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Insanity Chapter 9 (Final Chapter)

Insanity Chapter 9 (Final Chapter)

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Ok, final chapter. Yay!! Finally finished a story and boo, It ended. It's kind of sad at the end and happy at the same time. It might be kind of a stupid ending chapter because of the begin but please, read it all before criticizing it. Please comment, rate and subscribe. Thank you and Enjoy.
Ok, final chapter. Yay!! Finally finished a story and boo, It ended. It's kind of sad at the end and happy at the same time. It might be kind of a stupid ending chapter because of the begin but please, read it all before criticizing it. Please comment, rate and subscribe. Thank you and Enjoy.

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Published by: иαтια or Agent Bubblez on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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InsanityChapter 9
(Maybe the final one or the next might be the final one)Sabastian, Itachi, and Artimus (In his human form, wearing ablack suit. Shikamaru is out of town...doing some business concerningof the Eternity Tower.) was all gathered in Natia's room. Aitan fell off of the stairs and currently lying in bed, unconscious.Sabastian, Itachi, and Artimus was waiting unpatiently for Aitanto wake up."Hey Artimus, shouldn't Natia be taking over by now? You werealways with her, you should know this. " Itachi asked."She SHOULD OF, but she didn't. Maybe because of lasttime...she did stay longer then she use too."Artimus said. Then, sheopened her eyes and sat up in bed."Are you alright, Master? Are you hurt at all?" Artimus franticlyasked, squatting next to the side of Natia's bed."No...I'm not." she said staring into her hand and looking at thefull view mirror behind them. "Why the heck am I here? Why am I inAitan's form? ""Huh, what are you talking about?" Sabastian said confusment."I mean that I am Natia and I'm in Aitan's form for some reason."she said and sighed. She put her hand on her forehead in frustration. "Iknew something like this would happen, but I didn't think it wouldhappen earlier than I estimated to be.""So what is the problem, Master." Artimus asked."The problem is that one of us will disappear forever from thisbody."she said."Who will disappear?" Sabastian asked."Ati...."she said before her eyesight turn fuzzy and she fainted.And all three of them practically scream her name and ran to the bedto see if she was alright. She opened her eyes again."All you alright, Natia?" Itachi said, sitting on the bed next to herand holding her in his arms."Huh? What are you talking about? My name is Aitan. Do weready look that much alike?...Do we?"she asked, sitting up."No, you do not. Can I talk to Natia please?" Itachi asked and shenodded. She took the ancient mirror off the nightstand and pointed itto Itachi, Sabastian, and Artimus. Then, Natia's face started to fadinginto the image."Damn. Aitan, what did you do to the body for it to end up in bedand make me faint."Natia yelled at Aitan, who is behind the mirror."Aitan is not here right now, please leave a message after the
beep. BEEP! "she replied."Fine, then Aitan, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE OR I'LL DRAG ITHERE!!!" Natia screamed through the mirror and Aitan yelped at thethreat. Artimus chuckled at that and Natia pointed at him. "Don't makeme get out of this mirror and hit you." Artimus cleared his throat afterthe comment and stayed quiet. "So...what you want?""Can you finish explaining?"Itachi asked."RIght, anyway, to answer Sebastian before, Aitan or I willdisappear. Aitan is supose to be a personality, or a state of mind. But,for some reason, she have develope into a mind. And a body can onlyhold one mind or the body will kick one out or both will die.""What!," Artimus, Itachi, and Sabastian yelled. Naita cuffed herears from the noise."Sheesh, you don't to scream, especially when I'm in front of you.Well...yeah...that is what's going to happen.""Aren't you worried that you will disappear forever?"Artimusasked in conserned.Natia looked down and smiled sadly. "It won't matter if I die, I'm just a killer who only thirst for bloodshed. I'm not fit in this world of thiskind. That is the reason I lock myself in the darkness in the back of mymind. Suppositly not to be seen again. But, Aitan is a clutz and I end uptaking her place. Besides, the more I show up and the longer I stay, theweaker I become and Aitan will be the one kicking me out.""What?! Why did you do it even though you know theconsenquence of it?" Itachi asked. Natia still had that sad smile on herface."Becasue, Aitan would be better for this world then me, amonster who would never fit in, a monster who no one cares about,and a monster who no one would miss when she is gone forever, like Inever existed. But my sins will never be erase. So, this is my gift toeverybody who is living who is living in this world." The three lookedaway sadly."So...when...when do you disappear?"Itachi asked."The next time I turn will be my last. But make me a promise,when I go, I'll tell you. But for now, I need to get sleep. This is going tobe the last time you will see me...or until the last time Itransform."Natia said, yawning and waved goodbye.It is currently Aitan's Birthday. Natia is currently asleep in thedark parts of her mind and Aitan was helping to make her own birthdaycake. Artimus, Itachi, Shikmaru and Sabastian was in the kitchen withher, helping to make it too and having the first aid kit ready...just incase. Sabastian looked in the fridge."This is not good. Were out of eggs and milk. I'll go to the storeand get it."Sabastian said, reaching for the back of his apron to untie
the knot."Wait. I'll go. You guys helped me alot on my cake, I didn't domuch on my cake so I'll go."she said excitingly.Aitan was running and not paying attention to the walking signand running straight across. Then, there was a truck's honking and thetruck's tire screetching on the asfalt. Aitan stopped at the middle of theroad and looked at the truck that was honking. Her eyes widen.CRASH! Blood splattered...~Hospital~Aritmus, Itachi, Shikamaru, and Sabastian ran in a dead bolt tothe room 202. They slam the door open to see Aitan,wrapped inbandage and unconcious. IV fluids and bags of blood was strapped onto her. Then, a doctor came in."It looks like the truck missed the heart but, all the ribs arebroken and there are some vital organs that ruptured. There were agreat amount of blood lost and her skull cracked. It looks like she's notgoing to make it to tonight." the doctor said and walked out. The 4 of them had teary eyes. Then, a hollogram-ish image appear beforethem. She looked like Aitan but with the eyes of the devil and thewings and arms of the demon.Natia sighed. " She did it again. I guess this the last time I'mgoing to see you. It's been a great honor to have you as a friend. Ihope we will meet again someday. And promise me this, when I go,please take care of Aitan, yourselves, and everbody lives at the towerand protect them. And don't be sad, enjoy your life to the fullest. Anddon't tell Aitan about this, I don't want to burden her as it is. Make surewith her so she don't get herself injured. Until we meet again...myfriends."she said and the image started to fade with the sad smile of Natia's on her face. Then, she was gone.~Shopping District~~Artimus's POV~I am currently shopping for groceries for Aitan. It's been a yearand a half since Natia disappeared and Aitan is better rightnow...well...for the time being anyway. I was looking forword and I sawa girl with long black hair with red highlights, black combat boots, red,devil eyes, black coat, and a arm that was covered in bandages,looking straight at me smiling with all her heart. Then, she walked intothe allyway next ot her and I ran after her. When I turned the corner,she was gone. I found a note lying on the ground.
Dear Artimus,Thank you for keeping your promise to me and tell the others

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