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Farenheit 451

Farenheit 451



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Published by josue_perez70
Literary Critique for Farenheit 451
Literary Critique for Farenheit 451

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Published by: josue_perez70 on Apr 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fahrenheit 451Ray BradburyHave you ever read a book with so much action and mystery it made you wonder how the author managed to compile such a story? I didn’t really enjoy this book as awhole. There were some areas where I was hooked, and completely enthralled with the book. However, there were other parts where I was utterly bored to death. In the novelFahrenheit 451, the characters, style and plot of the book seemed to come alive and speak to me the most throughout the entire story.In the novel Fahrenheit 451 the main character, Montag, encounters manyexciting and sometimes perplexing situations which he must use his wit and cunning toget through. First if all the book has three main characters. Montag - the fireman who isvery shy and outspoken with a newly found zeal for reading, Mildred - Montages’ wifewho pushes Montag around and ‘decides’ his feelings and actions, and finally Beatty -the
he knows-it-all fireman who’s hobby is intimidating and lying to Montag. Thediversity of these three characters makes for a very interesting story. The story line is setin the distant future where reading or even owning books is a crime for which the punishment is having firefighters, which in their time instead of stopping fires - startthem, burn down the perpetrators house with the books inside. Even though Montag isalmost fifty years old he is very susceptible to believing the tall tales that his younger fellow fireman tell him about the past. The way the author describes each character ingreat detail down to the beads of sweat dripping off their brow, helps to make youcapable of easily envisioning every feature, both physical and mental, of the characters.The characters which you meet in the novel are very diverse in every way possible. Thisdiversity is the source of the main conflict in the story. Everyone has a personal opinionand tries to force everyone else to believe their opinion is the only truth. Everyone has adistinctly different mind set of how things should be done in their city, and they aren‘tabout to back down and side with someone else. I really enjoyed the way you could getinside and learn more from the inner thoughts of the characters. The description and
diversity of all the different characters helped me to really comprehend and get involvedwith what was happening in the book.Fahrenheit 451 displayed much of its author’s personal style throughout the whole book. First of all, he showed it through personification. For example - “The great pythonspit its venomous kerosene upon the world.” The author could have said “The nozzlesprayed out gasoline around the room” but he chose to show his personal style by personifying the hose on the fire truck and painting a more vivid image of what he wastrying to portray. Secondly, another way personal style is shown is through the reader’s point of view. Ray Bradbury chose to make the point of view omniscient, which meansyou, as the reader, knew everything about the characters. Including their thoughts and personality. Finally the author has shown his personal style by using words to make the book more challenging without having parts that you need to read over five times to getthe meaning of. The one thing I look for in a book is the ability to read something onetime through and understand the meaning of it. I think that this is really important because to go through an entire book and not comprehend 90% of it leaves you withunanswered questions and a thirst for more. Personal style makes the story much moreinteresting to read. During the story of Montag and his inner thoughts I got theimpression that Montag didn’t have many people he could turn to and trust. He was onhis own and was always being pressured to the point of sickness. This held my interestthroughout the book because I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. Itmade me want to know more about him, his life and past experiences. I wanted to knowabout his goals, childhood and family that were never mentioned at all. This was theauthor used the point of view, personification and his personal style made the book fun toread.The plot of the story is very well organized and keeps you hooked throughout theentire time you read it. The way the story is set up is makes sense and is very easy tounderstand. The way the author took the time to think and rethink the chain of eventsuntil they were perfect made it an absolutely interesting page turner. Fahrenheit 451contains a lot of suspense and always leaves you wanting more! When I read it the
suspense build up seemed to go on for chapters until I got to the climactic part of thatsection. There is also a lot of irony because I knew when someone was at the door, or if someone was following Montag paragraphs before he did, every time. For example onthe first page you know that Clarisse is up ahead of Montag and that she is planning tofollow him home long before he even gets remotely near her. Suspense, action, and ironycreated a great setting and mood for the book, which made it very interesting to read.If I learned one thing from the book that I can apply to my daily life it would be,never give up on something you believe in if you know what you’re doing is right.Montag knew that books were amazing things that could take you to different places andteach you much wisdom from a little leather bound book. When he discovered the magicof books he never gave up and always read and learned as much as he possibly couldeven though he knew the consequences could be extreme.
The book had a big connectionto my emotions and I felt a lot of the same things I thought Montag was ‘feeling’ atcertain times. There were many places in the story where I felt that I needed to help himout and show him that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and that his ‘friends’ were lyingto him. I think maybe the story does have a hidden meaning. I think it was trying to showus that there are many ways to view something and none of them may be right, but if you push others to believe what you believe in nothing good can come from it. This book hadnumerous themes that were displayed throughout the story. The one, most universaltheme I found dealt with the concept of censorship. For example everyone was told that books were bad and dangerous because one person thought so. The citizens didn’t evenknow why books were forbidden. They just trusted the fact that someone had a badexperience with books and banned them forever. How were they to find out bythemselves whether books were bad or not if they weren’t given the chance to haveexperiences of their own with them? Plus, there was no other source of informationexcept for books. You can’t learn from others mistakes, especially if you are totally blindto the nature of their mistake and the consequences of it. This is why I believe the themeto be, “Censorship of anyone or anything will only lead to question and interest in doingor seeing what is censored.” I would definitely recommend this book to people who wanta good adventure and really like mystery. In absolute conclusion, alone, the characters,

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