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Eric's Position on Love

Eric's Position on Love



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Published by Matt
Invincible Attraction
Invincible Attraction

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Published by: Matt on Apr 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From an anonymous private message regarding Love Is All You Need and the interviewwith Eric Invincible and Sean Messenger:“I always have been kinda afraid to accept this love, because I'm afraid I'm becommingthe dude that's needs the girl. I have girls like showing real interest in me in the past, but Ialways rejected them, either by avoiding them or hurting them more badly... I just don'tknow man? At first I thought I just didn't have balls, so I started chaning myself, Ithought perhaps a sales job as fundraiser will do me good, well, to tell you, i didn't havemuch trouble with that. Then I started going whole religous, as I thought it was the onlykey... after much issues with my parents I finally returned to my old self again, the guywho is able to speak to ppl and talk, but doesn't know how to make friends. How do I become this value giver to everybody arround me? How can I make friends? It soundsfrom here that I'm social inward person while I'm not. I can approach girls or ppl, I justdon't get it why I don't have friends.... I'm not bad looking(if I may say that to my self).Then this whole community thing came into my life, and since then I kinda tried to getlove withouth me being hurt. And here I'm trying to improve myself to become this AlphaMale(man), this guy sounds like what you should be if you want to be 1) sucessful business man (which I want to become) 2) good with women. So could you also suggestme solve these issues? I don't know why I'm telling you this man, I just heard your thingwith sean messenger and I just knew I had to pm you, cuz you seem to know what your doing a whole lot more then me.”There is Love, and then there is love.Love with a capital L is infinite, powerful, radiating, and eradicates all fear andresistance. Love has no opposite, no weakness, no fault. It is the viewing of perfection inthe Now moment. Love is Truth and Joy and Peace and Light. It is impersonal. It iseverywhere and can be given to anyone at all times.love with a lower case l is finite, weak, consuming, and stems from fear and resistance.love has the opposites hate, jealousy, anger, and desire, which are all rooted in fear. It isinherently flawed. love is not true in any sense. It is personal. It is confined to specific places and people and can only be given at specific times.You, my friend, are talking about "lower case l" love. That type of love WILL consumeyou, it WILL make you needy, and it WILL make you a pussy who has no friends and nowomen. There's nothing right or wrong about trying to give or get love, it's simplyineffective for actual peace and joy in life. This love is what cowards do, because they areafraid to tap into Love. They think that they'll get hurt, that people are out to get them,that the world is somehow unfair and after them.
Love anyways.You want to talk about Love making you an awesome and wealthy businessman? EbenPagan, aka David DeAngelo, made himself a star in the PUA industry doing just that. Heonly focused on how much value could he give to others. Now, he's a multi-millionaire. Napoleon Hill talked about this extensively in Think And Grow Rich. If you continue togive value (read: Love) everywhere you go, it may take time and effort, but eventually,you will have no choice but to become wealthy.I'll repeat that again: If you continue to give LOVE everywhere you go, it may take timeand effort, but eventually, you will have NO CHOICE but to become wealthy. Women,money, joy, whatever. You have no choice but to have them if you choose to always dothis right Now.The real trick is to keep doing this, in every moment. A lot of people claim that they"tried this whole love thing, and it didn't work". Well, of course not! One, because they"tried this whole love thing" instead of "being Love", and second, because they stoppedafter they didn't see immediate results. Just keep pushing. Just keep moving. Just keepgoing. Just keep Loving. No matter what.If this isn't the case in your life right now, no worries. If you have not been Loving toothers, if you've been trying to get love from others, that's cool. It's all good. No judgments here. Simply change in this moment, right Now, and move forward from there. No need for any shame, guilt, apathy, or anything else. That's wasting energy. Simplychoose Love.Religion can lead one to Love, in the beginning, but ultimately one must abandon it totruly become Love. Love needs no creed, no religion, no identity, no belief, no positionalities. It simply is. Belief is not the same as Truth.For example, I live in a Christian town, and Love them all the same. Sometimes I even goto their churches. But their minds are being poisoned and their spiritual egos are beingstrengthened by being taught that "Christianity is the only way to God" (meaning: onlyway to Love) and "Christians are closer to God than anyone else" (which is false). I amno better or worse than them, neither superior nor inferior. I simply have a different perspective. They choose love, I choose Love.There is no "I" that knows something more than "you". We're all on the same journey, andeach of us have skills that others don't, and lessons to teach that others can't. Again, noone is "better" or "worse" than anyone else. And again, Love is impersonal and can begiven and received anywhere, to anyone, at any time. The only reason the illusion existsthat I "know" more than you about this is simply that: Because it's an illusion.This isn't something you have to learn, merely something that you have to remember.Every child knows how to give Love unconditionally, without question. It's only socio-

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