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EdCompass - Content and Resources Dec 2008

EdCompass - Content and Resources Dec 2008

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Published by jfarm

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Published by: jfarm on Jan 14, 2010
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December 2008 | PG 1
When SMART products are combined withhigh-quality content, the result is lessonsthat deliver an impact. In this issue, we’veoutlined our extensive content and resourcesoering. We hope it will inspire you as youcreate new lessons and enrich your existingones. In the eature article, you can read bestpractices rom teachers who use a varietyo SMART resources in math, language arts,science, social studies and music lessons.And then check out the product spotlight toind out more about the dynamic contentavailable to you in the SMART LearningMarketplace.As always, i you have any comments aboutthe newsletter or any o the inormationeatured in this issue, we’d love to hearrom you. Please e-mail your eedback toeducation@smarttech.com.Nancy’s Notes..........................................1Classroom Content...............................2–4News....................................................2–4Feature Article.........................................3SMART Showcase School Proile..............4Product Spotlight..................................5–6I attended an education event inEurope last week, and the topicon everyone’s mind was interactivewhiteboards. Many European ministrieso education are considering when andhow to adopt interactive whiteboardsand other complementary products.They are asking important questionsabout how the interactive whiteboardshould be introduced and supportedin classrooms, including how to bestprovide continuous proessionaldevelopment or teachers.Very quickly, the discussion moves beyond the actual boards to the types o content thatteachers use with them. While an intriguing tool, an interactive whiteboard is an emptyvessel that must be illed with the right content and resources to have a signiicantimpact on learning.Every day, teachers the world over are developing a variety o resources to use in theirclassrooms. Too oten, they end up having to remake materials that they created in aprevious year. Just as oten, teachers at the same school produce similar resources orindividual classes, duplicating their eorts. For the interactive whiteboard to reach itstrue transormative potential, content and resources need to be systematically producedand made available to teachers, and teachers need easy ways to share what they havedeveloped with others.Content creation and sharing have been key priorities or SMART or some time.We have produced tools that enable both content-creation specialists and teachers todevelop appealing, proessional-looking resources that serve their pedagogical purposes.We are also active in helping teachers to share their lesson materials with each other.2009 is going to be a great year. We are working hard on a number o initiatives todeliver signiicant new content and resources or schools, including a plan to collectand share tens o thousands o learning resources created by teachers all over the world.We trust that you’ll ind these lesson materials to be valuable ingredients oryour classroom.Nancy Knowlton
is the CEO of SMART Technologies.
December 2008
Welcome to the December issueof EDCompass
Nes n esues  euts usin SmarT puts
Content with conte
December 2008 | PG 2
Finding enriching content to spice up your lessons is easy. SMART oers proessionallydeveloped digital content and resources to support all levels o experience, grades andsubjects. We also give you the tools to create your own engaging, interactive lessons.In the ollowing pages, you can ind out more about the numerous curriculum-relevantresources rom SMART that are at your ingertips, including the ollowing:More than 6,600 learning objects
More than 5,000 customizable lesson activities in multiple languages,
which can support dierentiated or personalized instructionMore than one million classroom-ready, proessionally created digital
resources (available with a SMART Learning Marketplace license)More than 300 SMART-accredited sotware and content titles
SMART-created lesson activities
Find proessionally developed K–12 lesson activitieson our education website.SMART-created lesson activitiesare designed by education experts atSMART to maximize all the interactive eatures oSMART products.Developed in SMART Notebook sotware, thelesson activities are correlated to curriculumstandards and can be customized to suit the needso your classroom. Each one is created in a subject-speciic template with an age-appropriate design andworks or a range o grades. The majority o lessonactivities are also available in French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish andNorwegian. Check out the lesson activities eatured in the Classroom Content sidebar.
SMART Notebook Gallery
The extensive Gallery in SMART Notebook sotware is your one-stop shop or all the interactivetools and resources you need or your SMART Board
interactive whiteboard. Located inSMART Notebook’s sidebar, this handy resource enables you to do the ollowing:Store and organize your digital resources and lessons in the My Content tab
Log on to the SMART Learning Marketplace (i you have a license)
Find learning objects or your lessons in the Gallery sampler. You can choose
rom themes, pictures and backgrounds, interactive and multimedia resources,and SMART Notebook iles and pages.
Essentials for Educators
Thousands o lesson resources and learning objects are included in this section o the Galleryto help you quickly create engaging lesson activities. ThroughEssentials or Educators,you can search or browse collections o SMART’s custom pages, clip art, Adobe
 animations and video iles.
claSSroom coNTENT
Incorporate high-quality lesson activities intoyour teaching – try one o the ollowingSMART-created lesson activities during yournext math or science class. Each lesson alsolinks to a corresponding Senteo
question set.
: You must have SMART Notebooksotware 10 to download these lessonactivities.Upgrade your sotware.Factors and MultiplesMath students in grades 4–6 are introducedto prime numbers, composite numbers,prime actorization, greatest common actorand least common multiple.Prokaryote and Eukaryote Cell StructureScience students in grades 10–12 can labeldiagrams o animal, plant and bacterialcells as they learn the dierences betweeneukaryote and prokaryote cell structures.
SMART Notebook tip –object fade-in and fade-out
See Joe Scrivens, one o SMART’s curriculumresource developers, demonstrate howto make objects ade-in and ade-out inSMART Notebook sotware.In this seven-minute video on SMART’sYouTube channel, Joe provides step-by-stepinstructions to help you create dynamiclesson activities.Watch the videoand usethis eature in your next lesson!
SMART Notebooklesson activities
SMART content at your ingertips
December 2008 | PG 3
claSSroom coNTENT
Senteo question sets make it easy toadd a new dimension to learning. Eachincludes 10 questions that can be usedwith a lesson activity on the same topic.Try one o the ollowing Senteo questionsets with your science, social studies andmath students.Water – EvaporationK–3 science students can test their knowledgeo evaporation and discover how it works.Bird HabitatsSocial studies students in grades 7–9 cantest their knowledge o habitats and thebirds that live in them.Making Shapes rom NetsMath students in grades 10–12 can test theirability to identiy various shapes rom nets.
Senteo assessment software 2.0now available!
In this latest version, we’ve made extensiveimprovements to the sotware’s tracking,reporting and evaluation unctions, includ-ing built-in access to a comprehensive newgradebook. And we’ve made it even easieror you to add questions to lesson activitiesin SMART Notebook sotwareVisit theSenteo interactive response system product page to ind out more about howversion 2.0 can help enhance interactiveteaching and learning in your classroom.
Senteo question sets
Ask a group o educators how they inject interactivity into their lessons – you’ll likely hearthat, no matter the subject area, one key strategy is to look to digital resources. These toolscan take students on learning journeys across the original 13 colonies, into the orchestrapit, beside a melting icicle, through the alphabet and the number line, and everywhere inbetween.Read the ull article.
fEaTUrE arTIclE
Senteo question sets
You can ind a database o Senteo question sets on oureducation website. They’restandards-correlated or the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand,and each is compatible with a SMART-created lesson activity on the same topic.Check out the question sets eatured in the Classroom Content sidebar. You can also usethe graphic-rich learning objects available in SMART Notebook sotware to build yourown dynamic questions with images and other multimedia content.
software activities
SMART Ideas sotware activitiesenable your students to better analyze and understandcomplex ideas through multilevel, interactive lesson activities. These curriculum-based exampleshelp you clariy concepts by taking your students through them, one level at a time.
Lesson Activity Toolkit
Have you used theLesson Activity
Toolkityet? It’s loaded with customizable tools andtemplates to help you create proessional and appealing lessons. You’ll ind templates orword games, quizzes and sorting tables, or use the provided Flash tools to add drag-and-drop or hide-and-reveal elements to your lessons.
SMART-accredited titles
Discover which third-party multimedia content and sotware titles are best suited oryour SMART products. More than 300SMART-accredited titleshave been recognizedor their level o compatibility with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and SMARTNotebook sotware. Available or a variety o grades and subjects, the education titlesare easy to use, intuitive and interactive.
SMART content at your ingertipsBuilding better lessons

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