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Self Makeover

Self Makeover

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Published by Badá Rock

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Published by: Badá Rock on Jan 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ready for a New You?Give Yourself a Personal Makeover!Are You REALLY Ready for a Change?It takes courage and determination to make changes in your life. Don't feel you need to make all thechanges at once, take your time and relax with it!
Do You Have What it Takes?
1. Are you willing to take action to improve yourself everyday?2. Will you educate yourself on a daily basis for improvement?3. Baby Steps - Will you be willing to work hard to break old habits and cultivate new/better actions forsuccess?
First steps for success1) Have a Dream
- Create a vision for your future, no matter how big or outrageous your dream is.
2) Develop your Action Plan
- Goal setting: Organize your thoughts and feelings on paper, when youdo that they become more real. Tape these goals to bathroom mirror, or the refrigerator, somewhereyou will see them on a daily basis.
3) Control your Focus-
In this day and age of “multi-tasking” you may find this principle hard tofollow. However, you must remain focused on your goals if you hope to attain success. Don‘t letyourself get distracted.
4) Seek Guidance
- Finding a mentor is of the utmost importance! Find someone you respect andwould like to learn from.5
) Practice Self-Discipline
- There will be times when you will be tested, you need to stay on target,and re-focus on your goals.
6) Be Aggressive
- I don’t know of any successful people that sat around and waited for things to justhappen! You need to make things happen, take the initiative and Go For it.
7) Believe in Yourself 
- If you don’t who else will? Be confident in your abilities to turn things aroundwhen things don’t look so good. Your attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference.
8) Be a Pioneer
- You will undoubtedly run into people who will tell you “it can’t be done” ignore them,if you have an idea that has not been tried before work to make it a reality. Every great achievementwas once considered impossible.
9) Learn to Budget
- Put your time, energy and money behind your plan, but do not forget to budgettime for you family! They are the reason for your success.
10) Love what you Do- No matter what
, you must love what you do in order to live a rich, healthyand successful life.
"Happiness is not a matter of intensitybut of balance and order and rhythm and harmony." - ThomasMerton.Happiness can only be achieved if there is a balance between the physical, themental, thespiritual  and the social/emotional. However, intensity does help on occasion.
1.Get sufficient exercise - regular push ups, sit ups, crunches, and jogging.2.Get sufficient rest - an average of eight hours is completely helps the most.3.Eat healthy - look online and find the food pyramid, then try balancing your calorie intake withyour exercise.4.Find time to relax - just lie down and think about what you did. Think positive thoughts, or take upa relaxing hobby, but don't go to sleep.5.Pick a hobby that you enjoy.6.Always smile.
1.Plan out your day, set goals, but don't stress out but remain flexible.
Write but keep it positive. No negative thoughts.3.Finding out and developing one's talents by going out and doing activities.4.Keep a diary or journal.5.Read Shakespeare, Newsweek, National Geographic, or things that help you stay in the present.
Try to setgoalsthat are reasonable to achieve.
Pray effectivelyor meditate and learn different types of 
, such as: the lotus, the tree, thesnake, etc.
Communicatewith nature. Go outside, hike, go camping, or have fishing trip.
If you are reliigious, study theBible, Qu'ran, Geeta, Ramayana, Guru Grant Sahib anyPsalms, etc. Learn aboutHeaven and JesusChrist, Muhammad, Buddha, etc.
Do agood deedfor other people.2.Cooperate with other people that you meet.
Listen to other people. There is difference between just hearing the words and actually payingattentionandlisteningto them.
Synergize mutually advantageous compatibility of elements,resourcesorefforts.
1.Get a good education, to get a good job.2.The job has to be the one you love. "Love it or leave it"3.Money is not that important. Happiness is the most important thing. Remember people on Forbes100 are no more happier than average people.
Obsessionsmay be an indication you are not living a balanced live since you are dependent on thatthing to be happy. If you live a balancedlifeyou will find joy in almost everything you do. Some a bitmore than others but your happiness will originate from inside of you and not from external sources.
Think positively without any no's or not's, like instead of, "I will not fail," think, "I will succeed."It's better.
Live in the present, never live in the past or future and just do what you want right in thatmoment, for the past cannot be changed, and the future will inevitably turn into the present.
Mind your own business, and keep your mind of other people's daily lives.

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