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Circle of Men by Henriette Rasmussen

Circle of Men by Henriette Rasmussen

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Published by: Radiophonic Narration on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A circle of men/Angutitiloqqasut
Radio feature produced by Henriette RasmussenLength: 34.49 minutesEntering organisation: Qivi NetworkingProduced in 2009 as part of the course Radiophonic NarrationConsultance & mix: Rikke Houd
Avatangiisit nipaat...meeqqat pinnguartut illarpaluttut - pisuppaluk 
Oqaluttuartoq: Illoqarfiit pingaarnersaanni Kalaallit Nunaanni Nuummi, oqaluttuari-saanermut piingaarutilimmi umiarsualivimmiippunga, nunasiaanerup umiarsualiavianiktaasartakkatsinni, Nuup kangerlussuata paava, arferit imaat! Qipoqqaat tikissimasut tusarpakka..
Avatangiisit, pisuppaluk, arferit ungasissumi.
Nukappiaqqat pinnguarput, nuannisarput ilaqutariit aneerput.
Nukappiaqqap assani uunnasserai.
Eqqarsaatigaakka ernera, soralussakkalu angutit 30-inik ukioqalereerlutik,namminerisaminnik suli initaanngitsut. Aamanna qaannivik, qajarpassuit, 25-it kisippakkauninngasut, kalaallit qajaasut qangatulli sanaat. Eqqarsaatigaakka aatakkukka, tamarmikpiniartuusimasut qajartuumasut. Ilaquttaminnik pilersuisuullutik.
Nipilersuut,timmiaaqqat, pisuppaluk.
Nuummi ingerlaarujoortillunga anno 2009, eqaarsaatigakka angutitatta nukippassui.Eqqarsaatigaakka ataatat, anit aqqalussaallu. Ernerit, peeqqat uiillu.
Illoqarfik. Timmiaaqqat. pisuppaluk.
: Massakkut Brugsenip tungaanukarpunga atagu susoqarpamitaava taakani.
Aamakku inuppassuit, seqinnarimmat uninngaarput sammillutillu.Ulloqeqqariartorpoq.......angutit maaniittut arlalissuit putummasereersimapput.
Angutit quiasaartut illarpaluttut, Illoqarfippaluk.
Maanaqquulluni aliatsannaartaqaaq. Aajinnga Piitaq, videonik dvdinillu pisoqqaniktuniniaasoq. Qanga pinnersorsuaq. Ila aamma aserupallassimavoq. Aamma aajinngaimaakajaartupilussuaq angut nilliasartoq inuusuttuaraallunilu, taaka suli paajatorpoq. Nujaitakiisupilorujussuanngorsimapput, kigutaalu ajorterujussimallutik.
Pisuppaluk, nipilersuut 
Sounds from harbour , cars passing by, steps 
Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. I am standing in the old harbour, the Colonial harbouras it is called here. It is the mouth of the big Nuuk fjord, the sea of the humpback whales. I’veheard that they have arrived.
Steps. Distant sound of whales underwater singing.
Boys are playing, the families go to the waterfront to receive the first warm day of theSpring,
Boy running by and blowing his hands.
I think of my son and nephews. They’ve passed their 30’s and they still don’t have theirown homes. Here in the Colonial harbour you also find a kayak rack with lots of kayaks. I counted25 traditional kayaks. I think of my grandfathers, who both hunted in their kayaks, to support theirfamilies.
Music, birds, steps, cars.
While I walk in Nuuk anno 2009, I think about all the strength of our men. I think offathers, older brother, younger brothers…sons, boyfriends and husbands.
City atmosphere, birds, steps.
: I’m on my way to the Supermarket Brugsen. Let’s see what’s happening over there.
People walking and talking.
: There’s a lot of people here, since the sun is shining, they have gathered and areenjoying it. It is noon. Many of these men are already drunk. (
) It is sad to go by here.
City sounds, car horn, walking, men joking.
: There is Peter, once so handsome. He is selling old videos and DVDs. How he too, haschanged. There is also the lunatic, who is always shouting. He is still standing there with a beer inhis hand. His hair has grown long and his teeth are really bad now.
Steps, music 

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