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EdCompass - Differentiating Instruction Sept 2008

EdCompass - Differentiating Instruction Sept 2008

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Published by jfarm

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Published by: jfarm on Jan 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 2008 | PG 1
Welcome to the Septemberissue of ED
Dierentiated instruction has certainlybecome a hot topic over the last ew years.How can you design your curriculum tomeet the diverse learning styles o yourstudents and create more success storiesin your classroom? In this issue o thenewsletter, you’ll ind best practices, tipsand lesson activities to help you do justthat. You’ll also learn about the SMARTBoard
interactive display rame, a newproduct that adds interactivity to yourplasma display.As always, i you have any commentsabout the newsletter or any o the articleseatured in this issue, we’d love to hearrom you. Please e-mail your eedback to
.Nancy’s Notes..........................................1Classroom Content...............................2–4News....................................................2–4Feature Article.........................................3SMART Showcase School Proile..............4Product Spotlight..................................5–6
, we start each day with the objective o meeting our customers’ expectations.This extends all the way rom product design to product assembly to service and support ornew and not-so-new products. We care about your experience, with our products and withus as a company.Over the last ew months, the volume o products we have shipped to customers around theworld has exploded.That’s a good thing, because it means our customers have ound value in our products andthat they are rushing to put them in as many classrooms as they can.That’s a bad thing, because this volume explosion was unseen. It has let us reacting to animmediate need or our products and then responding to our customers’ questions as they gettheir classrooms up and running or the new school year.Thankully, the length o time it takes to put our products in your hands is now back to normal– even as demand remains high. New orders are shipping rom our plant with minimal time ornormal processing.We are still not where we want to be on the service and support ront, but our team has a planand is working hard to get back on track. Wait times on calls have been signiicantly reduced,and we will reduce them even urther.We take heart that our customers love our products and the experience they provide. You canbe assured that we are working hard across the company to meet your expectations.
is the CEO of SMART Technologies.
September 2008
Dierentiating instructionnewsletter
September 2008 | PG 2
You’ve no doubt experienced
the ways SMART Notebook sotware can transormyour lessons into interactive learning opportunities.Now, with the SMART Notebook Student Edition beta, this powerul and intuitive sotware isavailable or your students. SMART Notebook SE will enable them to organize their projectsand complete assignments in a personalized and nonlinear way. This new sotware hasan intuitive interace that allows students to quickly ind and categorize their notes and tomanage due dates.Whether collaborating on shared computers, using PDAs, working on in-class activities orcompleting homework assignments, SMART Notebook SE will ensure your students spendless time organizing and taking notes, and more time processing and analyzing their lessons.
to download the beta at no charge. The ull version o SMARTNotebook Student Edition will be available winter 2009. For more inormation, visit
Students can share their creativity with the world!
We’re offering your students
 a chance to make a permanent impacton SMART Notebook SE. They canenter now to have their personal MyHome creation added to the My Hometemplates, which will be included inthe ull version o the sotware whenit is released next year.My Home is a personalized homepage or your students’ computers.It’s a creative and customizable spacethat they can adorn with their ownpictures, thoughts, doodles, notes ordrawings. The ull version o SMARTNotebook SE will contain several student-created templates.Students can share their templates by uploading their submissions on the SMARTExchange. All images that students use must be copyright ree.The top designs will be announced on the Exchange on December 15, 2008, and willbe eatured in the January 2009 issue o the newsletter. These winning entries willbe included in the ull version o the sotware so students around the world can usethem. All students in the winning classrooms will also receive SMART Notebook SE USBarm bracelets, so they can take SMART Notebook Student Edition with them to eachcomputer they use!Visit the
nowto ind out how your students can participate.
claSSroom coNTENT
Did you know
you can ind teacher-created lesson activities or SMART Notebooksotware onthe
?We’ve included a ew in this issue that youcan use in your classroom. Try them out, andthen try posting your own. You never know,we might eature it in an upcoming editiono the newsletter.Don’t orget, i you’re not already a membero the SMART Exchange, you’ll need to
to be able to access the site andshare your lessons, best practices and tipswith other educators around the world.Here are a ew science, ESL and mathlessons to try with your students.
Second-grade math students can learn howto identiy numbers as even or odd by usingpairing and place value strategies.
K–12 ESL students learn to use adjectivesin their comparative and superlative orm.
Science students in grades 7–10 learn aboutgreenhouse gases and how global warmingis aecting the earth and its habitat.
Teacher-createdlesson activities
Try the SMART Notebook Student Edition beta
September 2008 | PG 3
claSSroom coNTENT
You can find
a database o
on our education website.Each question set includes 10 questionsthat are correlated to local curriculumstandards and are compatible with amatching SMART-created lesson activity onthe same topic.Here are some o our newest Senteoquestion sets that you can use with yourmath, social studies and science students.Try them out today!
Math students in grades 4–6 can test theirability at rounding decimals to the nearestwhole number.
Social studies students in grades 7–9can test their knowledge o the eectso acid rain and its signiicance or theenvironment.
Science students in grades 10–12 can testtheir knowledge o the products that arecreated rom the ractionation o crude oil.
Senteo question sets
Reaching every learner
If you ask Bruce White
, dierentiated instruction is just good teaching. White is alearning technology coordinator based in London, Ontario, who supports 33 schools in theThames Valley School District. Much o his time is spent encouraging and assisting teachers todierentiate their instruction by making ull use o the technology tools in their classrooms.“Dierentiated instruction is making sure that every student is engaged. It means that as ateacher you look at the needs o your students and you try to modiy your course and yourinstruction to match those needs,” White says.
fEaTUrE arTIclE
In last month’s issue
, we highlighted the passion that our services team brings to makingevery customer interaction extraordinary. In addition to providing high-level technical supportand training services, the team is committed to empowering our customers to help themselvesas much as possible. How does SMART do this? One way is by providing a readily available,unrivaled source o SMART product-related inormation – our online knowledge base.The extensive knowledge base on the
o www.smarttech.com provides easyaccess to a vast library o technical documents that cover virtually everything you need to knowabout SMART products and their installation, administration and use. This resource includesproduct and quick-reerence guides, technical bulletins, how-to articles and a series o highlyocused troubleshooting articles.O particular note is
, which you can ind in the popular downloadssection o the support site. This document oers ast and simple solutions to minor issues youmay be dealing with. It’s regularly updated to cover the most current questions customers haveand can be regarded as your irst source o inormation when seeking a quick answer.I you don’t ind your answer in this particular document, you can easily search the many otherresources on the site. Simply go to the
Search the knowledge base
section on the right-handside o the support site main page and enter a relevant keyword (or a document number i youknow it) into the search tool.The knowledge base does more than just help you solve problems quickly – it also adds urthervalue to every SMART product you use. In much the same way that in-depth knowledgeand previous experience enables master artisans to get the very best out o their tools, theknowledge base can help you maximize your products’ ull potential.
Helping yourself and adding value withSMART’s knowledge base

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