techniques soyou can actually USE the other techniques given to get the girls you want (It's easy to pick
up women when you radiate with the confidence these courses will let you enjoy, today!)6. Is the ONLY training boasting thousands of satisfied customers, some of whom tell theirstories on this site.(You'll see them tell, in their own words, how they learned to easily pickup women and enjoy amazing success with these breakthrough seduction secrets andsystem!)7. Can be used to successfully find ONE special girl or get lots of amazing women!8. The only training backed solidly by an unconditional 90 day "3 women or you paynothing" guarantee.9. The only training that offers consultation and customer support.10. Can be used by men of ANY age or social status; our satisfied customers range in agefrom 18 to 72! Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction® Tipsis Copyright © 1988-2009, Seduction.com. All Rights Reserved.Around here, we always respect your privacy. Anytime you need to update, edit, or cancel yoursubscription, use the links at the bottom of the e-mail.We highly doubt you'll EVER want to stop getting THESE proven strategies for success with thewomen you desire, though.
The Other People Looked At Us Like We Were Superstars Dear Speed Seduction® Student, One of the fun things about Speed Seduction® is it allows guys to break throughbarriers and boundaries and enjoy experiences with the kind of women thatpreviously were "unreachable". As I have said, many times, women carry around a "checklist" intheir heads for what they THINK they want in a guy and what theyTHINK has to be there for them to get sexual. The lovely thing is, Speed Seduction® allows us to by-pass thechecklist by capturing the imagination and moving the emotions of women to stronglybe in OUR favor. (Of course, you can find out more about how it does so by goinghere:http://getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=GRuh&mc=m&s=S1qiw&y=u& Anyway, whether you are young and always wanted older women, orolder and want younger women, or want hotter women or whatever,Speed Seduction® puts them in reach. 

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