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Quality Essentials of a 21st Century Teacher

Quality Essentials of a 21st Century Teacher

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Published by Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra
Getting Ready for the 21st Century Teacher. Exploring requirements for existence of being a QUALITY Teacher. As of otherwise be prepared for being the most least interested thing in the class.
Getting Ready for the 21st Century Teacher. Exploring requirements for existence of being a QUALITY Teacher. As of otherwise be prepared for being the most least interested thing in the class.

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Published by: Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quality Essentials of the 21
Century Teacher!Dheeraj Mehrotra
MS(Ed.Mgmt), MPhil(Ed.), Research Scholar(Ed.)
Head, TQM in Education, City Montessori School & Degree College, Lucknow, INDIAW: sixsigmaineducation.comE:tqmhead@aol.com W: http://dheerajmehrotra.tripod.com
Teaching is an art with perfection gained through the years of Experience andEducation. The requirement of the Modern Day Classroom is not the old traditionalChalk and the Duster based but requires a new preface of Cheese and theChampionship Culture. Over the years it has been rightly observed that the Quality of an educational environment is evaluated with the inspiring and motivating efforts for thestaff, students and the collaborative parents at large.Giving credit to
 couros, open thinking - Uploaded with a demo version of FlickrExport 2. The following picture shows how OPEN BOX thinking is done toencapsulate the requirements of the Quality Teacher of the Century, above all thesegments of route and learning.Pix Credit Alec CourosThe 21
century education demands with change in the teaching learning with thewitnessing of the importance of StudentsActivities as the ultimate learning
methodology today. The students are empowered towards better learning, decisionmaking and ultimately made to be disciplined through self disciplined modules andleadership skills. It is mandatory for all to have and imbibe the Leadership skills to makethem a better and Total Quality Person in future.The demand of the children and the parents mount every year, every session with themarch of time but the supply is limited from the side of the teachers. The challenge is tobe more explicit in their inclusion in core content, incorporating real world problems tobring them into focus for students and drawing on digital tools and resources that cansupport them.In some respects, the potential of 21st century skills lies in the exploration of how digitaltools which largely include, cameras, presentation software, computing equipment apartfrom the online resources can support and enhance traditional subject skills andteaching practices.As a matter of fact, the researchers quote the requirements as follows:1) You drive me crazy, if you are learner as you are going to face the learners, you haveto be a learner first than a trainer or a teacher. The children demand “ Sir, tell ussomething new, it is given in the book”. So the learners need to be
driving the seat of Knowledge.
The new learner is transforming himself from a passive actor into anactive, is becoming a conscious leader of his personal lifelong learning path.2) There has to have a
Deep access to information
, tools and experts in ways notpossible before, but has to be in the heart and soul of the teachers with time andrequirements.3) What is also required is the
ability to network and team up
with other learners whohave the same interests, independently of their age, location or experience. The socialnetworking and sites like BLOGIT.COM or to be more precise the VOKI.COM workwonders. Above all the google groups and yahoo groups have been a part and parcel of the effective learning mechanism in schools these days as many of them can not glue totheir INTRANET modules in particular.4) There has to be an emergence of the technology dependent learner with change of time and modules as the requirements and the demands from the interested partieschange with time on a very frequent basis. Both outside and inside traditionaleducational institutions a new breed of guides, coaches, facilitators and advisers isalready emerging and creating new classless learning ecosystems.The following is the research quote of 
 Andrew Churches
, which aptly defines andstretches upon the need of the 21
Century Educator in addition to the above.
As obvious with the demands from the new century learners, the educators are student-centric, holistic and they are teaching about how to learn as much as teaching about thesubject area. But highly effective teachers in today’s classrooms are more than this -much more.Viz-a-Viz:Educators must be able to adapt software and hardware designed for a business modelinto tools to be used by a variety of age groups and abilities.Educators must also be able to adapt to a dynamic teaching experience.With time they need to be looking across the disciplines and through the curricula; theymust see the potential in the emerging tools and web technologies, grasp these andmanipulate them to serve their needs.They need to be Educators too, must be collaborators with a preface of Sharing,Contributing, Adapting and Inventing. Above all,
the educators must take risks
andsometimes surrender themselves to the students' knowledge. They need to have avision of what they would want to do and achieve in time to come. They need to identifythe goals and facilitate the learning and above all use the strengths of the digitalnatives/ cyberspace to understand and navigate information. There has to be the needand feel of Learning and Adapting as the horizons and the landscapes changefrequently.
To have anywhere, anytime learning,
the teacher must be anywhere and anytime. Asthe new nomenclature of WWW i.e. the World Wide Web is now
Whereever, Whatever and Whenever.
The 21st century teacher has to be fluent in tools and technologies that enablecommunication and collaboration. They go beyond learning just how to communicate

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